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Life 101 Question: What Value Do You Provide? What Do You Do?…… Answer: “Simple, I’m Me”

Rare is the opportunity to encapsulate the mindset in one real life example.    Prepare for the audio visual demonstration…. (and stick with it all the way to the end). Many people have questioned this forum about how can so many, … Continue reading

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“Martial Law” – I Missed That Phrase in Hillary Clinton’s Talking Points….

On Thursday President Obama called Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President, Morsi.   He didn’t call to scold Morsi for his insufferable power grab.  He didn’t call to correct Morsi for taking over the judicary, and ignoring the minority voice by implementing Sharia … Continue reading

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“Irrelevant” – Prez. Obama Agriculture Secretary Vilsack says Bitter Clingers are Less Relevant”….

Tom Vilsack is a member of President Obama’s Cabinet and reflects the typical attitude of those who surround “THIS” President.    But they may want to pause before disparaging the kitchen staff (rural America = bitter clingers), because that very same … Continue reading

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Progressive Solicitation

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Christmas 1960 – Email From Mom

Authorship unknown – Another Christmas Story  In September 1960, I woke up one morning with six hungry babies and just 75 cents in my pocket.  Their father was gone.. The boys ranged from three months to seven years ; their sister … Continue reading

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Ralphie 2012 Remake

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Part 2…O’Mara And West Speak With “In Session” TV…Did Tracy Martin Lie About the 911 Calls?…Did The State Engage In Witness Tampering? – (Video)

Major h/t to anwtex for doing the hard part….finding the video! 😀 This segment of the interview centers around the inconsistencies in both Sybrina and Tracy’s testimony regarding their son’s voice.  The fact that the State withheld information regarding who … Continue reading

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