Madre de George Zimmerman rompe el silencio en Univision – George Zimmerman’s mother breaks silence on Univision

Zimmerman Family

Zimmerman Family

The following is the [Translated] transcript of the interview made by journalist Jorge Ramos to Gladys and Robert Zimmerman in the program to the point of the Univision Network, on Sunday 9 December 2012.  (*Note Gladys speaks fluent Spanish as her first language)

The transcript is a little fragmented in translation but you can get the gist.  HatTip Ottawa925

The interview

Jorge Ramos: in his first interview for a half in Spanish, accompany us here, in the Studio, Robert Zimmerman, brother of George Zimmerman. Thanks for being with us.

Robert Zimmerman: Many, Jorge, thank you.

Jorge Ramos: and via satellite, his mother, Gladys Zimmerman, who for security reasons does not want to show his face. Mrs. Zimmerman, thanks for being with us.

Gladys Zimmerman: Anything, good morning George.

Jorge Ramos: Let me start. You certainly Peruvian and speaks the Spanish perfectly, and this is going to be much easier this interview with you. The first question is, where George is at the moment.

Gladys Zimmerman: George is located in the State…, forgiveness, in Seminole County by order of the Court.

Jorge Ramos: what are the conditions which has imposed it the Court? Can he leave the House?

Gladys Zimmerman: Oh, Yes, he can leave the House, from 6 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon.

Jorge Ramos: and you do or have fears that identify it?

Gladys Zimmerman: There are days when it has to do. More than anything by their mental health.

Jorge Ramos: certainly guess that in these moments, rather than enter and exit through basic questions, is not working and performing any other activity through which you can earn money, I guess, huh?

Gladys Zimmerman: Unfortunately not, Jorge. And I doubt that in the future, or in the near future, the able to work and…

Jorge Ramos: Lady…

Gladys Zimmerman: And can earn some money.

Jorge Ramos: Let me begin by talking about this case. I understand that, due to legal issues, there are many things of which you cannot speak. Will you tell me which ones do and which ones are not.

Gladys Zimmerman: As not.

Jorge Ramos: the first time that you learned that his son had been involved in this incident, in which he shot him Trayvon Martin, did you hear about you?

Gladys Zimmerman: I heard by him.

Jorge Ramos: what you told him?

Gladys Zimmerman: he told Me that he had had an incident and that unfortunately he had to use his weapon to defend themselves.

Jorge Ramos: about the weapon, how is that George has access to weapons? His home was the custom be armed? Is it something that the Zimmerman did?

Gladys Zimmerman: Look, I’m going to say, we have lived in Virginia most of our life, we lived there for 31 years, and George has lived there for 17 years of his life. He was born, grew up, graduated from high school and came to Florida. In Florida is that the laws are different, in the sense that can people obtain weapons, obtain a license and be able to load them. The same happens in Virginia, but here I’ve noticed that people can get a gun and what say you “concealed weapon” (authorization to carry a concealed weapon) and load the gun (is) the most normal.

Jorge Ramos: and you knew that George had a weapon?

Gladys Zimmerman: The truth is that I did not know that George had a weapon.

Jorge Ramos: did you know if George was involved in surveillance activities within the zone where he lived?

Gladys Zimmerman: Yes, I knew that he was…, that she was helping, totally, all burglaries that had been in those residences. I know these residences and it seemed to me that there were so many, so many robberies, especially with an area that is closed, no?

Jorge Ramos: very well. And now yes, Madam, I go to the point. As you know, his son George is charged with the death of Trayvon Martin. And many suspect in the United States than did for racist reasons. However, you insist, and his lawyers, that was not for racist reasons, but that was to defend against a personal attack. What is your interpretation? What was happened, Madam?

Gladys Zimmerman: George isn’t racist, my family is not racist. That will come out in evidence, do okay? What you will also be in evidence and has been seen lately, it is the photo of my battered son. My son defended himself by his life. The young man who attacked him, for reasons equis, which we do not know, has left a trace, a trail and thank God there’s a photo that can prove that footprint. Apart from the track…

Jorge Ramos: refers to photography that, in color, leaves her son with wounds in the face?

Gladys Zimmerman: indeed. That picture that was handed over to the defense in black and white and that now has been, thanks to God, presented in color, shows how my son has been attacked. According to the autopsy of the young Martin, he did not have no trace except the bullet that entered him in the chest, unfortunately, that killed him.

Jorge Ramos: now, you say…

Gladys Zimmerman: apart…

Jorge Ramos: you say that George is not racist. There are many people who say that if Trayvon Martin had not used a hood and were not African-American, that he would be alive now. I.e., they suggest that all this was motivated simply and the unique fact that Trayvon Martin was African-American.

Gladys Zimmerman: do not. This happened because Trayvon Martin attacked my son. If Trayvon Martin had not attacked my son, in the wild manner that attacked him… Look at Mr Ramos, if you throw a punete in the nose… I not I guess the pain that I may cause. But that pull a punete in the nose, that you do fall to the floor, which are mounted on top of you and that hit him fiercely, which break the head, everytime you want to lift tiran head to the pavement, and that a neighbor opened the door and say: “Stop, because I’m going to call the police”. And that neighbor gives the description that the person who was hitting it, was that lying on the floor, was what is being said MMA, which is mixed martial arts. I had never seen the sport, but saw it on YouTube and I was amazed at the way so wild that they hit people.

Jorge Ramos: now, the reaction of his son to use a weapon, was not excessive? Not could he have defended himself in another way?

Gladys Zimmerman: Not can tell you I…, because I’m not in their shoes. But the only thing I can tell you is this: you put the photo of my son, thus, in colors, and put the tape (audio tape). This tape asks for help, help, help, in which many witnesses claim that it is the voice of my son. Including Trayvon Martin, Mr Tracy Martin, Pope says that it is the voice of my son.

Jorge Ramos: Mrs Zimmerman…

Gladys Zimmerman: Put the two things together.

Jorge Ramos: I insist, you told us in this program that George is not racist. I understand, of course, that George and his son Robert, went on several occasions to Peru. And you know perfectly well that in Latin America there is a lot of discrimination, not only against indigenous groups, but also among people who have darker skin color. What is what you taught him their children regarding this discrimination that we suffer in Latin America? How he taught them?

Gladys Zimmerman: Look, Mr Ramos, us at the Peru we have a saying: “El que no tiene de Inga is mandinga”, which means that he has no Indian has black. In my family we come proudly from a Peruvian afro race. My children know their guys, they know their aunts, they know our roots and my roots are not white, my roots are Peruvian afro. So they have been educated, not just in the House as a family, in the school… My children do not know colors. I tell them my children because they are part of my family, that I do not know of skin colors.

Jorge Ramos: Lady, you know that President Barack Obama was involved in this matter by saying that if he had had a son man, would be cone Trayvon Martin. How do you react to this?

Gladys Zimmerman: Look, at the beginning it hurt me very much, but now that it is has been like the sequence. Because virtually I’m going to say, Jorge, at the beginning I saw no television. My husband, doctors, forbade me television viewing. The thing was very traumatic. But now, seeing as has been this case worked by Trayvon Martin family lawyers, I do not blame him the President, because he also misled him. All this has to be clarified, all the lies that have been said, Mr Crump (Benjamin Crupm, the Martin family’s lawyer), Mrs Natalie Jackson, through Ryan Julison, with Julison Comunications, have to go to the air, because until the President himself painted him something that was a lie. And they lied to the nation and lied to the whole world.

Jorge Ramos: Mrs Zimmerman…

Gladys Zimmerman: Thats my current reaction.

Jorge Ramos: Mrs Zimmerman, back with you at times. I’m going to talk now with his son Robert, who is here with us in the Studio. Robert, thanks again for being here present on the point. The team of lawyers of thy brother, George Zimmerman, has filed a complaint against the NBC for defamation. Why?

Robert ZimmermanRobert Zimmernan: Well, George explains in his own words that there was one, there was a creation of a racial narrative. Because this story, based solely on the merits of the crime, was not sufficiently sensational for those who wanted to report more. Since the beginning of used the word “White”, “Black”, white, Black, and “gated community” (gated community) to advance a speculative narrative of what had happened, very different from what actually happened that day.

Jorge Ramos: the debate is between if your brother did so by racist motives or if he did it to defend themselves. What you know you said your brother?

Robert Zimmerman: Well, I was as brother I must ask why Trayvon Martin threw him that punete. Many focus on what he did. What George did what had made forty times in a year, called the police. What George did is what made 400 times in 13 months where he lived, a community of less than 200 houses around there. Four hundred calls to the police, why? Because there were many robberies, there was a woman with her baby who had months in his bedroom while they robbed the House, and there was much fear. So is that what I think George did…

Jorge Ramos: but is not the first time that George uses a pistol to defend himself that way.

Robert Zimmerman: Oh, Yes, Yes. In the State of Florida handguns are licensed, but you must have hidden. Where we were, my mother began to explain, in Virginia law is completely the opposite. Without a license, one could load gun as I’ve uploaded when I went to shoot outside, with such that it is visible.

Jorge Ramos: did you know that George had gun?

Robert Zimmerman: Yes, Yes, I always knew that George and his wife, the two were allowed by that gun. Had an attack or a conceited (alleged) attack that could occur from a dog, that this has nothing to do with this case, but then a police officer suggested to him: ‘ look, if you are so afraid of this dog and these people cannot control it, better you’re armed to keep you in the hospital “.

Jorge Ramos: very well. What is what follows now? Which is what you…? You are emphasizing, and I ask you, George, the fact that you are a Hispanic family, as part of the defense?

Robert Zimmerman: No George, because I think that is going, that is reverse the progress of race. We are an American family and what happened that night was a tragedy. It always was for our family. But say: we are latinos and by that fact latinos have to be with us, but the party’s equis because that person is of that color, would not be the right thing either. What has surprised the public now, is that we are not white. That picture of George who appears to not have hair, by your skin very, very white because it was a photocopy, represents it evil. And if that photo had been in color, if people had known more of George, out of the word “White”, White put on the posters when they were asking for $10 mil to kill him, dead or alive, dead or alive, give it. If they had known something of the events of that night, perhaps we would have not come to this point. But going forward, we have to make it clear, not only that we are not racist, but that racism in the United States and around the world are watching us, as my mother said, they misled until the President. Racism in this country is a very lucrative sport. Many have his hand in a bag of money, and there is lots of money to do claiming racism. Not without even checking it.

Jorge Ramos: Robert, thanks for being here with us, so I appreciate a lot.

Robert Zimmerman: thanks.

Zimmerman Family -  Grandfather - Grandmother - Mother as childJorge Ramos: Lady Gladys, thanks for being with us. Before dismissing me, only I would ask him why he decided to talk to us and why he decided to hide his face. He fears for his life?

Gladyz Zimmerman: Yes, fear for my life. I have to protect her, I have to protect my family, I have a 88-year-old mother to which I have to take care of. And, if you have to go forward and defend my child, the best way that I can do it is covering my face. We’ve gone out with Univision because we are confident that it is a medium that will get to the truth. And I’d like to be a Hispanic media to be delivered in search of the truth.

Jorge Ramos: Gladys Zimmerman, thank you for talking with us.

Gladys Zimmerman: Nothing.

Jorge Ramos: Robert Zimmerman, thanks for being here.

Robert Zimmerman: Thanks Jorge.

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87 Responses to Madre de George Zimmerman rompe el silencio en Univision – George Zimmerman’s mother breaks silence on Univision

  1. dmoseylou says:

    Here is the original interview video in Spanish. I read the translation as I listened to Mrs. Zimmerman’s and Robert’s voices.

    Gladys and Robert Zimmerman Jr. on Al Punto


  2. justfactsplz says:

    George you have such a loyal family. I am so glad you have them to stand up for you and to tell the truth for you to the media. As a mother I know the pain a woman can feel when her child has been hurt. My child too was badly beaten in the past. My heart goes out to your mother. Bless all of you, George.


    • Alexandra M. says:

      I am so sorry about what happened to your child. My heart goes out to you, to George’s wonderful mother, and to all the parents of child survivors of potentially-deadly aggravated beatings (felony assault and battery).


  3. Nice to have a translation.


  4. dmoseylou says:

    Robert: “Racism in this country is a very lucrative sport. Many have his hand in a bag of money, and there is lots of money to do claiming racism. Not without even checking it.”

    Money – Pink Floyd + Lyrics


    • sundance says:

      Unfortunately racism is now a business, a very lucrative business. Without it, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Ben Jealous and the professional race-baiting class would be out of work.

      They need racism to exist to perpetuate the need for their very existence. Anything that diminishes the race driven narrative is attacked immediately by the professional racists. It is an industry all to itself with a very bizzare business model based on hate, anger, the creation of fear and lies. Period.


      • jello333 says:

        For a long time I’ve been saying this, in fact I wrote about it was back when I was in college over 20 years ago: There are people in this world, especially in this country, who NEED racism to flourish. If tomorrow someone discovered a cure for racism (of all types), there are some people, like Al Sharpton, who would do everything in their power to DESTROY the vaccine.


      • diwataman says:

        I don’t even know what racism is anymore it’s so ubiquitous, like the word bigot. I get the story though, some white people owned some black people a long time ago and though slavery was abolished the white man is still trying to hold the black man down today, including hunting them down like a rabid dog and murdering them in clod blood for wearing a hoodie. Yep, happens everyday to the black man in white man America so let’s move forward for change, i.o.w. displace the white man in any capacity we can while supporting any group “pride”, as long as it’s not white pride, in any capacity we can. Allow any group to join together based solely on race, except white groups, for them we’ve created the SPLC and call them all “hate” groups. We are South Africa in slow motion.


        • michellc says:

          Racism had a totally different definition from when I was young. Now it seems racism is only against a certain race and even if you give a description of a person committing a crime and say they’re 6′, black, wearing a ball cap backwards, you are a racist because you included skin color.
          It also seems as if you’re born with white skin you are born racist against a certain race. If this race says they hate white people, want to kill white people, call white people names, they can’t be racist because it’s not possible for them to be racist.
          We are South Africa but I think we moved into second gear. Before long it will be illegal for a white man to own a business.
          It’s ironic though I thought MLK preached equality, funny me I guess I didn’t understand what equality meant. I guess I need to buy an updated dictionary.


      • BertDilbert says:

        It seems that he was implying the black and white photo was so that the skin color of George could not be seen, keeping it a white/black thing. I wonder if the state is going to pay for that later? There is no logical excuse for not submitting the color photo from the start.


    • jello333 says:

      Wasn’t that a brilliant comment? “Racism in this country is a very lucrative sport.”


    • nameofthepen says:

      dmoseylou – Ha! That jumped out at me, too. “Lucrative sport”, indeed! 🙂


  5. cajunkelly says:

    I’ma go ahead and admit this;
    😳 😳 😳

    This *very* cougar (ok, OLD cougar 😆 ) finds Robert to be quite a handsome young man!

    Always so distinguished and professional lookin, he is. 🙂

    Now, for an on-topic comment;
    I read this transcript earlier today and concur that George is so blessed to have such a supportive family. Such dignity and class through a horrific situation that most people would break under the stress of.

    Now in comparison….nah I don’t even need to express that thought.


  6. ottawa925 says:

    This must be the bombshell that the goofs over at Dave’s Big Boy are giddy about. Says prosecutors are going to do a surprise interview of two officers.


    • LittleLaughter says:

      I am confused ottawa- the link you provided goes to an older thread from theCaylee Daily and has just 9 old (realativley speaking) posts from the 3 or 4 ppl who still post on there about GZ, since it went pro Trayvon several months ago. I don’t see the article from your link. Where can I find it? TIA.


      • LittleLaughter says:

        NM- I see it now. I had read that article and totally missed the part about the 2 LEO’s being witnesses for the persecution. I’m sorry.


        • LittleLaughter says:

          Hardly a surprise interview when it was reported in the beginning of November! But, as I said before, whatever gets them through the night over there.


        • ottawa925 says:

          you know to be honest I was a lil confused myself as to the Source link. I took the Title of the article and searched it and found the source:

          It’s the same thing, and the article is dated 11/19/2012. The last hearing was 10/29, right?


          • LittleLaughter says:

            Right Ottawa. It is like crickets over there. The silence is deafening.


            • dmoseylou says:

              “Kris” showed up here a few days ago. Name was barely changed, writing was the same. Same template. Same tenacity. Hung around for hours. {{{YAWN}}}


            • anwtex says:

              The vast majority of people over there knew that Zimmerman was within his rights in saving his life in the only way available to him. But most decided to not comment any longer (or at all) because either they were relentlessly attacked and called racists or saw others being stomped on by the 4-5 in that “carbon copy” “rubber stamp” group…..the ones who say that George, after shooting Martin, slammed his head into a wall to make it seem like he had been attacked and other ridiculous, twisted thoughts.
              Oh, well….just a waste of time.


    • howie says:

      Since this is a discovery hearing they could only be used in that way. How could BDLR use two cops to try and quash a subpoena?


  7. ottawa925 says:

    Also, I see that the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit seems to be way behind on putting up Motions. We have no idea at this point if prosecution has responded in writing to any of those motions. Last thing on there is from 11/5.


    • LetJusticePrevail says:

      Maybe they realized how embarrassing it was for the prosecutor to criticize the defense team for posting motions on their website, when the very same motions were posted on the court’s very same website…LOL


      • ottawa925 says:

        Yes, but they/MOM is only putting up his written briefs/motions/notices and discovery received. It’s hard to believe that prosecution has not submitted anything in response to the motions for Tuesday’s hearings. I’m sure MOM has whatever responses prosecution has filed … well pretty sure,…. but WE haven’t seen them.


  8. ZurichMike says:

    Notice in the interview, too, is the same facts that were clearly laid out here. I am guessing that, indeed, the defense (and probably the now terrified prosecution) reads this site.


  9. Cesar BBiano says:

    Well it’s nice to see that Gladys was able to express her feelings more clearly in her first language. I noticed a slight error in the beginning of the video where Jorge Ramos says that this incident occurred last year. Not that big a deal…teleprompter error most likely. lol

    Gladys made an interesting point about not being upset with Obama over what he said, that he was misled by the racially charged narratives of team skittles. I never thought of it that way before. Maybe I’m just being naive. Hmm…


  10. eastern2western says:

    lets be honest in here, latin america does have a huge preference for white skin. However, I believe zimmerman never planted to kill trayvon martin that night because there is no killer in this galaxy calls the cops to give out his informations just before he commites the crime. If all master racist assasins are just like george zimmerman,


    • canadacan says:

      George is vegetable soup like a lot of Americans. A little white a little Spanish a little black And a little South American Indian. What a dear sweet family picture With Grandma and Grandpa. I really like the Latino people They’re so aspirational And they love their family so much. Very very different from the opposition for whom I have absolutely 0 respect.


      • canadacan says:

        George is Grandparents musta been very much in love. His grandma cross to color line in South America to marry the man she loved. I must admit in my files I have a picture of George as a young altar boy very nice looking. The Zimmermans religious faith is very touching. God is looking out for them right now And he sent them Omara and west.


  11. LoudaJew says:

    the NAACP should be considered a hate group after this trial is proven to be a sham. blacks aren’t victims. how many of them were thrown in gas chambers???? they need to learn how to speak, stop assaulting whites, and playing victim. the media needs to also show the black on white crime as well, which is usually hidden. I see these hispanics coming here, and WORKING.


  12. myopiafree says:

    Robert shows great determination – in defense of his brother. I think we all feel that way on TreeHouse.


  13. AghastInFL says:

    Is Gladys saying there are photos of a trail showing where Trayvon might have laid in wait? is that what this implies:
    “The young man who attacked him, for reasons equis, which we do not know, has left a trace, a trail and thank God there’s a photo that can prove that footprint. Apart from the track…”


    • AghastInFL says:

      I get it now; I just was not following the somewhat disjointed nature of the translation… she was referring to the bloody nose picture derailing the prosecution’s narrative. I believe that is what is the context of the next comment clarifies.


      • nameofthepen says:

        AghastInFL – Yes, like you realized, and jello333 agreed with, it was a bit of a translation error.

        I believe the appropriate English slang-word translation is “fingerprint”.

        FINGERPRINT ▸ noun: a generic term for any identifying characteristic (“That tax bill had the senator’s fingerprints all over it”)


    • jello333 says:

      No, I think the translation just went all goofy. Pretty sure what she was talking about was the marks on George’s head and face which prove what Trayvon was doing to him.


  14. CMSIQ says:

    Brilliantly done by Mrs.Zimmerman and Robert Zimmerman!

    The wheels of the scheme team are coming off the track. They have nothing to stand on, and desperation is beginning to set in. At this point the chance of Crump has a much better chance of being disbarred than he has of getting paid. I love it!

    Robert Zimmerman succinctly put why I care so much about this case. “I think what is going on, that is reverse the progress of race.”

    The Zimmerman’s are the perfect family and Mark OMara and Don West are the perfect lawyers to battle and defeat the racial grievance crowd. The racial greivancers overstepped their position when they tried to modern day lynch an innocent man (GZ), and they will be crushed for it.


  15. Dawn Doe says:

    AgastInFl, I think Gladys may have been referring to TM’s Twitter and other social media, school records, etc. when she says TM left a trail and footprint meaning a picture of his character which helps to show that it is probable that he attacked GZ causing GZ to have to defend himself. But I could be wrong about that.


    • AghastInFL says:

      Thank you, I appreciate that, reading the interview left me with a deep seated longing for and newfound envy of those with multi-lingual abilities. Overall the message is clear, but I am sure there is nuance in the verbiage that is lost in translation.


    • eastern2western says:

      I agree with gladys because no one just disappaers (need spell checker) into thin air. There has to be traces of him some here in today’s social media obsessed world and digital photography. I personally still thinks it is a load of bull that trayvon’s parents, all three of them, do not have one singular audio profile of their son. The prosecution has them, but angela corey is hiding it some where because she knows trayvon’s voice will directly put sabrina fulton in jail and destroy her whole case. Her affidavit ignored tracy martin because tracy martin is a pandora’s box. Currently, there are two people who can testify that tracy martin stated the screams are not from his son and that is the reason corey ignored tracy.


    • nameofthepen says:

      Dawn Doe – Drat! I shoulda read your comment before I posted essentially the same thing, lol.


  16. nameofthepen says:

    A wonderful interview. A lovely lady. An American.

    Forced by terrorists to live for 9 months under de facto house arrest.

    What is WRONG with this picture? 👿


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