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UPDATE: These Were The “Initial” Questions Posed To Mr. Ryan Julison

UPDATE:  From Ryan Julison @8:05pm 11/28/12 Also, I am planning on writing answers to your questions but am still working.  It’s been a busy day.   If you don’t hear from me later tonight it will be tomorrow AM. Ryan As … Continue reading

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OOps…. srroy AbOuT…. T.haT… BaNgInG HeAd on KeYbOaRd… The president says raising tax rates would help solve our long-term debt problem, but it’s hard to take this argument seriously, for two reasons.

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Because every wannabe dictator needs a rubber stamp politburo…..

Here we go….  We knew the media would cover for them….. (From WaPo via WZ)  – Obama Backs Harry Reid’s Efforts To Change Senate’s Filibuster Rules:   President Obama supports Senate Majority Harry Reid’s efforts to reform the filibuster, a White … Continue reading

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The Illegal Activity of “Doxing”: Revealing “documents or personal information” about a person, without their permission, with the intent to Threaten, Harass, Intimidate, Shame, Humiliate or Place at Risk….

The majority of this article outlines the specific illegal and criminal activity of Miami Herald reporter Frances Robles on 7/13/12 and the substantial legal remedies available to Mark and Sondra Osterman.   However, due to new federal laws that apply to internet … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Where are the Tapes? It’s Almost December – The attack Happened In April and STILL NO 911 CALL RELEASE !

The initial “Virginia-Pilot” attack happened on April 14th 2012 – During the height of the media coverage over the Trayvon Martin story.   Since then the police in Norfolk Virginia have refused to release the audio recording of the frantic 911 … Continue reading

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Hammer Nails The Cliff….

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