Bottom Line Benghazi – Just Make Susan Rice The New Ambassador To Libya

Through the Chaff….

President Obama said he gave the order to “do whatever it takes to protect our people“.  Was he using the same definition of “our people” as Eric Holder?

Fair enough.   Who did Obama give that order to?   Where is the order?  What stopped them from being able to carry out that order?

The United States Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three other American ‘bumps in the road’ are dead.   They cried out for help when they were under attack.  President Obama wants to publicly defend Ambassador Rice – Where is that same level of defense, or outrage, for the flagged draped coffins?

I say, if the Security of Libya needs to be revisited, one way to insure that is to make U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice the new Ambassador to Libya.

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25 Responses to Bottom Line Benghazi – Just Make Susan Rice The New Ambassador To Libya

  1. myopiafree says:

    I agree – yes, send her there. But who will volunteer to protect her?


  2. marie says:

    Help me out here. I listened to every news report I could of Petraeus’ appearances in front of the Senate and House Intel committees today. I listened to Democrat legislators who were there and to Repub ones, particularly Congressman King of NY.

    In not one case did the interviewer (mostly Fox people) or those interviewed even broach the subject of if the CIA knew that the men we lost (and those with them who survived) had called for help. And since that wasn’t broached, the wider question of whether Petraeus was aware of ANY “go” order from the POTUS wasn’t mentioned.

    Why not?????????????? Wouldn’t that have been a prime question of the former Director?


    • Because the White House effectively turned the narrative away from the actual events and into a defensive politicization about the lies surrounding the “story” of events.

      Apparently it is irrelevent that an Ambassador was killed, three Americans begged for help and were ignored, and numerous people knew of an impending attack yet no-one did anything about it.

      Mission accomplished.

      Oh yeah, and, FYI…. The U.N. Ambassador is black…. 😦


    • yankeeintx says:

      It was a closed door hearing. What is filtered out is just only what they feel they can share with the rest of us Americans, for our own safety. They wouldn’t want the truth to slip out accidently and endanger us all.


  3. menostupid says:

    I agree. Good question myopia… Gotta say that picture of her above makes me wanna gag. She’s got game… ha!


  4. menostupid says:

    Went to the YouTube video posted in this article on Holders people & after watching saw a recommended video of Issa throwing holder down at a F&F hearing. Whew that Issa sure is fiesty eh? Love it!


  5. jordan2222 says:

    I want to know who was in the situation room during the attack. I want to see the video of what they saw. Why is no one demanding that it be released? That includes Fox.

    Sometimes the most obvious clues to solving a puzzle are not so obvious.

    Funny how we saw all of the players in the situation room during the murder of Bin Laden. Humm..

    Insofar as Susan Rice, I disagree about making her the ambassador.. Doncha think she would make a great Libyan spy? Maybe even a double agent.

    She might also excel in making talking points for all factions.


    • strat4evr says:

      I completely agree Jordan2222. Knowing who was in the situation room at the time of the attack AND a video of what they were seeing would be very telling. Of course I doubt we will ever know who was there or see a video as we did during the attack on Bin Laden even though I can see no reason to claim showing such would be any threat to national security other than exposing the weakness and ineptitude of the present administration. That is the real threat to our national security.


    • thefirstab says:

      Why even bother with appointing (or anointing) another gov’t official? It’s just been shown that whoever is in the SS role is just a mouthpiece for predetermined talking points. The admin. can move “forward” in this small step of leading the way for us all to do more, with less *sarc*.
      Oh…. forgot about that plausible deniability thing. maybe next SS will receive the adult-size outfit shown in the other thread.


  6. NiceRN says:

    The way Obama got all hot under the collar and came to the defense of Susan Rice, makes me wonder she is working on a book about Obama . . . if you know what I mean.


  7. Sharon says:

    We are no longer a representative Republic and our “checks and balances” are no longer checking or balancing. Anything that might come out of hearings suggesting that they have hit “pay dirt” will just be an illusion. Good grief, with all of the public violence His Royal Highness has done to our nation and our Constitution–they’ve done NOTHING!! –so there really is no reason, at ALL, to think that they’re going to respond to anything they find out.

    They’re ok with it. If they were not, they would have stopped him. Sorry. It is just that simple–because they have the authority and the responsibility to not let POTUSes run amok. As a group, they are ok with what he’s doing. It’s been four years of anti-American viciousness from him, from a position of power, and they haven’t made a dent.


    • Ray says:

      It’s OK. The big 0 and CONgress are helping us get ‘free’ stuff. Live for today, so on and so forth…..let the kids pick up the mess. We are so FUBAR.


  8. I still think the descendants of Fat Man and Little Boy would solve most of the problems in the Middle East, then play Cowboys & Moslems in the U.S.
    This crap has gone on long enough.

    Placating Mohammadians will only buy you a ticket to Hell. 👿
    And this joint is already overcrowded. 😮


    • WeeWeed says:

      I’m with ya’s, FDR. I like heat, and I don’t like musloids – I’ll take the instant cremation and elimination of vermin for $200.00, Frankie.


  9. John Scotus says:

    This sounds like an excellent idea. Except of course, since she is an Obama crony, she would no doubt get much better protection than the previous ambassador did.


  10. Mikado Cat says:

    Stevens was 100% Obama’s man on Libya, doing the mission Obama wanted him to since before the fall of Kadafi.


  11. triage says:

    I’m somewhat off topic but this still relates to this administration being untouchable because of race. I believe that there was massive voter fraud this election and that the polls and people( Dick Morris, George Will, Peggy Noonan etc.) where not that wrong in predicting a Romney victory. We saw just the tip of the iceberg of the fraud but without media coverage it will go away.
    When I saw the first returns from Penn. early in the evening showing Obama ahead 70% to 30% my heart sank. Those results were impossible and I knew it was over. How can we have voting centers with Obama’s image covering one whole wall. How can it be ok for a man handing out ballots to be wearing an Obama hat. How can we have Republican court sanctioned poll watcher physically removed from voting stations. What happened while no one was watching. Florida opened tens of thousand of absentee ballots behind closed doors.
    Some voting centers in this country have no quality control and are “no go” centers for anyone sanctioned to oversee them. Yet we stand by and do nothing. Romney won every state that had voter ID laws in place. What does that tell you.
    Democrats won this race starting when Eric Holder refused to prosecute the black panthers for voter fraud. They could not allow any voter fraud case to stand since voter fraud was going to be one of their man strategies for reelection. When they challlanged the states voter ID law they knew they could not win unless they got them overturned and they succeeded in almost every swing state. I wish people like Shaun Hannity would quit fawning over how great the Democrates ground game was and seriously address this issue or we are sunk. No one will touch it because of the predominant race of the areas involved. If we don’t seriously challanged this lawlessness it will solidify and we are sunk.
    This voter fraud has been very effective for the Democrats as it has gotten into our heads and is making us second guess our values but it is not real. We don’t need to retool if we did not loose by the margin they are saying. It sickens me to see all the conservative caving in and loosing their focus. This fraud was a vicious body blow and it was done to destroy us and get us fighting each other. This pandering that I see (Bobby Jindal) is so unbecoming and will harvest no good will with the democrats( George Bush was loved in Africa because of the money he gave to fight AIDS but remained despised by the black community here).
    Stopping this fraud is the only hope we have. We have misdiagnosed the reason for losing this election so now everything that follows will be ineffective. We are chasing our tail. It is a horrible feeling to think Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and all the rest of us on the conservative side wasted all those countless hours campaigning when the fix was in. We had no chance. Now i know why Stephanie Cutter was so confident when she told democrates to stay calm on election night and that they had the votes. Now I know why Obama smiled and went and played basketball. We have to crack this institutionalized voter fraud or we are done,
    Please stand up and protest on any level you can. I for one refused to accept what I am being told is the reason we lost the election. Our country has not changed as much as they are telling us. I still believe the majority of the people in this country want the rule of law enforced, privite property rights respected, and a secure border. We are already the most compassionate and caring people on the face of the earth and don’t let them tell you otherwise. This voter fraud is a dirty, nasty business but it is really happening and can’t be ignored. Look at it even if its ugly and you would rather not. Remember… “The truth doesn’t always come dressed for dinnner.”


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  13. obsidian53 says:

    I bet the number of eligible voters who vote will fall dramatically next election.


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