Operation Orkin – Gaza Ground War Imminent

Does any else notice when the defensive shield ‘Iron Dome’ activates the media call it Israeli Rocket Attacks?

JERUSALEM, Nov 16 (Reuters) – Israeli tanks and troops massed outside Gaza and the military said on Friday it was calling up 16,000 reservists, 75,000 reservists,  signs of a possible imminent invasion of the Palestinian enclave after 48 hours of air strikes.

Israel’s warplanes, drones and helicopters appeared to shift focus from suspected Palestinian rocket sites to the northern Gaza frontier, where their bombs created incursion corridors by clearing landmines or guerrilla gun nests.

The mobilisation was anything but secret and details put on social media by the Israeli military appeared to be a clear warning to the Hamas Islamists that govern Gaza to push for a truce.

“It is not our intention to go to war, and we are hopeful that this operation will not take a minute more than required,” Israeli President Shimon Peres said.

Since being fought to a standstill in its 2006 war against Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas, Israel has been honing the training of its regular troops and could mount a land invasion of Gaza at short notice.  (more)

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15 Responses to Operation Orkin – Gaza Ground War Imminent

  1. If Israel moves into Gaza – Egypt has announced it will enter a war with Israel.

    What will Obama do? Who can Israel count on?

    Backstory – Egypt has, for years, been building secret tunnels into gaza to provide weapons, munitions, and a way for Muslim Brotherhood Hamas terrorists to secretly move between Gaza/Israel and Egypt…. Morsi will enter the war against Israel because he wants to keep all that underhanded crap in the closet…. He does not want the sunlight of the Muslim Brotherhood Salafist, al-Qaeda and Hamas connection reaching sunlight.

    It is through these tunnels that Libyan weapons were also smuggled to reach the Syrians.

    Egypt has been working diligently to destroy Israel using their border as the venue.


    • Arkindole says:

      The odds are also that Morsi attacks to perform a distraction for Egypt’s miserable failing economy under the Brotherhood. No different than the U.S. and Zero. Nothing like a good set of video fireballs to fire those heathens up.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Morsi has a few problems, one of the biggest is that the military is more than likely loath to do a frontal assault on Israel. Egypt rests on its 1978 laurels but Soviet planning and Israel underestimating Egypt and falling for some really sophomoric tactical deception is what gave Egypt the edge. Egypt is a;so going to have logistical sustainment problems, they will have to build, defend and effectively use LOCs and have the logistics trains to supply a combined arms force on the move. Oh yeah, they’ll also have to have air superiority to protect their LOCs. I’m also wondering how the military will feel reducing its presence in Cairo where they tend to balance the more radical elements of the current governmen. The Morsi government looks a lot like a Muslim Botherhood/military standoff – let’s see how much of its might, especially armor, the Egyptian brass will commit. There’s also the lack of a strong Syrian military on the Golan Heights, a counterbalance to Egypt’s military shortcomings. To move enough troops to attack Israel Assad would weaken his counterinsurgency capabilities and the Syrian rebels would benefit – Israel might even boost their capabilities by getting better weapons systems to them. The wildcard here is the Russians – will they intervene on the Egyptian and/or Syrian side and, if so, to what extent. There’s the possibility of ‘volunteers’ from other Moslem areas but getting them into a cohesive force capable of any meaningful action is doubtful without some lengthy training. Israel should be able to pull this off, they have the modern, well-trained and fresh fighting force skilled in combined arms operations. I think the wildcards here are Putin and the POtuS.the two biggest


        • Sharon says:

          Putin’s perceptions of Muslims/Islamists seems a little convoluted to me–because when they need to kill and control Muslims within their own borders they do it with great energy.

          However, in September 2003, he also said this, on the occasion of the Saudi crown prince’s visit to Moscow:

          “We view the Arab and Islamic world through the greater part of modern history in their being our closest partners and associates.”

          Then a month later in Malaysia, he addressed the Organization of the Islamic Conference, requested membership and Russia was granted observer status within the group.

          In January 2006, he invited the leadership of Hamas to Moscow for conversations that included offers of arms sales. In that context, he also indicated he did not see Hamas as a terrorist organization. If he has not changed his tune, he surely has no problem with Hamas activities today.

          Joel Rosenberg quotes him as saying that the Hamas electoral victory (2006) was

          “a big setback, an important setback for American efforts in the Middle East, a very serious setback,” using the wood setback three times and almost appearing to relish the development.

          (Drawing on Joel Rosenberg’s research in Epicenter, pp. 135-137)

          Re Putin and POTUS being wildcards: I’m thinking Putin is an opportunistic, long-range strategist; and POTUS is an evil opportunist with little understanding of military strategy–if actual lead is flying, who’s pulling POTUS’ strings? Or is he just being told to sit down and shut up and they’ll call him if they need a signature or something?


          • czarowniczy says:

            Situational ethics. Vlad Lenin in 1917: “Muslims of Russia…all you whose mosques and prayer houses have been destroyed, whose beliefs and customs have been trampled upon by the tsars and oppressors of Russia: your beliefs and practices, your national and cultural institutions are forever free and inviolate. Know that your rights, like those of all the peoples of Russia, are under the mighty protection of the revolution”. Yet the Communist state philosophy was officially atheism. Vlad knew that the Muslims were the majority on his thinly settled southern borders and he told them what they wanted to hear to lull them into a false sense of security. Between 1917 and the early 70s the number of mosques in ‘Muslim’ Russia declined by 98%. Putin is a practical Communist, he’ll say whatever he needs to. He knows that he needs as much Muslim cooperation as he can get to meet Russia’s strategic needs while knowing full well that the Muslims surrounding Russia are her biggest threats. Given the opportunity and the lack of need to schmooze them he’d find a way to use them as an alternative source of energy.


    • Sharon says:

      Obama will stand with the Muslims.

      No nation that Israel can count on comes to mind.


  2. akathesob says:

    Looks as if all Holy-Hell is about to rain down over in the Middle East…


  3. bob e says:

    morsi is about to find out what the other egyptian leaders learn when
    they screw israel.


  4. Mikado Cat says:

    Why is this going on, why now?

    Is this related to Obama winning the election?

    Is this Iron Dome practice/demonstration of effectiveness, and mobilization of IDF a prelude to hitting Iran?


    • Sharon says:

      I thought it perhaps their way of protecting themselves against the shelling. With perhaps some confirmation of expertise as a side benefit. I’ve always thought sovereign nations had the right to defend themselves.


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