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Revenge! …. “You’ve got to… A-C-C-E-N-T-U-A-T-E the Hyphenate, E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E the Enemy” ….

…. ¶ Tune in…. to the negative and let’s work the whole thing out¶…..   “ALL ABOARD the Divisional Express” !!!   Move along, move along,…. tickets please !  Ignore the men in masks…  watch your step please…  treats and hot cocoa as … Continue reading

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Obama’s Egypt – Those Pesky Invisible Protesters from Benghazi’s Ansar al Sharia Are No Longer Invisible and Have Brought Their Blood Soaked Mortars To Egypt….

The group who took victory laps around the Blood Slaughtered American Bodies in Benghazi have organized their visible self in, wait for it,…… Egypt.   Go Figure. EGYPT – Ansar al Sharia Egypt has published its founding statement online. The group … Continue reading

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Two “Tolerant” Liberal Women Pull Full Monty Jane Fonda – Post Pictures Of Themselves Disgracing/Defaming Military Dead – Now Furious People Are Not OK with it…..

Lindsey Stone and Jamie Schuh are no better than Fred Phelps and the creepy people from Westboro Baptist Church.  Period.   There are no acceptable varying degrees, or nuanced grey areas, regarding disrespect of desecration of our dead soldiers. BOSTON (CBS) – … Continue reading

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No Deal ! – Netanyahu Refuses Cease Fire Consideration – Now Meeting With SOS Clinton

Hillary arrived in Israel and held a presser in advance of close door meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.   Bibi says no to ceasefire, Secretary Clinton affirms Israels’ position, then her and Bibi head into a private conversation so she can hear … Continue reading

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Hamas Terrorist Disguises Himself As Journalist – Spray Paints “TV” on Vehicle, Doesn’t Work

Perhaps this Hamas approach will backfire and western journalists will pause before they sell their  insufferable propaganda from Hamas as victim news….. just perhaps.   (Via GWP) Hamas terrorist Muhammed Shamalah disguised himself as a journalist in a car marked TV.  Shamalah’s … Continue reading

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Obama Plays Down Risk to Israel

People will ask:  “does President Obama actually believe this ?“…. the answer is a resounding YES.  More thoughts after article: (CNSNews.com) – President Obama on Sunday played down the notion that the conflict between Israel and Hamas has been complicated … Continue reading

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It Began With Four – Supported By Four – Continued With Four – Ended With Four – DEAD

It began with Four Targets –   The Entire Back Story [left to right]  Ben Ali (Tunisia),  Ali Abdullah Sulah (Yemen),  Maummar Gaddafi (Libya), and Hosni Mubarak (Egypt) Their removal was specific, strategic, neccessary and profoundly intentional Four Specific Targets of the Feb 17th … Continue reading

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