Shootings Up 49% in Chicago – Chicago Has Exceptionally Strong Gun Restrictions

Bob Costa, and/or hometown’s Dear Leader, unavailable for comment….

rahm-emanuel-6CHICAGO – There were 192 shootings in Chicago throughout the month of November – a 49 percent increase from a year earlier – according to police records obtained by the Chicago Tribune.

In November of 2011, Chicago recorded 129 shootings compared to the 192 shootings this November.  Police records also reveal that shootings increased more than 11 percent in the first 11 months of 2012 compared with a year earlier.

Total homicides in Chicago rose to 480 for the first eleven months of 2012; a 21 percent increase from last year.  On November 30, 2012, there were four fatal shootings within the city.  These murders brought the homicide total to 38 for the month, just above the 37 recorded in November of last year.

Despite having some of the strictest gun laws in the country, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans on restricting gun ownership further by banning individuals with a violent misdemeanor conviction from getting a gun permit for five years.  The mayor also hopes to ban convicted felons from ever owning a gun. (read more)

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6 Responses to Shootings Up 49% in Chicago – Chicago Has Exceptionally Strong Gun Restrictions

  1. myopiafree says:

    Shootings Up 49% in Chicago – Chicago Has Exceptionally Strong Gun Restrictions – Except, unless you are part a some “core” group of teenagers – who don’t give a damn about any law.


  2. We’ve got direct flights arriving every day from Chicago & Detroit and connecting flights from DC and Philly. 👿


  3. zlou says:

    When will gun control advocates learn that the only thing any restrictions to gun access does is limit the access of guns to the law abiding citizen and not the criminal that wants to use one. Why is that so hard to figure out….unless that is what they want in the first place.


  4. Bongo says:

    Why don’t the gun grabbers realize there are about as many citizens who obey gun ownership restrictions as those who obey city fireworks ordinances on the 4th of July. When laws are passed that people refuse to follow, it makes a mockery of the law.


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