New York Times Layoffs in Newsroom….

The New York Times is attempting to save costs by implementing another round of newsroom staff cuts.   According to a memo sent by executive editor Jill Abramson this morning, the newspaper is looking for 30 buyouts among newsroom staff. Over the next few days, Abramson wrote, certain employees will be asked to accept voluntary severance packages. (Newspaper Guild members also have the option to apply for a buyout even if they’re not among those contacted by the NYT.) If the quota isn’t met through buyouts, Abramson will be “forced to go to layoffs,” she said.

Over the past several years, our colleagues on the business side have seen their numbers reduced by more than 60 percent,” wrote Abramson. “While we have had reductions too, including a round of buyouts and layoffs that claimed 100 jobs in 2008, the newsroom has been spared the worst of it.”  (continue reading)

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6 Responses to New York Times Layoffs in Newsroom….

  1. bp says:

    The Liberal Rag, the NYT deserves it. Glad to see them going down the tubes with the LAT and Washington Post too.


  2. gretchenone says:

    Looks like the ‘biological solution’ is working for the Grey Lady, too. 😉


  3. Michelle Hart says:

    Obviously this is a Faux News story….

    A 60% reduction in their numbers PROVES they are moving “Forward” and things are improving dramatically, so when they reach 100% it will mean they have finally achieved utopia right?


  4. kateyleigh says:

    We don’t just cover it, we are it. Truer words couldn’t be spoken. They don’t cover the news, they create their version of it.


  5. sleszynskipaul says:

    We at pcf, eleven of us got the axe too.
    We all got fired over the phone.
    Our devision handles the corporate/retail sales portion of The Times.


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