Because The Media Need To Control The Psychological Inputs…

When you peel all of the toxic propaganda skin from the onion of public opinion, you recognize more and more the institutional leftist legacy “media” is the enemy of this republic.

Show me a challenging current day issue of public interest, any issue, and I will prove to you root of the cancer infecting the United States of America is the media. – Yes, it is that bad.

The extent of the media manipulation toward the position of the “collectivist” is so bad there is no longer a single ‘event’, significant or otherwise, they will not try to mold to fit their ideological view of the world.

The latest example is the creme filled sponge cake – The Twinkie.

The media, in all its legacy forms, is working diligently to protect the TRUTH of Organized Labor selfishness from reaching the masses. Cue the audio visual demonstration…. The parasite killed the host, or Hostesss in this case, but the media cannot allow facts to stand on their own without molding the narrative.

Instead of reporting the TRUTH that a few self interested Union Bosses took down the company, they must point the failure of capitalistic collapse on the company owners.  Consider this article from Reuters:

Enough is enough, say bakery workers at Hostess Brands Inc.

After several years of costly concessions, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Grain Millers Union (BCTGM) authorized a walk-out earlier this month after Hostess received bankruptcy court approval to implement a wage cut that was not included in its contract.

With operations stalled, the company that makes Twinkies and other famous U.S. brands said last week that liquidating its business was the best way to preserve its dwindling cash. It won court approval on Wednesday to start winding down in a process expected to claim 15,000 jobs immediately and over 3,000 more after about four months.

Interviews with more than a dozen workers showed there was little sign of regret from employees who voted for the strike. They said they would rather lose their jobs than put up with lower wages and poorer benefits(link)


No, the majority, the vast majority would NOT rather lose their jobs.   They didn’t have anything to do with the union, nor the strike.   The strike was by the Bakers Union who produced the products – not the thousands of packaging workers, distribution employees, and delivery drivers who transported the products and stocked the store shelves.

Even the vast majority of “Bakers” were lied to, the Union Bosses who demanded the strike never told them the truth about the crippling affect.   The average person never fully comprehended the risk, and those who did were willing to make concessions to save the company.

In a larger sense this boils down to a MEDIA representation of a broader problem, the unsustainable growth of demands by various parasites upon various host entities.

Each example of what happens, the natural effect, must be molded by the media to avoid the ever present Truth of the Consequences……

This will be the most significant front in the war for freedom going forward, the battle against the media enemy.

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8 Responses to Because The Media Need To Control The Psychological Inputs…

  1. Arkindole says:

    Yes, yes, and, yes.


  2. ytz4mee says:

    It’s so pervasive … maybe we need to start a separate daily open thread on “Spot the Media bias”. Many treepers are already sharing on the daily OT’s…. and it’s not just limited to the US. In Canada, the corporate media is so ideologically biased towards the Liberals that any wrongdoing of Liberals – the party affiliation is immediately sanitized – much like the media does here in the US when the Dems are in trouble. In this case, a former Liberal Federal Cabinet Minister and Liberal Member of Parliament has been charged with fraud. The local paper reported on the political affiliation; the biased and federally funded CBC (similar to NPR) sanitized it:


    • justfactsplz says:

      Yesterday, Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando laid off 400 workers because of Obama care. This news was not “newsworthy” to the local biased. media. It is only going to get worse. My nephew works for an oil company and is getting laid off Dec. 15th. They sold the company. Thanks to Obama there are no prospects in the oil fields for him. This sort of thing is happening all across America an the media will not report on it.


      • doodahdaze says:

        There will be a lot of action now prior to the 2013 tax-hikes. Getting ready for Obamacare. Prepping for the economic collapse and Fed printing spree. The Stock Market has detached from reality and will soar on Fed spending.


  3. jordan2222 says:

    There is something terribly wrong when over 18,500 people lose their jobs in such a situation as this. Am I to accept that 18,000 workers believe and want the same things?

    So if one or two union bosses say it’s over, then all 18,500 have to lose their jobs? Is it always an “all or none” deal? That is an awful lot of power, huh?

    Now what would happen if 18,000 of them were to say, “We want our jobs. Screw you.”

    Maybe we should have laws that require union workers to collect their “unemployment benefits” from the union dues they paid. Exactly what happens to those union dues and what happens to the money in the pension plans? Do we get to see a full accounting of all of the details? I mean, after all, the union bosses have publicly picked apart every business aspect of the company. Of course. everyone knows that they know more about how to run companies than anyone else.

    It’s “strange” that there is no mention of the union bosses’ pay while the pay of Hostess management is blamed for their demise. Forgive the rant but I love sugar coated fruit pies.


    • The media aspect to this is all just a “softening”…. a “softening” of your mind to a coming place of constitutional crisis…. you see this is really all about “bailouts”…. government spending your tax dollars to pick winners and losers…. but first, you need to be “softened”….

      If 20 years ago someone had proposed taking your income (tax) and spending it to keep someone else employed (in the private sector in, say, Michigan) you would have freaked out and been pissed…. no way…..

      For want of a flat screen TV they lost their job…….

      ….. but now you “understand” why the government needs to step in and “protect” those 18,000 “victims”…. who probably will be bailed out in bankruptcy court with extension of the dept of labor….. and executive fiat,… See: GM

      It ain’t about the auto-industry, or twinkies, per se’ it’s about CONTROL….

      After all, it didn’t take long for you to accept standing stripped, shoeless, and uncomfortable in line at the airport while you watched the men with the blue glove, strangers, put their hands down your daughters underwear and upon your daughters genitals…..



  4. Kitty Crouch says:

    The term shibboleth refers to the assumed truths which become the underlying premise to what follows.
    Andrew Breitbart said at the outset that his Big sites were established to break down shibboleths. It is a job without an end, and a very important one for us to carry on. The media employs them always, either through common belief or laziness.


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