Israel Accepts “ceasefire” Deal – Report: Obama Pressured Netanyahu…. Gaza Rockets Continue – Remember the Fogels?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted a brokered peace deal by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi after meeting with US SOS Clinton.  This, despite 70% Israeli support for continued self-defense against attacks from Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  The cease fire was set for 9pm Tel Aviv time (3pm EST) – during first hour rocket attacks from Gaza Strip continued.

FUBAR – Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said the deal included an agreement to open all border crossings with the Gaza Strip, including the important Rafah crossing with Egypt. A copy of the deal obtained by The Associated Press appeared to be somewhat vague about the details on the crossings.

`’The document provides for the opening of all crossings,” he insisted.

Minutes before the deal took effect at 9 p.m. local time. (2 p.m. EDT) there was a spasm of Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli airstrikes, including one that killed a man minutes before the deadline. After 9 p.m., the airstrikes cease, but rocket fire continued, with at least 12 fired into Israel an hour into the truce, said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.

Earlier in the day (at Noon), a bomb exploded on a bus in Tel Aviv, Israel.  it was the work of US-ally Mahmoud Abbas’ (pictured above with Hillary Clinton) The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.


Soon after, Hamas TV broadcast its delight at the news that civilians in Israel were targeted.   Hamas praised the bus attack against Israelis – and even passed out candy to children in celebration of the attack.

To celebrate the *cough* one sided ceasefire Hamas released a video showing them slaughtering Israelis and kicking the dead bloodied bodies of the Israeli people.


Remember the Fogels ?

Fogel Family

Father and 3 month old Infant

11 year old Yoav Fogel

3 year Old Elad Fogel

REPORT – President Obama called Netanyahu and commended the decision. Obama also reiterated his commitment to Israel’s security. Obama also spoke with Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, and thanked the leader for his efforts in the deal.

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46 Responses to Israel Accepts “ceasefire” Deal – Report: Obama Pressured Netanyahu…. Gaza Rockets Continue – Remember the Fogels?

  1. doodahdaze says:

    Dealing with the Devil won’t work. BiBi got snookered by Obama.


    • ytz4mee says:

      No, I wonder what, exactly, Obama threatened him with or used as leverage/extortion.


      • GracieD says:

        I heard he was threatened with a slowdown or complete shut off or repair/replacement parts for their planes.


        • doodahdaze says:

          Look at the damage he has done in 4 years. He will triple up in the next 4. Israel depends on the US for parts for its Air Force. Obama can ground them. Plans were never made for a pro-terrorist US President.


  2. yankeeintx says:

    It looks like the man in the redish/brown sweat shirt and gray pants was still alive! When his feet twitch, someone is probably jumping on him, but you can see his fist come up by his side almost as a defensive action. These people are not human, they are animals.


  3. ftsk420 says:

    I wouldn’t agree to any cease fire. I would light them up till there was no threat left.


  4. texasconnie says:

    I’m sure that behind the scenes Obama/Clinton threatened to cut off aid to Israel if they didn’t agree to a ceasefire. Of course, this is not the first administration to reiterate to the public our support for Israel while twisting the prime minister’s arm behind his back. “Israel has the right to defend itself,” they always say. Then they implore Israel to “show caution.” Which really means, “Yeah, you have the right to defend yourself, but we really don’t want you to.”


  5. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    I wonder if may be there was a back room deal to provide Israel with new weapons. F-35s?


      • Knuckledraggingwino says:

        Israel has subs. They are German built diesel electric that are quieter than nukes but withoutbthe endurance. They have Cruise missiles, presumably with nukes.

        Perhaps Obama offerred them B-1B bombers? This would give them range and payload to use conventional munitions on Iran. Unless someone has rocket boosted, hypervelocity penetrators they will not take out the deeper bunkers.

        I really wish we still had Pershing II missiles with earth penetrating, shaped charge nukes.

        *snip* it’s me… SD…. only two tubes are Cruise capable. 😦


        • No not those kind of subs…. not a “Los Angeles class”, an “Ohio Class” – one single Trident SSBN – whose purpose would be to allow US drawdown in the strait and provide a “joint force ally* with a delivery method ‘non air based’. Think about it.

          “non air based delivery method”. No flyover issues – and delivered to where exactly?

          I’ve been watching some joint operations (training missions) for over 6 months. Remember those movements into Kuwait last year that all of a sudden went (crickets) and people were saying they were not sufficient for any traditional ‘incursion’. Nope – they were not meant for ‘incursion’ they were meant for operational training protection. The actual “training” was taking place at 5th fleet Manama Bahrain –

          One.Single.Trident moved into control of Vice Admiral Miller – NSA Bahrain – where a contingent of “unknown joint forces” combined —- *coincidently* 3 weeks following the shift of 15th marine detachment into Kuwait.

          Operational objectives were reached less than 2 months ago Drawdown and redeploymet took place. But the Trident never left – yet is not on operational asset control of Manama Base.

          /????? just sayin’ 😉


          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            Interesting thought.

            As START forces US to reduce SLBM(N), aka Trident missile, inventory, the Trident subs are being retested. One variant is a cruise missile sub with 24×7 SLCMs per ship. These aren’t going to take out Iranian deep bunkers without nukes. However; another variant that was explored was a non nuclear ballistic missile. Converted Trident missiles are an obvious possibility but have complications related to arms control and possible triggering of a nuclear war. The alternative is a smaller, purpose built, non-nuclear SLBM. It seems stupid until you consider the penetrating potential of a KE warhead impacting at SLBM velocity of Mach 15 to Mach 20. Penatrating depth is proportional to the square of the impact velocity. Consider a depleted Uranium projectile about 6″ diameter by 6′ long impacting at say Mach 20. It will turn 100 meters of reinforced concrete into Swiss Cheese, then is explosively flammable.

            I can see Bush giving one of these to Israel, but Obama? Get real.

            Google “Project Thor” or “Rods from God.”. Also read “David’s Sling”.


            • Once the ballistic distance is removed from the equation there is a lot of “fuel” space within the construct for *something else*. Two tridents were long term reconfigured far away from *normal* mainland bases…. “The Alaska” was one of them…. where is it?

              LOL that’s the bestest part… no one knows where the Ohio class are until they resupply. I dont know anything fer sure (obviously) except there *was* an Ohio class Trident in Manama. Why? there ain’t nutting there *usually* to service it, no bunkered sub dock, nothing…. so why put it there (for a long time too) and now *poof* all the peeps redeployed / restationed.

              So naturally that leads to the question – what happened to the hardware? and if all the on board staff are *poof* redeployed – then who the heck is steering it?


        • czarowniczy says:

          As per my 21Nov12/0911 post on…Globalists, Israel’s Dolphin class subs are cruise-capable, they have two 650mm tube sthat could fire the Israeli Popeye-turbo missiles and the Dolphins also have 6 each 533mm tubes that can fire torpedos or the Harpoon-class misisles as well as lay mines. The Israeli sub launch in the Indian ocean was most likely a Popeye-turbo test. The two older Dolphins are diesel-electric but the newer two-to-three that Germany’s gertting ready to deliver to Israel will have Air-Independent Propulsion making them quiter, giving them greater underwater range and allowing them tactical advanteges in the types of medium-range misisons the Israelis plan on. These new Dolphins are state-of-the art and will give Israel nuke and spec-ops mission capabilities that no Islamic nation is even close to having. That doesn’t even mention their capabilities to interdict unfriendly shipping. With 5 Dolphins Israel could have a presence in the Med as well as the Indian Ocean and, with a good crew, the Israelis should be able to slip through the Straits of Hormuz too. The Israelis made some 400 changes changes to the old F-4s to keep them on top of the best French, German and Russian aircraft the Arabs could put up against them, I’d love to get on one of their new AIP Dolphins when they are operational to see what new stuff they’ve added to them. I’d like to see their Dolphins play tag with one of our Los Angeles subs.


        • John Galt says:

          “Unless someone has rocket boosted, hypervelocity penetrators they will not take out the deeper bunkers.”

          I don’t think you need to kick up a bunch of radioactive dust. Just kill their leaders until you get a government receptive to inspections and dismantling the enrichment program. If they don’t come around after you take out the government and military, blockade their ports, close their airports, take out the rails, roads, bridges, shut off the water and electricity. Announce in advance that you will cover the cost of the military operation by pillaging their oil indefinitely.


    • Sharon says:

      If it was proposed by obama or clinton, I doubt it was a net gain for Israel. That is not their policy.


    • doodahdaze says:

      The deal is to provide a terrorist sanctuary next door to Israel. Part of the deal is Israel will not target “militants” (MSM) description of terrorists inside Gaza. Bibi got snookered. He should have driven his armor to the sea and taken control of the southern border. The Obama/Muslim Brotherhood Plan will destroy Israel in the end. Gaza is now “Sanctuary”. A safe Haven for terrorists. I don’t believe one word Obama or the media says. Not one.


  6. Arkindole says:

    I suspect we’ll be seeing IDF footage real soon. All they have to show is that they held their side of the bargain for a short time while the animals didn’t. Hamas will do what they want to do until the religious and cultural genocide is complete. Egypt will say anything and do anything at this point because the Brotherhood definitely needs the U.S. cash. Let’s face it; Israel can get by, and they might be better off keeping the U.S. out of their affairs. They know, as well as we do, that those in charge in the U.S. are completely untrustworthy.


  7. JAS says:

    On precision munitions and the state of the world.

    Have you ever wondered how much of the earth’s land mass in sovereign territory? I urge to to look that up. What the research shows is that for most of the lands and proximal oceans on earth there are governments that are responsible for what goes on within those borders.

    Spin back to the middle of the 20th century – WWII. Precision munitions DID NOT EXIST. No drones, satellites, GPS, JDAMS, etc. No guided anything.

    If someone within a sovereign country offended yours, you had no choice but to GO AFTER THE WHOLE COUNTRY. There was no way to spare “innocent civilians” because precision munitions did not exist. This was understood by all the sovereign countries involved.

    This simple fact made sovereign nations directly responsible for what happened within their borders. When an attack to another nation came from within their borders, the whole nation was held responsible. This gave those nations a lot of to ponder about for fear of retaliation. Most of them kept their house clean…

    Obviously, this is not longer the case. Why? Because these sovereign states can abandon responsibility as to what happens within their borders, all because of precision munitions. They now claim they are not responsible for “factions” within their borders attacking other nations , knowing full well that because of precision munitions, any casualties beyond those of combatants, which they claim to be factions outside their control are, well, murder.

    Precision munitions have changed the game. Back in the day it was carpet bombing of whole nations and everyone died. States were very careful about policing their citizens. This is no longer the norm and this is my basic thesis on world affairs.



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  9. Mike says:

    Yes, Israel we stand with you, while once again, you kill innocents in Gaza, using US tax payer dollars.


  10. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    Hamas claims to have shot down an Israeli F-16.

    We know that the Libyan revolution resulted in thousands of MANPADs being acquired by terrorists.

    It is suspected that The US “mission” in Benghazi was an arms market for Islamic rebels against Syria. Presumably the US would train as well as equip the rebels.

    The rebels hate Israel more than Assad.

    Anyq chance Libyan missiles and Libyan rebels trained by the US ended up in Gaza?

    Any chance that these missiles and trained crews are inside Israel where they can target IAF aircraft during take off and landing?

    Was BiBi compelled to accept a cease fire because Obama has equipped the Palestinians with weapons that neutralize IAF aircraft.


    • doodahdaze says:

      20,000 shoulder fired Sam’s. Obamas gift to the terrorist world by felling Kadaffy.. Wait til they smuggle a few in the US and bring down some airliners.


      • Knuckledraggingwino says:

        A good strategy would be to have many teams stationed near runways to target airliners during take off and landing in a simultaneous assault. Average 200 passengers per plane x 100 planes = 20,000 dead Americans.

        We voted to reelect the poverty pimp.

        Think of it as a classic example of evolution in action.


        • doodahdaze says:

          I am not flying. Too dangerous now. Not to mention too many hassles. They got 5000 missiles in Benghazi I think. That might be the reason for the big coverup.


    • John Galt says:

      “Was BiBi compelled to accept a cease fire because Obama has equipped the Palestinians with weapons that neutralize IAF aircraft.”

      IDF can still grind them up with armor and infantry. I think Israel operates on a 20 to 1 kill ratio. They call it disproportionate response. Kill one Israeli means at least 20 dead Palestinians. Israel is basically a meat grinder for Arabs into which Arabs keep sticking their fingers.


  11. apachetears says:

    The death of the Fogels would have pushed my carpet bombing button, had it been my job to run Israel that’s when Palistinian would be an archaic term for a whole crowd of dead Jordanian refugees.
    I would have lit the whole of Gaza up in a big fireball.
    I applaud the Israeli’s for their ability to keep cool when their babies are being slaughtered.


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