Little Miss Leading – Ambassador’s Lying Reflects A Lying White House – The Media and White House Circle The Wagons….

*side note*  I don’t remember the CBC, the left, Democrats, or anyone else coming to defend Condi Rice in 2002 because she was black.  Nor do I remember the color of her skin ever being an issue in 2005 during her confirmation hearings…. do you?   I digress. 

As fully expected, the Benghazi Truth leads to new manipulated narratives.

The TRUTH  – The entire intelligence community knew that al-Qaeda operatives were the people who were behind the Benghazi attacks that killed Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Ty Woods.   The TRUTH – Susan Rice was specifically and intentionally told to go out on Television and sell a complete line of bullsh!t.   She knew it was a load of crap, and she did it anyway.

So to excuse her intentional lying the White House now shapes the narrative to say she lied, and they told her to lie, because they removed the al-Qaeda truth to protect National Security….   so the lie was excusable.   Or so they claim.   We saw this coming.

The water-carrying media is perfectly willing to sell this same story – and excuse under the same precepts.   But now there is a larger issue, President Obama wants his willing fibber to become the United States Secretary of State.

Now you see conversations about comparisons between Condi Rice and WMD with Susan Rice and al-Qaeda.   According to the logic Condi lied and yet she was confirmed, so Susan should be excused from lying and confirmed by the same folks.

Condoleeza Rice              –                 Susan Rice

Only it is not really that simple is it.   Condi Rice was not intentionally lying;  The intelligence community -at the time- fully corroborated what information Condolezza Rice was aware of, she was not making it up.

In contrast Susan Rice was not telling the intelligence information as it was presented;  It was changed by her, the White House, and the administration, and she knew it was changed – she WAS making it up.

Secondly, Condi Rice was engaged in the WMD discussion in 2002.   Her move to State Dept. was in 2005.   There was a full three years to vet, discuss, analyze and dissect the information.

Oh yeah,  and did I mention that no-one ever discussed the color of Condi Rice’s skin?

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11 Responses to Little Miss Leading – Ambassador’s Lying Reflects A Lying White House – The Media and White House Circle The Wagons….

  1. brocahontas says:

    Why is anyone still loyal to the Obama admin? Surely the ranks are starting to break apart?


    • cajunkelly says:

      Oh no, they’ll go down with the filthy prog ship.

      And you’d be hared pressed to find *one* obama voter who will ever speak against him, no matter what. Fully invested in their barackaclaus.


    • Tim says:

      From what I’m reading, liberals are completely convinced at this point that there is absolutely no scandal at all and this is just a Fox News / GOP invented scandal.


      • Sam says:

        I turned the 10 pm news on last night to get the weather report. I happened to see an NBC reporter ask Sen. Mark Udall (CO, D) “Since we know it was a protest about the video, what’s all the fuss about Petraeus’ testimony?” Udall held to the admin line – well, he would since he’s a Democrat – and gave a round about answer of no consequence. The talking points went out and are being strictly adhered to.


  2. akathesob says:

    “They” have lied so much and for so long at this point I doubt they could come up with the truth over anything at this point with all the players in the same room.


  3. Mikado Cat says:

    Good reading for a quick background on Susan Rice.

    Ultra liberal, but no lightweight on foreign policy, pushed hard for intervention in Libya with Kadafi. Pre election foreign policy adviser to Dukakis, Kerry, and Obama. Blamed by some for blocking a deal inside the Clinton administration in 1996 to have Sudan turn over Osama bin Laden. Read the whole thing, its worth the time, and left me with the impression there may be noise, but she gets confirmed. I think I would make the fight over Kerry, open up the whole swift boat story again.


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  7. Below is a form letter to help those who wish Pres. Obama to face trial for treason regarding Benghazi. Congressman McCain says it’s the right time for the people to make a lot of noise about this.

    I demand to see a Watergate style trial of President Barack Hussein Obama. The charge being treason, based upon his actions that lead to the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens, former Navy SEALs Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, and foreign service employee Sean Smith.

    I have been following the news about the Benghazi attack that killed these good men. I am outraged at the level of dereliction of duty, lying and outright hiding the truth of this matter, by President Obama, V.P. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, Susan Rice and all others involved in this. Knowing that these men could have and should have received help to save their lives, that they asked for, which was refused by our president is without conscience greatly angers me.

    We leave no man behind. We demand that those in our military who refused the order to “Stand Down” be exonerated of all charges relating to this. We further demand that they be thanked for what they tried to do for these men, to save their lives. We do not for one second, believe that the message from the C.I.A. regarding this incident was altered from that of it being a planned, coordinated terrorist attack, until that report left their hands. We believe this alteration to make it into a spontaneous attack caused by a Youtube video was done “after” it left the C.I.A.

    We therefore, demand that President Barack Hussein Obama be brought up on charges of treason and that he be tried in a Watergate style trial. We understand that Harry Reid has denied this request but we respectfully want to tell Harry Reid that “We the People of the United States of America” own this country and as an elected official it is his job to obey “us”, his employers. It is the duty of his office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all who would damage it, both foreign and domestic. Therefore if he refuses to allow this Watergate syle trial of President Barack Hussein Obama, on the charge of treason, then we the people will see to it that he is brought up on charges as well. There are already efforts underway to recall him from office in his home state. His refusal is seen as aiding and abetting suspected treason and as an officer of congress who swore an oath to serve and protect this nation, he is therefore in violation of said oath. He will either do his job or we will see that he is not only removed from office but brought up on charges as well. Thank you for your time. I look forward to a reply from you. (…your name here…)

    Click on the link below which will take you to the contact form.


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