James “Racist” Clyburn (Dem-SC) Playing Race Card To Protect/Defend Susan Rice

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) :  “They are attacking this young African-American woman…”

According to Clyburn, it’s not that she’s incompetent, irrelevent, ineffective, small-minded, incapable, unfit, inefficient, inadequate, unqualified and a lousy representative example of The United States.   According to Clyburn – It’s not that she exhibits historical patterns of dysfunctional administrative behavior….

No, it’s because she’s black that Republicans are going after her.

Well let me be perfectly clear  –And feel free to use all of our prior presentations about Susan Rice to attempt any deconstruction of our reasoning–  Susan Rice is the most insufferably incompetent person EVER to fill the role of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.   PERIOD.


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29 Responses to James “Racist” Clyburn (Dem-SC) Playing Race Card To Protect/Defend Susan Rice

  1. 22tula says:

    I think Susan Rice can take care of herself.

    Hmmm Where did I hear this before?


    • Gino Lepere says:

      Chris Mathews, eludes to the fact that Susan Rice is not a career politician and fundamentally makes the charge that Susan Rice is not capable of speaking for the White House.Whereas, that is the case one must ask why is she representing the American public in the United Nations as their spokesperson and why is she being dispatched around the globe to speak on behalf of the American people?Furthermore, in eluding to the fact that she is not qualified and with that one must conclude she is incompetent why would the White House continue to elude and/or suggest that Susan Rice is capable of becoming Secretary of State?
      We next must look at the initiative of the interview which was to subordinate Susan Rice’s statements and propagate once more racial bias.Of course, that which is most disturbing is the reference to her being an African American, black woman which is a false narrative as she is an American citizen of Iranian decent. Of course, we can conclude that the color of skin in this case accomplishes the false narrative.However, let us make a comparison Condoleezza Rice’s during her tenure as Secretary of State and/or presently has never been victimized in propagating racial bias.We know that Condoleezza Rice is an accomplished, articulate, highly intelligent,conservative, African American black woman that contrary to the liberal lefts objectives cannot be utilized to criticize women’s rights and/or utilized to propagate racial bias.Thus, it becomes more obvious that the media picks and chooses women that are willing participants in creating narratives that are blatantly false.
      With respect to Benghazi, as any good lawyer would tell you in order to mitigate any damage that you can cause speak less.Thus, would this idea hold equally true in dispatching Susan Rice whom as Chris Mathews has stated is not a career politician?Alternatively, in dispatching Susan Rice was the intended objective to place before the American public a spokesperson whom was not qualified as opposed to dispatching someone who was fully conversant with all facts?Would not this maneuver also protect and shield President Obama from having to speak to the issue.Then again what career politician would place themselves in harms way with the potential of destroying their reputation in propagating the false narratives of the White House? Obviously there was a consorted effort to present a false narrative and now we can also question was Susan Rice conversant with all facts prior to making her statements? Furthermore, if she was to be utilized in this deplorable manner and knowingly promoted the false narratives the question becomes what was she promised?


  2. Coast says:

    SD, well said. I heard this audio clip on the radio during my drive home from work…how sick are these people!!


    • ftsk420 says:

      People can call me racist all they want but anytime a black person is caught in a lie they pull the race card. Enough is enough it’s not about color time to stop crying about it.


      • obsidian53 says:

        One of the Dancing with the stars contestants a few years back pulled the race card when she was voted off. Told the judges she thought they were racist who hated black people.
        I laughed till I cried!


    • Coast, I didn’t even know Rice was black – I only knew her to be insufferably incompetent….. I’m sick of these race-baiting idiots accepting failure based on skin color.


  3. ftsk420 says:

    So now everything is gonna become about race. SDC is correct it’s not the color of ya skin it’s the lack of working brain cells.


  4. James F says:

    Leave that poor little black* girl alone!

    Born Susan Elizbeth Rice in Washington, D.C., on November 17, 1964, to parents Lois Dickson Fitt and Emmett J. Rice. Rice’s family is well renowned among the Washington elite; father, Emmett, is a Cornell University economics professor and former governor of the Federal Reserve System, while mother Lois is an education policy researcher and guest scholar at the Brookings Institution.

    *black AND white


  5. retire05 says:

    There must be a problem with my search engine. I have searched, and searched and searched for statements from James Clyburn on the horrible things his party said about another young, black woman, Condoleeza Rice. I also searched for Cyburn’s statement of disapproval when Condi Rice was portrayed in a cartoon (by a far left winger) as Prissy, the idiot slave in Gone With the Wind.

    Imagine my shock when I couldn’t find anything. Guess some of the search sites are down for maintainence. Yeah, that has to be the problem. Surely Clyburn would not just sit idly by as Condi Rice was smeared and insulted, right?


  6. retire2005 says:

    There must be something wrong with my search engine. I have searched, and searched and searched for James Clyburn’s statements on the hateful and vile things said about Rice. Condi Rice, that is. I also searched for Clyburn’s statements on a left wing cartoonist portraying Condi Rice as Prissy, the idiot slave from Gone With The Wind. Nothing.

    Gee, those search engines must be down for some sort of maintainence. Surely that is the reason I can’t find anything from Clyburn defending Condi Rice. Right?


  7. triage says:

    I can’t decide who’s the bigger moron Mathews or Clyburn. They want it to be 1960 so bad. Chris thinks he Aticus. Times have changed and many black people are doing quite well… when can I quit feeling sorry for Will Smiths kids?


  8. Sharon says:

    I always feel kind of stupid when I’m about 4 months into some stupid situation like this and then I find out I’ve been a racist again. Hadn’t even occurred to me to wonder about her “race….” She could be Italian all I know–or a Dane who fell asleep in the sun one time too often.

    Once again, that black man, Cummings, proves that everything is about race to him. Maybe Bill Clinton really was the first black president…I never thought his blackness was the problem when he was fornicating and lying and risking our nation’s security, but I guess it had to be. Maybe he’s like Liawatha, and has his blackness so sublimated that we just haven’t connected the dots yet? Dunno.

    The Perpetually Aggrieved Blacks Who Refuse To Be Held Accountable for Anything have about worn me out.


  9. akathesob says:

    Send them ALL back home to run crazy in the wilds of Africa with the rest of their freeloading kind. I never owned a human in my life and I owe NO ONE a damn thing. I am however tired of their crying “you owe us” bullsheet day in and day out.


  10. stellap says:

    ‘Go after’ Obama’s Ambassador in DC and you’ve got a problem. Kill one in Benghazi, and you don’t.



  11. marie says:

    That is what Clyburn implies by pointing out Rice is black and a woman, but surely you understand that is not what He believes.

    What he believes and KNOWS, on the other hand, is that sending out signals to American blacks, and American progressive, and American non-black minorities, (yes, in THAT order, with the first two groups the key) is a winning formula. He just sent out smoke signals for his groups to circle the wagons.

    I have two otherwise sensible black friends, well-educated, both extraordinarily religious, who finally admitted that Barack Obama’s politics are just too liberal for them, but when asked why they ALWAYS support him and why they voted again for him, in the words of one, “By damn, I wasn’t going to let people criticize him and disrespect him the way they did because they’d never do that to a white President.”

    The other one told me, “The day after he was re-elected and I went to the gym, people looked at me different, and you know, other black folk have told me they experienced the same thing.”

    I told both of them they saw what they wanted to see and that they needed to get over their self-loathing.

    Clyburn’s been around politics long enough to know the tribe’s going to support what he says,either out of tribal loyalty or a persecution complex or both, and Barack Obama learned in Chicago the same thing.

    This is what stung both of my “friends” and I am glad I said it because it’s the truth: “I have lost my respect for you.”

    The look on their faces revealed they understood that any perceived “respect” they had gained through supporting a man whose policies and values they detest soon lcauses the loss of respect from those once close to them.


  12. cajunkelly says:

    I think I’m gonna retrace my heritage…*surely* somewhere back, wayyyy back, there must be “one drop” somewhere.

    If so, by golly, I’ll have it MADE!


  13. jordan2222 says:

    The tragedy is that white folks allow this crap to continue. At s some point, if we don’t take action, they will destroy our way of life and, may God forbid, rule over us.

    I am as sick of our bitching as I am of them winning every damn fight. Fred Reed has some great ideas but sadly, he is not well known and other guys like Thomas Sewell are rarely heard publicly either.

    Maybe someone here has some realistic solutions. I would sure love to read about something that we can do if it makes sense.

    Clyburn’s district includes Florence, Sumter and large portions of Columbia and Charleston.

    Tim Scott represents Charleston and surrounding areas.

    I was raised and educated in SC, born in Florence and grew up in the Charleston area and went to the University of SC in Columbia so I am familiar with all of these areas represented by both of them. I can tell you that all of these people are very much alike which makes the difference between Clyburn and Tim Scott astonishing.

    My entire family has great respect for Tim Scott and if you read his bio, you will understand why.


  14. Mikado Cat says:

    Kerry is an even worse choice than Rice, so what has race got to do with it?


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