It Began With Four – Supported By Four – Continued With Four – Ended With Four – DEAD

It began with Four Targets –   The Entire Back Story

[left to right]  Ben Ali (Tunisia)Ali Abdullah Sulah (Yemen)Maummar Gaddafi (Libya), and Hosni Mubarak (Egypt)

Their removal was specific, strategic, neccessary and profoundly intentional

Four Specific Targets of the Feb 17th Brigade and aligned contingents which include: al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsular (AQAP), Ayman Al Zawahiri, al-Qaeda Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), Muhammed Al Zawahiri , Salafists, The Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt’s Morsi) and President Barack Obama.

It was supported by Four Fools  who demanded you “Support The Arab Spring”- Backstory

Samantha Power,   Susan Rice,   Hillary Clinton,   President Barack Obama

This Peace Corps generation keeps leaving its mark on the minds of the youth MTV humanitarians and Bono-Brangelina peaceniks with wars of excellence such as Libya, where the no-fly zone was actually an intervention, where the “matter of days” timeframe turned into months, where the war is to be called only conflict and all to avoid a genocide that wasn’t; But supported radical Islamists.

[…]  For the politically correct academia and civil society the hallmark of sophistication is now “Responsibility to Protect” (or R2P for the t-shirt makers). R2P is a humanitarian’s “limited sovereignty” doctrinal version. It draws on international humanitarian law—a field of law which is still in its early stages and being written based on principles instead of practicality or empiricism—to claim that states are obligated to protect their citizens and that whenever they fail in this mission, the international community gains the legal right to intervene. In its light form, the territory is to simply be “civilized” by the missionaries of liberal democracy. In its worse form, military force is to be applied promoting forceful regime change.

Then FOUR Were Called Fantastic And Heralded As Rockstars !

[ left to right ] U.S. UN Ambassador Susan Rice, UK Prime Minister David Cameron, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, U.S. President Barack Obama

[…]  The campaign and character of the opposition has never been clearly established.   No one actually knows who these “rebels” are, or what entails their ideology.  It is still best described as a motley gathering of opposition forces vaguely referred to as ‘The Rebels’.  In contrast to the seeming failure of its military challenge, the public relations campaign of the rebels, and their advocates, worked brilliantly.  Most of all it mobilized the humanitarian lefty hawks inhabiting the Obama presidential bird nest.  Most prominently Samantha Power, who has long called upon the United States government to use its might wherever severe human rights abuses occur. And the media celebrants of this intervention have been led by the ever progressive NY Times stalwart, Nicholas Kristof.

The PR full court press also misleadingly convinced world public opinion and Western political leaders that the Quackdaffy regime was opposed and hated by the entire population of Libya, making him extremely vulnerable to intervention, which encouraged the belief that the only alternative to military intervention was for the world to sit back and bear witness to genocide against the Libyan people taking place on a massive scale.   This entire portrayal of the conflict and the choices available to the UN and the global community was manipulatively false in all its particulars;  But it helped the radical islamists.

Ultimately, Leading to the Death of Four Americans

….. and Israel stands alone

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10 Responses to It Began With Four – Supported By Four – Continued With Four – Ended With Four – DEAD

  1. ytz4mee says:

    Access to energy is also a weapon that will be deployed to bring the US to its knees and level it as just another player on the world stage. It is not coincidental that Teh Won has moved swiftly to shut down any exploration and/or drilling for energy resources within the US, which will take at least a decade to come online now. In the meantime, the US will remain dependent on outside sources of energy and the Canadians have sold theirs to the Chinese. A subtext of the battle waging with Israel is the huge gas reserves off the Gaza coast.

    With complete control of all energy resources in the region under the new Ummah, the final blow will be the rejection of USD for trade settlement and a shift to petro dollars or equivalents.

    Well, he did state that the adhan is the “sweetest sound”.


  2. gretchenone says:

    Looking at the “Fantastic 4” all I could think of was four horsemen…


  3. 4 dead white guys. Imagine that.


  4. ED357 says:

    Funny thing is………

    after the muslims take control and are finished using them……

    The “FOUR” will be given the same choice as the rest of us…….






  5. Sharon says:

    The groups of four–ending with the Benghazi Four–this sure helps clarify the players and the events. Good stuff.


  6. Sam says:

    Excellent way to think of it. Although it does leave Valerie Jarrett out and it’s my opinion that she’s a big part of the reason for the pivot toward Iran.


  7. jackiecoxj says:

    the real number of victims caused by these people s opinions numbers in untold thousands or eventually millions, possibly billions as our world draws closer to war with each passing day


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