Um, DUH ! U.S. Worried Bin Laden Movie “Zero Dark Thirty” Could Provoke Muslim Outrage

Funny-and-dangerous-babyJOLLY JIHADING – Could the release of “Zero Dark Thirty” provoke violent protests against the U.S. in response to the film’s searing depictions of “enhanced interrogation” — the coercive, super-secret and bitterly debated methods used by the CIA against al Qaeda terrorism suspects?

Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s acclaimed docudrama about the pursuit of Osama bin Laden opened Wednesday at five theaters in New York and Los Angeles.

The film, an early Oscar favorite, graphically depicts coercive CIA interrogation techniques, including the waterboarding, domination and psychosexual humiliation of a detainee, who is, variously, collared and leashed like a dog, stuffed into a cramped “confinement box” and stripped naked for questioning in the presence of a female investigator.

Although the portrayal of such treatment given to a prisoner, regardless of his religion, may be deemed offensive by viewers of any faith, the film steers clear of depicting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad or showing the Koran being desecrated — two acts considered blasphemous by many Muslims.

Muslims have expressed outrage in response to the anti-Islam video “Innocence of Muslims,” the unintentional burning of Korans and a caricature of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper.

Although “Zero Dark Thirty” doesn’t enter into any of that territory and nothing suggests a similar chain of events will follow the film’s release, a senior defense official said U.S. forces are always on alert.


“I doubt extremist murderers are going to garner much sympathy in the West or in the Muslim world, but we’ll keep an eye on things,” the official said.  (read more)

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19 Responses to Um, DUH ! U.S. Worried Bin Laden Movie “Zero Dark Thirty” Could Provoke Muslim Outrage

  1. Big deal! Equally shocking news, the Sun rose today.


  2. What If says:

    Golly Wilikers, could that really happen?


  3. John Galt says:

    Think I’ll wait until the disc hits the bargain bin at Walmart rather than risk the theater.


  4. sundance says:

    Personally, having followed the way the White House coordinates with Hollywood (Politics being downstream from pop culture) I lend credence to the possibility the “heavy propaganda” surrounding the Sandy Hook shootings – and the hype within the media – is related to the potential threat from this movie.

    I have repeated upon this discussion group numerous times that any jihidist who wanted to make a name for himself could very easily see this theatrical depicition of the assassination of their ideological hero to be a major impetus for a violent attack. Especially with the movie coming out during the holiest of Christian holidays.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the White House also sees this risk and is working with Hollywood to put distance between themselves and that which they have specifically and intentionally caused. It sounds like something Axelrod/Plouffe/Jarrett et al would do.


  5. Coast says:

    Considering that I’m not even sure we really “got him”…why should they be upset? I don’t recall seeing any pictures or real evidence…


  6. cmsiq2 says:

    The BIG news about this movie is it’s depiction of TORTURE. The left is going ballistic saying the movie is not accurate. John McCain is standing with them.

    I am not sure which side is presenting a more convincing argument at the moment.


    • People say that McCain went through torture, so he deserves more weight applied to his words. I disagree with that. I think he’s fallen for this charade that water boarding is torture. Is it pleasant? Absolutely not. But, it is effective and doesn’t cause long-term physical or psychological damage, which actual torture would. McCain constantly demonstrates why he would have been an ineffectual leader.


      • cmsiq2 says:

        I don’t particularly think water torture, especially in a controlled manner, is torture.

        Apparently, the movie portrays some very disturbing scenes that there can be no confusion is classified as torture. We’ll have to see the movie for more details.

        About it being “effective”. The left has everything invested in selling the notion that it is not. I am skeptical that being extra nice to terrorists and asking them nicely is the best way. But apparently, that’s the story they’re sticking too.


  7. LouDaJew says:

    not to break up the party, but I have nothing but respect for most Muslims. Generally, I find them respectful and educated. I also respect their beliefs, and most of all I respect that they don’t play the victim like African Americans (from my experiences)who are generally lazy and start trouble.


    • Sharon says:

      So you’re going to give the Muslims, (generally) a break; but not (generally) give blacks a break. Most of the blacks I’ve met in my life are respectful and educated.

      You respect Muslims’ belief that anyone who will not convert to Islam should be killed?



    • stellap says:

      I work with several black people, and they are well-educated, well-spoken, and hard working. I guess our experiences are different. Of course, I try to judge people on an individual basis, Muslims, Christians, Jews, or whatever, not by their religion or skin color.


      • cmsiq2 says:

        LouDaJew, I like your posts. Usually short and insightful. This isn’t one of your best though. Lazy is certainly not an attribute I would assign to black people over white people. It’s an old stereotype and not applicable anymore from my perspective.


  8. caruhsel says:

    I wonder if the jihad-idiots start murdering and burning American interests in JihadiLand if the producer/director of this film will end up in an American jail?

    Kudos to
    John Galt says:
    December 21, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    Your comment is spot on.


  9. czarowniczy says:

    “The Adminsitration and Department of State announced, late today, that it was apologizing to the surviving remnants of the Nazi Party for any feelings of humiliation or embarassment they may have felt from viewing the WWII Three Stooges films that were insulting to the Party and its members.”


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