Righteous and Right – Followed By A Resounding Standing Ovation

Watch these two videos – this is EXACTLY the approach needed when you accept what faces the next candidate for President with common sense principles.   Bill Whittle describes it with humor filled indignation – and he is keenly articulate…..

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13 Responses to Righteous and Right – Followed By A Resounding Standing Ovation

  1. Arkindole says:

    Bill’s message is directed to those with a value system. That’s why he appeals to us. That is why we think Bill’s tactic is appropriate. That is why Bill is motivational to us. The majority electorate has no value system, and operates hedonically to satisfy their immediate pleasures of self. There is no tomorrow for them–they are subcortical. This is a terrible topic to discuss on thanksgiving day, but it is what it is. I’m wondering what that majority is discussing today. Did they thank their lord for what they have, or, are they planning their next “freebie” conquest on black friday?


  2. There’s a whole Circle (Fourth) devoted to Black Friday idiots who lined up for hours to get a few dollars off a Victrola or off a Philco radio. They’re probably doing the same now for televisions and Waring blenders.

    With that black fellow in the White House, I’ll not be surprised if they change the name to “Green Friday.”


    • doodahdaze says:

      I have never understood the appeal of sitting in a line overnight in bad weather. I hate waiting in lines. I can not imagine enjoying it.


  3. This Administration is scared to death that Whittle’s prediction could come true. Voter-fraud will eventually stop working, so they’ll have to eliminate the 22nd Amendment.

    That Amendment is about the only positive legacy that came out of my Administration. Thus, my address: Circle 8, Bolgia 5. 👿


  4. Syarikat says:

    This guy should be heading the next GOP candidate’s campaign team.


  5. bob e says:

    this is grand !! i am so happy to see this man with
    fire in his heart again.


  6. Mikado Cat says:

    Good speaker, good idea picking strong candidates, but how do you work around the party system that only allows rising from within, and only allows rising if you toe the party line?

    I agree with what he said about Romney too, he seemed to me to be a very decent human being and that was hidden from the public.


  7. ackbarsays says:

    There’s a much longer version of a very similar speech he gave on Youtube as well, along with a corresponding Q&A video where he takes questions from the audience as the “Virtual President.” In that video, he describes what it would take for him to actually run for president. Very, very interesting stuff.

    Where Do We Go Now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuL41ohlfZY

    Where Do We Go Now Q&A? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NgvF53Ra7M


  8. anwtex says:

    WOW! How flat out refreshing to listen to a *real* man for a change! He took my breath away and has restored my faith. Now, if only…


  9. lovemygirl says:

    I have begun forwarding these links to someone with far more reach and appeal than I have. Wait a second, did spell check get installed? I don’t know if I did it or what but it corrected my spelling.


  10. anwtex says:

    Ronald Reagan’s famous line, “I am paying for this microphone”

    “Reagan owns a Heckler”


  11. anwtex says:

    Dang! I did it again! I wanted to only post the link. Sorry, Admin. Please remove they are way too big. And Regan probably doesn’t belong on this thread anyway. Thanks.
    I’ll just not post any more “links”.


  12. ZurichMike says:

    Bill Whittle is amazing. And yes, imagine if a presidential candidate had said those things! Of course, the media whores would immediately brand him as a war monger and fat cat rich guy.


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