Hammer Nails The Cliff….

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5 Responses to Hammer Nails The Cliff….

  1. So glad Charles is out there. Thanks for posting this, SD!


  2. Arkindole says:

    Visualize what Charles is getting at.

    And look at the date on the dataset–stale and way behind our current numbers.

    The fact is this–people in the lower half of the brackets just don’t give a ________.
    Ask people what “parabolic” means.


    • Sharon says:

      “…..people in the lower half of the brackets just don’t give a ________.

      Or….”most” of those people don’t give a rip? ….DH and I, and many of our relatives and friends are in the lower half and always have been. There are many people who gross less than $40,000/yr who are conservatives, who live by conservative principles, who vote conservatively, who read Mark Levin’s books and listen to Charles Krauthammer (and agree with him). I think the left has been unfortunately successful in selling the idea that all lower income people are looking for somebody to take care of them and that all lower income people are leftists. Not true! 🙂


  3. czarowniczy says:

    Taxing the rich has nothing to do with paying down the daffy-cit and far more to do with signaling the fulminating mass of perpetual parasites which permeate the 47% group that the class war is on. Imagine Delacroix’s painting of Liberty Leading the Masses with Michelle as Liberty and holding the red, green and black Pan-African flag.


  4. ctdar says:

    I wish he was the Speaker of the House;things would get done


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