Two “Tolerant” Liberal Women Pull Full Monty Jane Fonda – Post Pictures Of Themselves Disgracing/Defaming Military Dead – Now Furious People Are Not OK with it…..

Lindsey Stone and Jamie Schuh are no better than Fred Phelps and the creepy people from Westboro Baptist Church.  Period.   There are no acceptable varying degrees, or nuanced grey areas, regarding disrespect of desecration of our dead soldiers.

BOSTON (CBS) – Two women have been placed on unpaid leave from their jobs after their photo at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia angered thousands of people on Facebook.  — Lindsey Stone was visiting the Tomb of the Unknowns last month on a business trip when she posed for a picture next to a sign that reads “silence and respect.”

In the photo, Stone is pretending to yell and she’s showing her middle finger.

 Facebook Photo Of Plymouth Woman At Tomb Of The Unknowns Sparks OutrageThe photo, taken by co-worker Jamie Schuh, (seen at left), went viral and sparked thousands of angry comments.

Some of those comments were posted on the Facebook page of their employer, Living Independently Forever, Inc., (LIFE) a non-profit organization in Hyannis that helps adults with disabilities on Cape Cod.  (read more)

*Note* – The photo was taken at a national historic site in October by a fellow employee during a trip to Washington, D.C. attended by 40 residents and eight staff. The photo has since been removed from Facebook, and both employees have been placed on unpaid leave pending the results of an internal investigation.

Question:   Should they be fired ?

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77 Responses to Two “Tolerant” Liberal Women Pull Full Monty Jane Fonda – Post Pictures Of Themselves Disgracing/Defaming Military Dead – Now Furious People Are Not OK with it…..

  1. Arkindole says:

    Absolutely–these two are beyond repair / re-education.


  2. Bongo says:

    YES! Fire those two beeyotches! Bet they both voted for Obama.


  3. Sam says:

    If they are that disrespectful of the war dead, how respectful are they of their clients? It’s reasonable to think they aren’t and won’t be respectful. Fire them both.


  4. Sharon says:

    Should they be fired? Depends on the perspective of the employer. If they’re ok having these creatures working for them….their call.

    One thing I appreciate about the left is that they can’t help themselves. Eventually they always reveal themselves, they spew out what’s in their heart.

    That’s why they get so mad at normal Americans: we show what’s in our hearts, too. Because of what the contents of our hearts are, we can fairly effortlessly show respect, be generous, care about folks in difficult situations, speak up for truth, speak the truth and descend on Washington by the millions without anyone having to pick us up in a bus and provide sandwiches for us. That’s why they hate us. We don’t need conspiracies. We’re just ourselves.

    Just like these two creatures are just themselves. Appreciate them letting the rest of us know so we can watch out for them.


    ADD: Just because their employer serves veterans and takes government funds to do so does not mean that their employers are actually disturbed by what they did. It maybe used to–not now. Like John Edwards said, “There are two Americas.”


  5. Patois is says:

    She’s offensive! As most liberals are. But they have a 1st amendment right to be offensive. I think the unpaid leave would be punishment enough, but it might even be better if the other workers at their place of employment were forced to pay a portion of their salaries while they’re on unpaid leave…


    • The First Amendment doesn’t protect you from a private employer firing you for being a disgrace to your job.
      You have the freedom to say what you want, but it will not protect you from the consequences of what you choose to say.


      • ZurichMike says:

        Best legal/factual summary ever of such a situation! Thank you!


      • John VI says:

        Also, this was done on company time, on a paid company retreat, and thus they were representing the company at the time. Since that can affect the companies bottom line, they may have no choice but to fire them, even if they feel similarly. The “Unpaid leave while we investigate” routine is just a push it forward and hope it goes away technique.

        FIrst amendment rights wont protect you from a fist to the face if you are rude to the wrong people either. Actions always have consequences, no matter what Rights to take those actions you have.


  6. selfdefenseadvocate says:

    Yes, they should be fired. They were on company time and their behavior is not likely representing the company’s values.


  7. ED357 says:


    Their actions will follow these two around for the rest of their lives………

    Choices have consequences.


  8. jordan2222 says:

    It is the Soldier

    Father Dennis Edward O’Brien

    It is the Soldier,
not the reporter, who has given us freedom of press.
    It is the Soldier,
not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
    It is the Soldier,
not the campus organizer, who gives us freedom to demonstrate.
    It is the Soldier
who salutes the flag,
who serves beneath the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
who allows the protester to burn the flag.


  9. froggielegs says:

    I absolutely think this company should fire both of them. This was done on a company trip. If you plan on doing something stupid on company time or paid trip, then plan on paying the consequences of your idiotic actions.


  10. texan59 says:

    If I were their employer, I would have them go to an American Legion or VFW post and explain in front of those folks why they felt the need to do what they did. Then I would have them stand outside their office with a sandwich board stating that I am a liberal idiot for about four hours. Then when they’re done, kick their ass to the curb. I’m sure they can get a job with MoveOn or MediaMatters and tour with Sandra Fluke. 👿


  11. James F says:

    Living Independently Forever, Inc., (LIFE) a non-profit organization in Hyannis that helps adults with disabilities on Cape Cod.

    Their clientele almost certainly includes disabled veterans.


    • James F says:

      I guess I should have read the rest of the article before commenting. Of course they serve veterans and receive federal funding and tax breaks to do. They are not worthy of serving our veterans and should be fired.

      “We are proud to have veterans serving on our staff and board of trustees, and we value their service.”


  12. lcrurik says:

    I think it would be jolly good fun to give the two “ladies” a helicopter ride and drop them off in Tahrir Square.


  13. John Galt says:

    “Question: Should they be fired ?”

    After being hit in the face with the butt of an M-14.


  14. froggielegs says:

    Lindsey’s reply…

    “After an explosion of fury erupted over the photo, Stone posted on her Facebook page: “Whoa whoa whoa… wait. This is just us, being the douchebags that we are, challenging authority in general. Much like the pic posted the night before, of me smoking right next to a no smoking sign. OBVIOUSLY we meant NO disrespect to the people that serve or have served our country.”–updated-lindsey-stone-defends-her-controversial-tomb-of-the-unknown-soldier-photo

    Well at least she admits she’s a D-Bag!


    • Sharon says:

      . “….meant no disrespect….” Coulda fooled me. So what she’s saying she’s unable to make any connection between this kind of deliberate behavior and the perceptions of others about her intent.

      She apparently has an IQ of about 60. We have a 24 yr old nephew with Down syndrome who would never behave like that, in public or in private.


      • The Tundra PA says:

        it was the OBVIOUSLY that got me… Really? What exactly makes it OBVIOUS that you meant no disrespect? That bird finger has disrespect written all over it.


  15. Jimbo says:

    I think the wrong question isi being asked. Teh better question is what is taking so long to fire them. And fire them is appropriate, so they can’t sponge off the welfare they so surely feel they are entitled to, such as unemployment and now, food stamps.


  16. dmoseylou says:

    “Lindsey’s father Peter did speak with WBZ-TV about the incident.”
    “I don’t think she was reacting to the site (Arlington Cemetery), she was reacting to the sign,” he says. “I’m appalled myself.”

    Good Man!!


  17. Cyrano says:

    I think there’s a lot of knee jerk reacting going on here. We don’t know that they are liberals, or that they meant any actual disrespect to fallen veterans. I’m a conservative, and a veteran, and just from the look of it, I would say they saw a sign, and decided as a lark to have some fun with there silly friends. They didn’t deface anything. They weren’t “Demonstrating”, or “Protesting”. I say they have a talk with them, and others from the group, and try to figure out if there is really anything to this beyond doing something stupid. Then take appropriate action.


    • Sharon says:

      Yeah, knee jerk reacting does happen. I acknowledge that. Sometimes (as I think is the case here) it’s because “the reacters” are fed up to the gills.

      Doing this to “have some fun….” ? I don’t know, Cyrano. Seems to me that a person’s idea of having fun does tell something about them.

      I won’t take the time to explain to you the personal and private (but on-the-spot) dressing down I gave to our Marine son (he was active duty at the time) when we visited the Tomb of the Unknown back in 1986. As we were leaving the site after the ceremony was over….he started criticizing the army presentation….everything “Marine” is “way better and more precise and sharper…etc.etc.etc..

      Let’s just say I lived up to his respectful nickname for me that day. The Giant Mother let him know in no uncertain terms that whether he was 8” taller than me or not–he WOULD NOT disrespect those men or that place or their presentation of their ceremony. When I got done (it only took about 60 seconds) he was, as I recall, only about 5 1/2 inches taller than me.

      Just having fun? If they think this is fun, and then are brainless enough to broadcast it–just confirms my knee jerk opinion of them. My opinion. Maybe I’m just stressed because I still have more pies to make and it’s already dark here.


      • Cyrano says:

        I …er…um…made a silly mistake in judgement I guess. Want to talk about that candy bar, Sharon? I know these women did a very stupid thing, but to quickly compare them to Jane Fonda might be a bit harsh. I’ve done a few things I’m not proud of, but they didn’t go viral. I’m just saying we don’t know them , and shouldn’t go for the jugular until we know what was in their heads. It IS a very ugly photo, which they will spend the rest of their lives living down. As always, I respect your opinion. Get crackin/ on those pies. Happy Thanksgiving!


        • Sharon says:

          Oh, shoot. No, I don’t wanta talk about the candy bar.

          I don’t think I care to try to defend the knee jerk expression of my opinion. 😦

          Happy Thanksgiving to you….do you want a piece of that pie? Would that be apple or pumpkin for you, sir? Whipped cream and/or ice cream available.

          There’s a marvelous question a good friend put to me once when I was really hot about something–“Sharon, how much are you willing to have it cost you to be right?”

          Excellent question. 😦


    • Honeslty I believe the absence of Knee-Jerk reactions are exactly what’s wrong. It should not take profound reflection, and hours of critical analysis, to find particular behaviors abhorrent.

      It is, what it is.

      And it still is what it is regardless of whether or not it appeared, as in ‘was found out about’ in a public forum.

      Trying to find the nuanced excuse/appreciation for such matters of obvious vulgarity and disrespect is silly. These adult children have been spared the rod – and I would argue the conversations about the whole “good bad thing” are a waste of time, effort and resource.

      Just cut to the chase and speed up the consequence. Put the burden of refection, pause and diligent thought for consequence, on the person carrying out the behavior, not on the person witnessing it.

      just my .02


      • Cyrano says:

        I guess it’s just a gut feeling. As one who just buried his brother a few months ago at the national cemetery at Bushnell, Fl, and will myself be buried in a national cemetery, I didn’t get too worked up about this one. I just don’t think even the most despicable liberal would want to seriously dishonor the fallen. They may be spoiled as you say, and failed to consider where they were, but I just don’t think we should be putting them on level with Fonda. They didn’t fly half way around the world to proudly make a “Statement.” They probably will lose their jobs, and will have to live with the disgrace they have brought on themselves and their families for the rest of their lives. I just don’t feel the need to pile on. That’s all I’m saying.


    • Josh says:

      I’m tired of excusing stupidity, rudeness, crudeness, etc. and am tired of those that do.


  18. czarowniczy says:

    Yes, they should be fired…at

    Like to see them recreate the moment on say, next Memorial Day when Arlington’s full of vets. She’d be yellin’, all right.


  19. They should be beaten like a rented mule!


  20. QuantumVerp says:

    OMG. A phrase made popular by people who hunt and peck type. i can believe this but I definitely would rather have not been presented the occasion to realize such feelings had somehow floated to the surface but I realize the sewer is the first place to flood. It was just astounding to me there were 1888 less rats flushed out by Sandy than I had guessed but I think this may account for the discrepancy in the accuracy of my guestimate. I could bail out on this and probably should because your spell-checker does not know the word ‘guestimate’ but the punch line still has me in stitches.

    I’ll accept being the bitch’s attorney! Your honor or if not, honorable people of the jury, or if not, how do you expect we’re gonna settle on a fair verdict or at least a verdict each person has 11 other people to blame for? Let’s cut a deal then, but still it would be nice to write a parable (parabolic) analogy (analgesic) <– maybe or maybe not… (bedtime, sleepy, yawn) I can do it.

    Here's the deal as I would see it if I had to and felt it proper to parlay with someone on the field of free speech when I do not fence very well but it is obvious they cannot hold a sword. This should be easy. I should be able to get home in time to go to sleep early enough so I can wake up early enough and get back to work spanking the begeesus out of people and making up for xxx spankings they skillfully bartered vis a vis reductions in their allowance down to x spankings.

    First item to prove my client was not really utilizing the internationally acclaimed and admit it, heralded extension of the middle finger to express a rage which one feels they can not do anything about or perhaps they find it easier to express rage by sticking up their middle finger… I'm requesting a music break your honor so I can talk with my client about the possibility this was a bad hair day, excuse me, bad blouse day. Yes. The way the arm opening extends into the back portion of the blouse. Thanks, (music break )

    I hoped that link worked for you. I copied and pasted it. Hope it worked. I'm still listening to it. 3rd time. It's hard to think about what I'm trying hard to think about. Hmm… Let me just listen to it one more time (music break)

    In summary, I only see 4 fingers. Has it occurred to anyone the finger therefore is an index finger since it is after all the second finger? And the other hand could be in position to slap her own face with! It may even obviously be a second slap as her oral facility may be open to express the rage of having missed the first time! "Oh, what a stupid thing I have done" my client would have cried out if she had known and she didn't (cry out) so apparently she didn't (know).

    During the music break I actually read the article and met her father who it became obvious has a hand in on this and we can surely assume her rendered to the confines of her bedroom, school and/or mall under his tutelage which would be preferrable to imprisonment. Heck, within 3o years definitely and 3 with a bit of exponentialality incorporated into the greatest prison facility expansion imaginable, their home will likely be torn down and a prison facility will be built there. She'll be in prison then so why not wait? I need to get home. Even worse I need to pee. Let's cut a deal?

    Here's a worse young lady not to mention a 'band of liars' on a similar show. I particularly like the reference 'satanic skank' . Enjoy.

    Where's my money money money? Public has to pay? If I had of known I would have drawn this case on for 40 years! I'm such a bad lawyer I quit! The reference to 1888 rats? I myself weigh 1900 rats or more so don't knock it!

    Good nigh <– fell asleep. JIT


  21. John Scotus says:

    Many Christians and conservatives would be fired from their jobs if their employers knew what they were doing on the Internet through Twitter and right wing/Christian blogs. So no, they shouldn’t be fired or punished by their company for political speech–there is too much of that already. Instead, they should be publicly shamed, held up to ridicule, and ostracized. Leave their livelihood alone, however.


    • ZurichMike says:

      That’s why they don’t broadcast photos of themselves on company-sponsored trips engaging in behavior that embarrasses the company.


      • John Scotus says:

        It was a post on FB, not a public broadcast linked to their company. In my case, because my employer has such an expansive view of what might “embarrass” it, I have to censor my FB content and am wary of even the most innocuous post of political or religious opinion. Just about anything more controversial than a cute cat picture is a potential problem, even in a non-public forum such as FB. Is this really what we want and desire from society? Too many Christians and conservatives are already silent about what is going in the US or have to use pseudonyms when online because they will lose their jobs if they publicly speak out. So, yes, the women should be scorned. Lose their jobs, no. Scorn is enough. Let’s give them the same benefit that we would wish for ourselves.


        • cajunkelly says:

          If they worked somewhere like Sears, Target, etc. I’d say keeping their jobs would be no problem. It’s *where* they work I have a problem with.

          I don’t do facebook because of privacy concerns. I have a fake name account that is used only to access sites that require it. Some think I’m a radical for that…but…

          Example: If I worked at the animal shelter and I posted a picture of myself laughing as a helpless kitten was abused, I’d expect to lose my job.


          • Sharon says:

            I have a fb account only so I can see activities and news from family members who live at a distance, etc. and I’m sure they wonder why I bother, because I never post anything. I have no pictures up. -your animal shelter example is perfect.

            If these two 20’s something had just behaved appropriately in a public place, they wouldn’t be dealing with this. It really is that simple.


        • ZurichMike says:

          I would agree with you, except you are overlooking the salient point: She was on a business trip, and her business is taking care of the disabled, including disabled vets. Her employer also has a reputation to maintain, and more to think about than this woman’s right to express poor judgment and lack of respect.


          • John Scotus says:

            I had not heard that veterans were among the disabled they worked with. However, this is still very much the employer’s decision, and firing seems extreme. The outrage over their actions at the Tomb of the Unknown is justified, but the fact that it was on a business trip is entirely overblown. Does an employer own an employee’s actions 24-7? I would hope not, and I struggle to find common ground with anyone who thinks that companies have this right. Might it be more appropriate–and productive to all–for the women to be forced to personally apologize to anyone who might have been hurt by their actions?


            • tessa50 says:

              So the outrage over their actions is justified, but you feel a company does not have the right to say what behavior an employee can exhibit when they are on company time?? I disagree, and as for your last comment, who would make them apologize?


            • tessa50 says:

              The women to be forced to personally apologize to anyone who may have been hurt by it, how many years you got-you do realize how many people you are talking about, right? Let alone what I think about you saying forced when you don’t even think the company has that right


            • ZurichMike says:

              Yeah, one of those fake apologies “I’m sorry if you’re offended” really does the trick, doesn’t it? And what would that serve? More “feel good” excuses for boorish behavior, and the company has to absorb a black eye because the poor little dear’s “rights” have been threatened.

              Companies have rights, too. And companies generally have codes of conduct to set expectations of employee behavior because employees are representatives of the company while on company time. According to the news I’ve read, this was a company excursion, not a random visit. The company is fully within its rights to kick this boorish, vulgar twit to the curb.


        • Josh says:

          If they were Christians or conservatives the media would be all over them (and not in a good way).


  22. cajunkelly says:

    With a highly raised eyebrow at the post above mine, and considering that it just might be that the late hour affects my comprehension as much as it affected the composer…I’ll just say;

    Yes, the obviously spoiled rotten mall crawler has absolutely *no* respect or regard for the fact that she was in the presence of American heroes’ remains, and at the most revered site for our veterans, their friends and family, in addition to American patriots…The Tomb of the Unknowns.

    Did she not see the picture, during Hurricane Sandy, of those Tomb Guards maintaining vigil and paying their respect in the face of a historical storm? IMO, she doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air they do.

    Having said that, yes, the twit has the right, Freedom of Expression” to do what she did. She has the right to make a total and absolute *ass* of herself. She does *not* (IMO) have the right to do so at the most sacred site of our national heroes.

    However, having the *right* to do something doesn’t necessarily mean it is the *right* thing to do.

    Choices and actions should and *do* have consequences, and I feel certain that personal accountabiity is a foreign concept to her.

    It’s time she learned, even if it is a *forced* lesson. Should her employer fire her? IMO, YES.
    She doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as those veteran patients her company assists. If a veteran family of mine was a patient there I would INSIST they fire her or I’d make sure my relative never darkened their doors again.

    As evidenced above by one veteran, the humbling fact is, that those who lie beneath the dirt where she stood would forgive her and remind us all that they gave their lives for her freedom to do what she did.

    Those boots, the ones they fought and died in, are far to big for me to fill.

    Ban this bitch, forever, from ANY veteran monument or facility.


  23. akathesob says:

    When it goes, I am so hoping there will be a “no bag limit”…


  24. cajunkelly says:

    These aren’t teeny boppers. They appear to be in their mid twenties.

    In comparison, my first trip to the Vietnam memorial was at about that age. My reaction was shock, at the sheer number of names, the horrific loss of life. Then it morphed in to humility at the sacrifice these people, and their families, made, for me.

    I simply couldn’t stop weeping. At first I was embarrassed and then I noticed I was not alone. My reaction was typical. There was absolutely no laughter and voices were just a whisper, even the children were very quiet. The most noise heard was quiet weeping.

    I felt a sense of honor at being “allowed” to sign the guest book. I came away thinking that the monument is so appropriate; a deep dark wound, a gash stiched together by the names engraved there.

    I shudder to think how this bitch would conduct herself at that monument. She, IMO, doesn’t deserve the rights our heroes fought to preserve for her.

    Give her a parachute and shove her ass out of a plane over Afghanistan. After 2 days there she’d understand how blessed she is that those heroes she dishonored *did* fight and die to preserve the rights she enjoys just as a female in America.


    • kathyca says:

      “Give her a parachute and shove her ass out of a plane over Afghanistan. After 2 days there she’d understand how blessed she is that those heroes she dishonored *did* fight and die to preserve the rights she enjoys just as a female in America.”

      Amen. It’s hard for me to comprehend that kind of disrespect and the mindset that must accompany it. I have a tween daughter who is, admittedly, quite spoiled in spite of my best intentions and can have a very disrespectful attitude (mostly toward her mother …grrr) She was listening to the news about this with me in the car today and asked me what happened. I told her and she was just like WHY would she do that? She asked whether she was suspended with or without pay and why, and when I told her my pov on why, she got it. If my spoiled, smart-mouthed tween “gets it,” what must this grown a** woman have going on in her head. Frightening! At least her own father was appalled. As he should be.


  25. I’d fire ’em twice effen I had the chance. We ARE talking about Boston tho.


  26. cajunkelly says:

    Yeah, their employer says they’re “deeply saddened that it was taken and shared in a public medium”.

    How about being outraged that they *DID* it to begin with?


  27. hoonan says:

    Fired? Yeah probably if the employer sees fit. Another solution…send her on an unpaid vacation to the Rockaways in NY and have her work along side the Veterans on Team Rubicon all volunteering to help those in need out there day in and day out clearing out moldy basements in the dark and at the end of the long day sleeping on a cot in a dusty warehouse in Brooklyn only to get up and do it again in the morning. If she “gets it” then she can keep her job, if not…can her…


    • Excellent idea. Team Rubicon is such a wonderful group. Thank you for spotlighting them in your comment. THEY are the heart of our great nation.

      Wolverines !!


      • hoonan says:

        Yeah I had to whore them out there…I’m a member and spent all last week out there. I was skeptical at first since it was my first time out with them, but it’s a first rate professionally run Non-Profit. I see the Red Cross has ads begging for “just $10 for our friends on the East coast” and yet they’re hardly doing anything out there except handing out blankets no bigger than a beach towel covered all over with their logo. Or at least that’s all I saw….


  28. Mikado Cat says:

    I’m with freedom of speech, but I would not let them get away with hiding what they have done without some kind of real apology. Until then keep the pictures and use them as examples of disgraceful behavior.

    What their employer does is up to them, and I don’t buy the embarrassed the company line, freedom of speech needs to be free.


  29. obsidian53 says:

    Send these two miracles of Roe vs Wade to Afganistan and out on patrol with some Troops in the field.
    A night under the stars surrounded by rapin’ killin’ taliban might change their attitude.


  30. obsidian53 says:

    Someone should tell them this ain’t the public library, Six Flags or Disneyland this is Arlington National cemetery, why go to the Nations cemetery and act an ass?


  31. John Galt says:

    Looks like she was conducting a non-approved demonstration to me.


  32. Myrl Wallace says:

    I don’t care what their excuses might be, and I really don’t care what their punishments may be. As one has already said, “we are tired of all the crapola that is dished out onto the Veterans of this country, and onto those of the majority that are conservative in nature”. What the so called “comedians” consider as comedy, isn’t. And with most comedians out of work, we get these two.


  33. Joe DeJesus says:

    Absolutely, have some f@#king respect. You are shitting on people who gave their lives so you would have the freedom to go to their final resting place and disrespect them. The reason you should be fired is for being stupid not for expressing yourself.

    By the way, the sign is requesting courtesy for the dead its not an order.

    Cpl Joseph P DeJesus
    USMC, Marine Barracks 8th & I
    Washington DC


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