Maria Santos Gorrostieta – Mexico’s fearless woman mayor who survived two drug gang assassination attempts is beaten to death and dumped by the roadside

(Via Daily Mail) The body of a woman once called a ‘heroine of the 21st century’ for fearlessly standing up to Mexico’s brutal drug cartels has been found beaten to death at the side of a road.

Dr Maria Santos Gorrostieta, 36, was the former mayor of Tiquicheo, a rural district in Michoacan, west of Mexico City. She leaves behind three sons.

Her second husband, Nereo Delgado Patinoran, is alleged to be missing.

She famously survived two assassination attempts by narcotics gangs who have turned the country into a war zone.

Dr Gorrostieta had seen her government security team withdrawn in November last year, and then her police escort in January.

Her brave defiance may have cost the mother-of-three her life. The official cause of death was a blow to the head but she had been stabbed, her legs and hands had been bound and her waist and chest were covered in burns, suggesting she had been tortured.

She was discovered by residents of the community of San Juan Tararameo, Cuitzeo Township, who were heading to work in the fields.

Her family had reported her missing on November 14, and the disappearance was being investigated by the Anti-Kidnapping and Extortion Institution.

A murder investigation has now been launched.

The first assassination attempt was while in October 2009 when the car she was travelling in with her first husband Jose Sanchez came under fire from gunmen in the town of El Limone.

The attack claimed his life but Gorrostieta lived. An attempt had been made on Sanchez’s life earlier that year, but he managed to escape the armed mob who came after him.

The next attempt on her life was just three  months later, when an masked group carrying assault rifles ambushed her on the  road between Michoacan and Guerreo state. The van she was traveling in was peppered by 30  bullets. Three hit her.

This time Gorrostieta’s  injuries were more severe, leaving multiple scars and forcing her to wear a  colostomy bag. She was left in constant pain.

A reporter was also wounded in the attack, as  well as her press officer and brother.

In a famous act of defiance, she posed for  pictures showing the extent of her horrifying wounds to draw attention to the  brutality the drug gangs routinely mete out to their opponents.

In a statement to the public made at the  time, the devout Catholic said: ‘At another stage in my life, perhaps I would  have resigned from what I have, my position, my responsibilities as the leader  of my Tiquicheo.

‘But today, no. It is not possible for me to  surrender when I have three sons, whom I have to educate by setting an example,  and also because of the memory of the man of my life, the father of my three  little ones, the one who was able to teach me the value of things and to fight  for them.

‘Although he is no longer with us, he  continues to be the light that guides my decisions.’

She added: ‘I struggle day to day to erase  from my mind the images of the horror I lived, and that others who did not  deserve or expect it also suffered.

‘I wanted to show them my wounded, mutilated,  humiliated body, because I’m not ashamed of it, because it is the product of the  great misfortunes that have scarred my life, that of my children and my  family.’

‘Despite my own safety and that of my family,  what occupies my mind is my responsibility towards my people, the children, the  women, the elderly and the men who break their souls every day without rest to  find a piece of bread for their children.

‘Freedom brings with it responsibilities and  I don’t dare fall behind. My long road is not yet finished – the footprint that  we leave behind in our country depends on the battle that we lose and the  loyalty we put into it.’  (read more)

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20 Responses to Maria Santos Gorrostieta – Mexico’s fearless woman mayor who survived two drug gang assassination attempts is beaten to death and dumped by the roadside

  1. Everyone who voted for the boy savior should spend Spring Break in Michoacan in 2013…
    and stay there. Either voluntarily or involuntarily. 👿
    They need a sampling of what Maria suffered.


    • texan59 says:

      In your spare time why dont’cha set up a meeting with Teddy and some of the Sinaloa boys, or maybe some nice MS-13 fellas. I’m sure they could show him a good time. They’re not doing all of their best work here in Houston, but it does tend to get the attention of a few. They don’t screw around.


  2. ZurichMike says:

    Stories like this make my trials and tribulations seems so incredibly, ridiculously inconsequential. Angels of mercy attend her soul; she fought the good fight.


  3. Doug says:

    My heart is very heavy with grief for this brave lady and those she left behind. She had more balls than all of the “patriots” in America rolled into one!! She stood boldly and looked into the face of evil and tyranny never flinching. Yet, we are terrified to confront a cop who just shot and killed another family pet??????



    • Angel says:

      “She stood boldly and looked into the face of evil and tyranny never flinching.”

      I guess this story of this atrocious brutality done to this woman who was standing for principles is an example of what is good and evil in this world. The good being that one fights against evil even though it seems there isn’t the slightest chance one can defeat evil. Though it seems like she fought in vain, history will remember otherwise as she was on the side of good and goodness always endures as it is timeless.


  4. HectorG says:

    I don’t know what needs to happen next for change but I hope it comes quickly. You did not die in vain Dr. Maria Santos Gorrostieta. Change is coming.


    • Sharon says:

      “Change is coming.” Can you elaborate on this statement? Serious question–I’m not familiar with political and social dynamics in Mexico. I would love to know that there is good reason to expect change with regard to law and order vs. the cartels.

      If Mexico is, in fact, close to some positive changes, we may meet them coming up on our way down, the way it looks.


      • There will be change alright, a change for the worst. PRI came back and they are power hungry. they are corrupt, murderers, oppressors and will stop at nothing to stay in power for another 70 years. Mexico deserves better but as long as PRI and PAN exists, I really doubt there will be any good changes in that beautiful country.


  5. myopiafree says:

    Mexico is VERY SAFE. No private citizen is allowed to own a firearm to protect themselves against violent THUGS.


  6. Sha says:

    I can’t stop crying… That is one of the sadist things I have ever read , my heart break’s for her daughter that witnessed what happened to her and her other children.


  7. aliashubbatch says:

    That second picture, why do I get the feeling that there was more violation than just a beating? 😦


  8. cajunkelly says:

    One must question;

    was she shot with a F&F weapon?



  9. ctdar says:

    heartbreaking…begs the question after 2 previous assassination attempts (with her husband and father of her children being murdered in one) who cut off her police protection and security team?
    Sounds eerily like what happened in BENGHAZI


  10. joan Yarnold says:

    A hero of our times. A woman to look up to and admire. She was both beautiful and brave


  11. Greetings From Turkiye says:

    İm a Turkish but i read her life before in google. And really i like her. Shes very strong and trush. İ guess she will had a bad lost.. i hate everyone to sell ownself for money! Anyway everyone will back to God again. she died a real human. Maria Santos Gorrostieta rest in peace.. 😦


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