Giddy Up…… Petraeus Agrees to Testify Friday to Both House and Senate Committees..


Perfect.   This announcement comes just moments before President Obama is expected to hold a press conference (around 1pm) about his Term Two agenda and possible questions about Benghazi.

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20 Responses to Giddy Up…… Petraeus Agrees to Testify Friday to Both House and Senate Committees..

  1. You’d best pray the General isn’t “Vince Fostered.”

    (Don’t let Lucifer know I advocated prayer, or I’m toast. Wait…)


  2. 2bvictorius says:

    I would bet he will not give “sworn “testimony, but allowed to answer questions without being subject to future charges of perjury. In other words it will be pablum for the masses, nothing more than a photo-op for the congress and the administration.


  3. apachetears says:

    His testimony will be subject to debate and will be in the Obama administrations favor.
    He will no doubt take total blame and exonerate the POTUS.


  4. Damn, is anyone watching FOX…. Lindsey Graham is on fire at the presser with McCain and Ayotte. Graham is skewering the media, and deconstructing the Benghazi White House narrative…. He totally destroyed the Susan Rice Ambassador schtick…

    The media keeps bleating the same message…. why do you guys want to investigate? why do you guys want to hurt our president? why are you guys hunting for trouble?…. it’s insane.


  5. popeyes spinach brand says:

    It was naive to think that Obama followers and dirtbag sponsors would let him lose this election.

    They knew he was going down given the high participation rate in Romney’s rallies and vice versa for Obama. 63% of Americans disliked Obamacare but the same number believed he would still win the election because of cheating at everything and getting away with it. This does not mean he will not get caught one day. By the same token, we can’t stand back waiting for the political “authorities” to do something. The only way to fight fire is with fire. If the election gets away on cheating and law breaking, then we have to break with the system that allowed this cheating. It’s broke. Congress is broke. 2012 will find ourselves with election fraud again and House of Rep emasculated further with reversal of party lines.

    Americans have a voice in numbers. That is our only power. Nothing instituted by this corrupt administration “for the good of the people” will ever be good for the people. It will be good for politicians, unions and government workers, period.

    We can withhold taxes in numbers in protest. If Obama raises taxes, refuse to pay. To do this, the GOP governors and state representatives must get involved. The military is in shambles due to Obama. He wants a civilian militia to rule domestically not internationally. He is our enemy. And the enemy to him are Americans. It’s a civil war in reverse. He wants the land of America for his use. This is unacceptable by any measure in any country.

    Romney stepped down because he knows he cannot lead 47% of people who simply don’t want to work and are interested in thievery of hardworking people’s salary. If the military is in shambles, perfect. Tax payer money from the states to feds should be withheld in trust or something and the new union build their own “federal” funds. We have plenty of leaders from Navy Seals. Playing the game by corrupt Democrat rules, we keep losing.

    Nov. 6 and Benghazi was a big loss, and with a new 4 years Obama stating he will raise taxes even higher than heard before, we need to enact our own game. If Benghazi and the election escapes us, a new union will arise. All the conservative states are contiguous which is an advantage. It will take tremendous organizing under the UNDERSTANDING that we no longer have faith in a CORRUPTED GOVERNMENT SEEKING TO RAISE TAXES WILLY NILLY AND HIDE ILLICIT OPERATIONS LIKE F&F AND BENGHAZI.

    Something to start thinking about.


  6. marie says:

    I just watched McCain, Graham, and Ayotte’s presser calling for a special commission to investigate Benghazi rather than having the House, the Senate, and Intelligence committee do the work separately. I think their idea is a great one and that they were effective in their presentation. Of course, I watched this on Fox. Who knows if any other news outlet will give their idea the weight it deserves.
    They are adamant about preventing Rice from becoming Sect. of State, and I can’t blame them.

    BTW, is she an “out” lesbian? Or lesbian at all? Anyone know? Ever catch the way she walks? Like a manly dude. Just wondering since Mr. Obama always makes sure he takes one from this group, one from that group, one from this group, one from that group to satisfy his special interest constituencies.


    • I watched the same presser – Graham was excellent. No, no other network carried it (I checked) *correction* Apparently CNN carried the first part (I didn’t check til Graham was throwing down).

      I just wrote a post outlining what I believe to be the best part from Graham which deconstructed the CIA narrative, but I’m not sure everyone caught it.


  7. marie says:

    I have a hard time believing Petraeus’ testimony in closed session will be anything more than “we had a CIA operation going on”–he’ll deny the holding of prisoners–“and we had to have a cover story that protected our people still in the field.”

    That won’t sit well with Dianne Feinstein, since she has said many times that her committee doesn’t leak and that there’s no excuse not to inform them, but I think in this way Petraeus will protect the admin and himself. There’ll be blowback, the “I’m upset about it, ” by Feinstein, but that’ll be it.


  8. margegunderson says:

    Barry decides who to call on at the presser. LMAO.


  9. Annie says:

    Better that you hold those horses. There isn’t going to be any giddy upping. Take yourself back to the Clinton Administration: Whitewater, Rose Law firm, Vince Foster found dead in a park, Sandy Berger with documents sufffed down his drawers, Janet Reno returning Elian Gonzolez back to Communist Cuba with the help of Eric Holder. Now fast forward to Eric Holder lying under oath regarding Fast and Furious, no shame no resignation just ignored and some scapegoat resigned. We had a Chief Justice somehow scared out of his robe and wrote a decision that confounded everyone and now we have 4 Americans dead, intentionally muddled by a sex scandal and a general that possibly may take the blame himself because of his poor judgment and not much will be told that has not already been said. The end. Move on. Thank you MSM.


    • I’m not so sure this is going to go away easily…check out Lisa Benson’s ‘toon…


    • jello333 says:

      Yes. The Club and its members shall be protected. Obama is a part of that Club, as is any president. As are pretty much ALL top pols from both parties. And there are, of course, others in that Club who have never been elected to anything. I mean look, we didn’t even have any meaningful investigations into how we got into the Iraq war. Nothing happening now comes even close to the damage that caused, and so I don’t know why we should expect anything serious to be done now. I’d LOVE to see Obama and others be investigated into what happened in Benghazi, but based on what we’ve seen in the past, I’ll be shocked if that happens.


  10. Mikado Cat says:

    I wonder how the Clintons are taking Hillary getting the boot?


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