Sarin Ready – Syria Mixes Components….. Well, according to the media anyway…

SYRIA – Syrian forces have mixed chemical weapons and loaded them into bombs in  preparation for possible use on President Bashar Assad’s own people, Fox News  confirms.

A senior U.S. official told Fox News that bombs were loaded with components  of sarin gas, a deadly nerve gas. Syrian forces have 60 days to use these bombs  until the chemical mixture expires and has to be destroyed.

NBC News,  which first reported this latest escalation in the Syrian civil war, cited  sources saying bombs filled with a sarin component have not yet been loaded onto  planes, but the Syrian military is prepared to use these chemical weapons  against civilians pending orders from Assad.

The United States has said chemical weapons use would be unacceptable and  would trigger greater Western intervention in the conflict.

In Brussels earlier Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  reiterated concerns that “an increasingly desperate Assad regime might turn to  chemical weapons” or lose control of them to militant groups.

She also said NATO’s decision on Tuesday to send Patriot missiles to Turkey’s  southern border with Syria sends a message that Ankara is backed by its allies.  The missiles are intended only for defensive purposes, she said.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was quoted Wednesday in the Turkish  newspaper Sabah as saying that Syria has about 700 missiles, some of them  long-range.

Gunmen loyal to opposite sides in Syria’s civil war battled Wednesday in the  streets of the Lebanese city of Tripoli. The fighting has killed six people and  wounded nearly 60 since Monday, security officials said.

The bloodshed is a sign of just how vulnerable Lebanon is to getting sucked  into the Syrian crisis. The countries share a porous border and a complex web of  political and sectarian ties that is easily enflamed.    (read more)

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26 Responses to Sarin Ready – Syria Mixes Components….. Well, according to the media anyway…

  1. 22tula says:

    Teetering on a Failed State – Andrew McCarthy – December 4, 2012

    The SpeakEasy – Guy Green
    Guest – Andrew McCarthy – November 28, 2012
    Direct mp3 link @ 23:00
    [audio src="" /]

    The Roth Show – Every Tuesday Hour 1- IQ Rassooli
    Tuesday – December 4 – HR 1 – IQ Rassooli
    Direct mp3 link
    [audio src="" /]

    Syrian priest tortured to death by Islamists…”
    By Timothy Whiteman – December 2, 2012

    Brave Former Muslim – March 20, 2012


  2. czarowniczy says:

    Geez, one wonders why the Syrians aren’t using the binary Sarin, their WMD program is advanced enough for them to ALLEGEDLY have it. The binary would last longer and is somewhat less corrosive, depending upon which formulation they use. Interesting how the press has discovered they are prepping the delivery systems, one would think that they’d be a bit more surreptitious in mixing such a controversial weapon. Something doesn’t smell right here and it’s not the Sarin – it has no smell when correctly mixed.


  3. Sharon says:

    Details about Sarin in this link…

    All the nerve agents cause their toxic effects by preventing the proper operation of the chemical that acts as the body’s “off switch” for glands and muscles. Without an “off switch,” the glands and muscles are constantly being stimulated. They may tire and no longer be able to sustain breathing function.

    Sarin vapor is heavier than air, so it would be more likely to settle in low-lying areas.

    Because sarin mixes easily with water, water can easily be contaminated.

    Sarin is the most volatile of the nerve agents, which means that it can easily and quickly evaporate from a liquid into a vapor and spread into the environment. People can be exposed to the vapor even if they do not come in contact with the liquid form of sarin.


    • czarowniczy says:

      Yes and no. Sarin can be treated with thickeners that increase its viscosity and slow evaporation.If used during a calm period (dawn, sunset) non-persistent Sarin will settle to the lowest areas available (again with some effects due to temperature gradients in the target area) and is a better weapon in open areas than it is in built-up areas. Thickened, persistent Sarin is better in areas where higher temperatures would otherwise allow regular Sarin to evaporate quickly and persistent Sarin makes a great area-denial weapon. Sarin, like most of the rest of the nerve agents, is a cholinesterase Inhibitor that can be treated but long-term effects depend upon treatment and how quickly it’s administered; however, a good WMD technician would combine a Sarin attack with another agent like mustard or (if he’s really a pr*ck) one of the agents specifically designed to clog the filters in a protective mask. Even if the folks being attacked with it have full WMD protection the fatigue generated by having to stay in full protective gear for hours at a time takes a heavy toll on their abilities to fight effectively, making them easier targets for the attacking troops.


      • Sharon says:

        Thank you for the clarifications–my acquaintance with sarin is pretty much framed by the terrorist attack in the 1990’s on the train in Japan–so was just trying to pull up a general information source. Thank you for expanding on it……


        • czarowniczy says:

          No sweat, no recriminations, I’m just sharing knowledge that you, dear taxpayers, paid for me to learn. The lesser known part of the 1992 Aum Shinrikyo incident was that they succeeded in making a VX agent also. They never used it, at least one member got his prison sentence shortened by showing the authorities where it was buried, and no open-source information (at least that I’ve seen) on which VX formula was used has been released. They had a pretty good biological agent program going too – I’m betting that had they delayed their Sarin attack a while longer they’d have had a pretty sophisticated arsenal and the Japanese would have suffered a far greater level of damage. Trust me, the first through second generation chemical weapons are not so exotic that a good chem facility couldn’t make them. I’m surprised that the AQ-types don’t have them already – not only do the fundamentalists attract college types but so much of the old Russian chem weapon program was centered in what are now the ‘Stans and employed so many locals.


          • sundance says:

            If the SARIN stuff is already formulated, wouldn’t an airstrike on a facility of such loaded bombs or rockets just make the stuff go everywhere?


            • czarowniczy says:

              Depends on what ordnance you use and how it’s delivered. The blast and heat from the blast would spread it but also incinerate some and carry some up and away in the updraft from the explosion. Generally the depot is located in a secure area away from civilian areas to secure the product from theft or tampering. Bombing the depot would pose a minimal risk compared to allowing the bad guys to have mixed product on-hand. Above ground depot would be incinerated while those depots located underground would be self-contained post blast.. I also doubt they’ll mix a lot at a time and attacking the components before they are mixed poses a lesser threat. You have to remember that NATO has had plans in place on attacking chemical sites since the Cold War, we’re not looking at one or two planes here, we’re looking at flights turning depots into huge smoking clouds of ash. NATO also has tactics and ordnance in place to maximize destruction with minimal collateral damage. The explosives used in conventional warheads have gone along way in the last few decades, some of the enhanced explosives put out a flame front that is easily capable of frying whatever it’s dropped on.


  4. arkansasmimi says:

    So proud of my oldest dtr when she served in the USAF. I am also thankful (ok this is mommy speaking now) that she is no longer serving. Her duties in Readiness, was having to know all this chemical junk. Blood borne stuff.. all that scary stuff. Her job was first responder in case of attack. She had to know ALL kinds of stuff. She is concerned for her fellow troops. Praying !!


  5. ottawa925 says:

    Comment deleted by Sundance.

    I don’t think the poster intended the wording the what it was phrased, but regardless. Sorry.


  6. ottawa925 says:

    P.S. I’ve always been convinced that Iraq sent the WMDs to Syria. Oooops der it is.


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  9. Sentenza says:

    As far as I’m concerned, the US should not take any part in this conflict because both sides are equally loathsome.


    • sundance says:

      I so totally agree with that. Let it play out. Just defend “FREEDOM”. Shine the lens on the beacon and let it break through the darkness of oppressive society no matter where it tries to hide.

      Just defend Freedom and all parties that subscribe to Freedom Principles.


      • hoonan says:

        Way I felt about Libya and Egypt…not our business…not our problem…and seems like nobody in the MSM wants to point out the real motives of this administration for getting involved…. liquified dead dinosaur bones….like Dems don’t get involved in foreign conflicts for oil or something….remember em all screaming “No war for oil!” before we invaded Iraq? This admin wanted more allies with oil and therefore helped topple difficult dictators to get that (at least in Libya) and yet nobody wants to say it or point it out…no it was for “freedom” and “democracy”…and that’s why they’re quiet on the rise in islamist power in those 2 countries….


        • stellap says:

          I really don’t think that’s the reason. If it was, they could be developing our oil and gas resources right here in the USA, and they are fighting against that at every turn.


        • michellc says:

          I don’t really think it’s about oil. It’s way more sinister than that. Like I told folks during the campaign, read Obama’s book(regardless if he wrote it or not, it clearly tells you the motives) and watch the documentary.
          In a nutshell, Obama and the people in Obama’s camp and the people who molded Obama’s mind his entire life want to destroy the West and Israel.


        • C'mon Man says:

          The US doesn’t use the Libyan oil — sweet crude. It was mostly shipped to the EU — this was their oil war — the UK and France. In other news, the newly appointed Libyan Oil Minister spent eight years in prison under Gaddafi for belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood — used to be outlawed under his rule.


  10. elvischupacabra says:

    Really… people. What will Obama really do about a chemical weapons attack on Syrians by their government? Talk really, really mean? Call in Candy Crowley to set Assad straight? Have David Axelrod dig up some gal that Assad supposedly slept with 25-years ago in London? Have Harry Reid declare that he heard from somebody who used to work for the NHS say Assad didn’t pay any of his UK taxes? Come on. Obama is a girlyman. He’d do better turning Hitlery, Moochelle or Jarrett loose on Syria. Whiney, feckless, little toad.


  11. Sentenza says:

    If Syria uses chemical weapons, it kills two bird with one stone. It deprives them of the weapons. It also deprives Al Qaeada of the weapons. It also kills Al Qaeada.


  12. czarowniczy says:

    Interesting – now the nightly news is touting the ‘dangers of spreading the deadly Sarin gas’ if it’s attacked by the US/NATO. Me wonders if the MSM’s taking a cue from the White House that it needs an excuse not to act if Assad does the naughty? The POtuS/Nobel Peace Prize recipient, who’s already having problems spinning his post-award Iraq/Afghanistan death toll, is risk averse to doing anything in Syria that might have unforeseen consequences. Then there’s that troubling Medvedev aside I keep coming back to…


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