Globalists Lament – Globalization Increasingly Unlikely: instant mass communications such as radio, television and the Internet,” have been cumulatively stimulating “a universal awakening of mass political consciousness”….

Zbigniew Brzezinski is the father of msNBC’s Mika Brzezinski. Zbigniew Brzezinski is also the modern political architect of the Globalists – The ‘behind the curtain’ far-left leftists. Zbigniew Brzezinski is also the personal *mentor to President Barack Obama and the key figure behind the political world view carried by President Obama onto the world stage.

Calling the notion that the 21st century is the American century a “shared delusion,” Brzezinski stated that American domination was no longer possible because of an accelerating social change driven by “instant mass communications such as radio, television and the Internet,” which have been cumulatively stimulating “a universal awakening of mass political consciousness.”

The former US National Security Advisor added that this “rise in worldwide populist activism is proving inimical to external domination of the kind that prevailed in the age of colonialism and imperialism.”

Brzezinski concluded that “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful people’s to external control has proven to be increasingly difficult to suppress.”

Good News for a change.    If Brzezinski is stating the “populist resistance” is proving to be a problem in the scheme for the far-left globalist agenda, then it must be true.  Brzezinski is the architect of the American political branch who view this as the fundamental goal of progressive U.N centered, global, one world, New World Order type societies.

Obamacare_Road_to_Serfdom_It also reconciles this rabid fast track push toward the martial law painted finish line.  What, beside fear of inability, could possibly require the speed and mouth-foaming hysteria behind the implementation of the looming Police, some say Nanny, State?

What other reason could necessitate the absolute demand for an Internet kill switch and U.N control of the world-wide-web?  Why the domestic drone rush?  The TSA mandates?  The constrictions on everything from caloric intake to energy consumption?

What other root cause could there be for the whining and begging to shut down talk radio, increase censorship, and to shut down any and all opposition to the fascist policies of this government.     Why the need to relegate, isolate, ridicule and marginalize anyone who disagrees with their plan?   Turning ordinary American patriots into terrorists, racists, degenerates, Hobbits, bible clinging red-neck gun-toting trash, who deserve to have their property seized and their rights stripped?

…all in the name of “open-mindedness” and “tolerance” and the new “civility”.

naziobamaIt’s not the first time through this rodeo.   There was another man, who led a series of other men, in history who felt similarly attached.    He/They too pushed for a final solution in order to make a brighter future for a nations people, the German people.

The Nazis understood propaganda, they sold their subjects a false bill of goods that Jews were inferior and diseased and needed “The State” to take care of them, as they were unable to care for themselves.

Isn’t it odd that the Nazi version of “caring” ultimately ended with the genocide of those who were to be cared for?  That the Jewish people only required help because the government who “cared for” them was the government who put them into the position of being “cared for” by making it illegal for Jews to work, own businesses, or do anything that would allow them to be self-sufficient?

Now apply that same series of historic qualifiers, and intentions, to the same political methodology at work today.   Who is the government STATE “caring for” now?   Who is this government pointing to as needing to be taken care of, as they are unable to care for themselves?

Food Stamp pdfWhat are the actual in-your-face policies, not their words – their actual policy outcomes, of the caregivers doing for those who are in need of the “State” care?  Is independence and liberty the goal for those of “less fortunate” disposition?   Or is the State going to provide the Obamaphones, EBT cards, food stamps and housing/FEMA dependencies while constructing self-fulfilling economic standards (deficits) that force dependency and eliminate the capacity for self-sufficiency?

Really.    Those who refuse to review history, and learn from it, are doomed to repeat it.

What was that President Obama fiscal cliff proposal again?   $1.6 Trillion In Tax Hikes, $50 Billion In Stimulus Spending, and Obama Can Raise Debt Limit Without Congressional Approval ?    Go figure!

My country tis of me...

My country tis of me…

*Footnote – While attending Occidental College, Obama meets a professor of politics who is a CIA expert on the Soviet Union and an associate of Zbigniew Brzezinski (who would later be the National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter — and then to Obama). Can you see now how the MSNBC political correspondent Mika Brzezinski (Zbigniew’s daughter) is connected and historically associated with President Obama? Perhaps this explains the vehement support, and consistently favorable talking points from her desk at MSNBC on the Morning Joe Show. Indeed Mika is one of Obama’s key media water carriers.

One of the only reports on Obama’s missing thesis comes from, wait for it…,  MSNBC, in 2008 – surprise.   Written his senior year (and only year) at Columbia University, Obama’s thesis was presumably about Soviet nuclear disarmament. It’s only natural to wonder what the budding socialist turned presidential candidate thought of nuclear proliferation in the early 1980s.

“We do not have a copy of the course paper you requested and neither does Columbia University,” Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt told NBC News.

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6 Responses to Globalists Lament – Globalization Increasingly Unlikely: instant mass communications such as radio, television and the Internet,” have been cumulatively stimulating “a universal awakening of mass political consciousness”….

  1. stellap says:

    It’s no wonder that Mika is on speed dial with the White House.

    I remember her daddy – he’s the one responsible for the Iranian situation when Carter was President.


  2. Arkindole says:

    “5. Throw a great party….”
    “Five fresh ideas for reaching Baby Boomers”
    The galactic stupidity of that entire campaign is telling. First, the Baby Boomers drove an unprecedented expansion of wealth in the U.S. economy. They were the “savers”. They were the “consumers”. They were the innovators and entrepreneurs. They ARE the patriots. And, no I won’t argue the so-called “greed/guilt/2008 market crash/real estate bubble issues” with any Gen Xs, Ys, Millennials, or whatevers–It worked. The fact that this campaign is literally linking SNAP and Baby Boomers, in the same marketing group as illegal immigrants, merely says “so sorry that the .gov destroyed your savings and contributions–sucker.” “Have a cookie kid.” Second, if you’re on SNAP you’re probably not in a party mood–more likely you’re trying to pay that utility bill and buy food while you’re being evicted by the landlord. (see, however, for some alternatives). This Gestalt is only rivaled by a bad acid trip (not that I would know…). Is it any wonder that Baby Boomers (and others) are, instead, turning into “terrorists, racists, degenerates, Hobbits, (and) bible clinging red-neck gun-toting trash.” DHS knows there is a line forming, over 300,000 long, on the other side of that administration building. They are seeking another kind of SNAP.


  3. obsidian53 says:

    I see Globalization as me having to accept The man who screws goat in the ass as my moral and intelligent equal.


  4. akathesob says:

    I am not a number!


    • canadacan says:

      The more people see it as perceived American independence the more they want to enjoy the same thing and. That’s the up side of the internet and excetra. Americans are outspoken Ain’t It Cool. 5,000,000 people enjoy our website. as Victor Hugo said nothing is so great as an idea whose time has come. try and stop this now it won’t work. sometimes I feel a bit like Mad Max as a. Road warrior for free speech. it is awesome


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