“Mo’ Better Blues” – Bankrupt Detroit City Councilwoman Demands We Voted For You, Obama, Now Give Us Some Of That Government “Bacon”…

Mentality = we put you back in office so you’d best be coming up with some payback n stuff.  Obamaphones, Obama-foodstamps, Obama-ebt, Obama “stimulus”……

undefinedDETROIT – Speaking before the Detroit City Council on Tuesday, Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said it’s time President Barack Obama pays back the ailing city for putting him back in office by giving them a government bailout.

“Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president and there ought to be a quid pro quo and you ought to exercise leadership on that,” said Watson, according to FOX 2 Detroit. “Of course, not just that, but why not?”

“After the election of Jimmy Carter, the honorable Coleman Alexander Young [Detroit’s former mayor of 20 years and former vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee], he went to Washington, D.C. and came home with some bacon,” she added. “That’s what you do.”   (read more)

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32 Responses to “Mo’ Better Blues” – Bankrupt Detroit City Councilwoman Demands We Voted For You, Obama, Now Give Us Some Of That Government “Bacon”…

  1. Coast says:

    Watson, go suck eggs. Better yet, I hope your taxes go up; that’s what you voted for.


  2. Aren’t Moslems forbidden to eat bacon?


  3. texan59 says:

    Who says he doesn’t exist?



  4. smoothcriminal says:

    funny no matter how much proof of why they voted for him they deny and scream racism. and then msnbc invents “racist dog whistles” that dont exist, while ignoring obamas racist dog whistle “look like” comments he keeps making, including about trayvon


  5. howie says:

    Honesty. She is honest. Good for her. Vote for the money. Meanwhile back in Washington the GOP is telling us that not raising the tax rate equals not raising taxes. At the same time they want to get rid of all your deductions. Now who is more honest? End the end the GOP will increase the rate and reduce the deductions. Spending might be cut…I mean the increase in spending, not the actual spending. I’m done. Stick me with a fork. Or even a Spork. No wonder everyone is abandoning these characters. Obama is more honest than they are. He wants to raise taxes the old fashioned way. And keep spending the old fashioned way. If the GOP is the opposition…….head for the hills.


  6. stellap says:

    We here in SE Michigan are continually entertained by the Detroit City Council. It’s not as much fun as it was when Monica Conyers was on council (she’s the wife of John Conyers, and she is in prison right now). If you haven’t seen it, here’s vintage Conyers:


  7. Stephenarmos@gmail.com says:

    I live in the same county as Detroit and In the 20 years of my existence nothing has changed there, ever since the democratic rule has taken place there the city has gone down the tubes. And what do the city’s people keep doing? Electin another democrat. But no republican would run there cause they know if they do they would not get voted in. Want a preview of where the country is going? Take a look at the city of Detroit.


    • WeeWeed says:

      Back in 2008 I listened to an interview with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who said, more or less, that if Barack Hussein Obama were elected that year the entire country would be a ghetto in less than ten years. He was right on the money, so far.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Some of us have come to the belief that the POtuS has realized so much of that 47% is doomed to stay on the public dole for generations to come. I’ve seen fifth generation housing project residents, people who stay there because matter how hard you try to elevate them the prospects of having to get up every day and go to work are just too daunting. Free housing, food stamps, medicaid and Federal child support provide the living they are used to and it ain’t that hard to get a little scam going on the side that provide tax-free cash. There are also lots of little cash handout programs the Feds run that you working folk don’t know about but we saw in action on a regular basis. In all they have been raised to believe that the public housing experience is life. Faced with the seemingly impossible task of elevating those to whom inertia is doctrine the POtuS’s only hope in creating universal equity is to drop the rest of us to a lower status. If you can’t raise the ceiling, lower the floor. Newspeak becomes Neweconomics.


    • tara says:

      Want a preview of where the country is going? Take a look at the city of Detroit.

      Your statement is very scary!! I’ve been in Detroit many times and I’ve witnessed the decline. With the heritage and history Detroit has as the motor city, there is no good reason for it to have become the junk pile it is today. Corruption and mismanagement by selfish idiots who are more concerned about themselves than preserving (resurrecting!) their city.


  8. nate says:

    I’ve commented here. I’m one of the black people that strongly disagrees with what is going on in America. I just can’t help but think America is done. I just don’t see a way out of this. And it is SICKENING. Seeing people that look like me rapping about welfare benefits. And to think a black President is presiding over this. Just too much.

    I tell my friends that there is no way I’d be President and have people voting for me for Obamaphones and food stamps. And typical of most excuse making blacks, it’s never Obama or Trayvon’s fault. I just shake my head. This diversity in cultural values will be the end of this country.


    • Ad rem says:

      Welcome to the Tree “nate”. 🙂 It’s more than just a BLACK/WHITE thing though….it’s about Americans in general who are just too unmotivated and lazy-azz to take ownership of their own choices and needs in life….and they come in ALL colors. Everything’s a “right”, yet nothing’s a “responsibility” for these peeps. 😦


    • Coast says:

      I have several co-workers and staff members that are black, and I know they all voted for Obama. These people are all well paid; they are college educated and each with their professional career ahead of them. They did not vote for welfare, food stamps, Obama phones, etc. However, they did vote, in my opinion, based on race. None of them can make a viable argument as to why Obama was a better choice than Romney. The just can’t. I assume they didn’t want to see the first black president labeled as a failure. As a result, they sold out their country, including their children’s future…all on skin color.


    • Coast says:

      I would like to hear more of your perspective concerning the election. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that black people would come out in droves to help re-elect Obama. I thought it was clear that he’s incompetent, lazy and detrimental to this country. For the most part, I thought that most blacks would simply stay home, rather than voting for someone that, in the long run, would be harmful to their well being. After all, if the country goes down, we all go down. Call me naive, but boy was I surprised. What really ticks me off is that this country has given so much to the black community. The civil rights act, affirmative action, public housing, war on drugs, etc, etc…and to see that the black voting community support this creep at a 95+% level just makes me sick. In my opinion, the black community committed treason…along with the other liberal white and Hispanic jerks.


      • nate says:

        Concerning the election? It’s the same as the Trayvon and the Duke Lacrosse case. Blacks, by and large, don’t admit responsibility for their failures. Take the Obamaphones. Mention it to a “knowledgeable” black and he’ll retort that the program started under Reagan. When I mention the debt and the deficits. It’s the Bush tax cuts. Again, another white man. Notice the pattern here? It’s always the white man’s fault. It’s freaking maddening. Because this type of mindset plays out in the Trayvon’s of the world. There is always an excuse instead of a solution.

        What many white people don’t realize (IMO) is that blacks harbor hatred towards whites. Mainly due to their own failures. I don’t think the average black can succeed in America. Furthermore, many blacks believe in the village concept. In that light, our failures are society’s failures. Next time, you listen to the Obamas, just notice how they talk about shared responsibility.

        I’m likely rambling. I could go on and on here. But I will end with this.

        Many blacks see the wealthy as having cheated someone. Unless they are rappers or entertainers. In other words, black. That’s why Romney’s success hurt him more than helped him.

        Next time you’re curious, ask a black person is it possible to get rich in America without cheating someone. When Obama speaks of playing by the rules, he is subtly preaching to the blacks that feel that the rich (read: whites) are not playing by the rules.


        • ctdar says:

          Thanks Nate


        • Sharon says:

          Your “ramblings” are welcome! Hope you find yourself a good branch with a view you enjoy…..

          Two lines I’d like to hear more of your comments on….”blacks harbor hatred towards whites”. …. and “I don’t think the average black can succeed in America.”

          Maybe the first one is just my observation: I believe what you say…but my reaction to that is always complete bafflement, which I suppose just further enrages those who think that way. I can’t imagine living life energized by hated. So I guess there is a great divide there….

          W/re to the second line….where do you think the average black can succeed?

          Or do you think the well has been so poisoned that they are sort of locked in to their mindset and will use it as an excuse/reason for failure anywhere?

          For the record, I’m 100% Dane. Grew up in NE MT on a farm, saw my first black person when I was about 10 in our little country town. He was apparently driving through, headed west as I recall. I was completely fascinated. Period. That was all. There was nothing else to it in my world.


    • MichiganRepublican says:

      Nate- can we do a movement in America and teach all the people alike, American American Hispanic and tell them the government is not what gives you everything?


  9. pbunyan says:

    Our people in an overwhelming way supported the re-election of this president”

    If a white politician were to say that there’d be no question it was a racist statement. 50 years later and so many people are still not judging people by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin. Sad.


  10. jordan2222 says:

    What did they get during the last four years? How have things got better in Detroit?

    And how about Chicago… i.e. unless you count 500 dead blacks as an accomplishment. If they want more free stuff, then send them all a 9 millimeter.

    You know what? Never mind..


  11. texan59 says:

    Here’s an update on The Bacon Lady. She don’t pay taxes either!!



  12. Obamao says:

    Reparations do not go far enough


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