It’s RFID Transmission – Paired With GPS Tracking – That Creates “The Problem”

Here is a video we shared last year.   The issue is far beyond financial security.  But start there for digestion….   Watch first:

Yeah, it’s beyond easy to capture someones Credit Card data, as this video outlines. But that is really not the aspect y’all should worry about.

The systems of data retrieval are now embedded in way, way, more processes than financial payments. Each time you go through a security monitoring station – the data of “YOU” is recorded.

Where are you tracked?

Any metal detector or security checkpoint. (*remember the new version detectors are not constructed as big walk-through, they are built-in systems to door frames – invisible to the naked eye)

Any Car operating a GPS system. (the data transmissions are internal to your hand-held, or fixed model GPS) powered by the batteries in your vehicle.

Any *Smart Phone* with internet capability. (The data transmissions from your “))))” card are carried through the transmission of your cellular phone) Powered by the battery in your phone.

Any time you pass through a Toll Station. (The data transmission from your card(s) are boosted into the radio transmission “the Transponder” and broadcast to the data retrieval system within the Toll platform)

Anything electronic you purchase from the internet (over $600 in retail value), the registration is embedded within the manufacturers serial number. In essence your TV can beacon the ownership.

Any time you check in to a hotel, the slave capability you just witnessed within this video is used to transfer the same tracing embeds into the code key.

SUMMARY – In essence anything you do, anywhere you go, you are transmitting a signal that *can be* retrieved when, and if, needed.

The pre-911  process was called “active” in that it used to require active engagement – it no longer does.

Now, because of the combination of the Patriot Act and newer technologies the current tracking process is passive.

It does not contain an “opt out” function because there is no real way to opt out of the entire social platform.

This may not bother anyone – but as you look at media reports about “people” and what they knew, when they knew it, etc… etc…  keep this stuff in mind.

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6 Responses to It’s RFID Transmission – Paired With GPS Tracking – That Creates “The Problem”

  1. Sharon says:

    SD, you’ve got mail.


  2. michellc says:

    And they’ve made it impossible to avoid this world as far as the credit/debit card goes.

    I’m old school and don’t have a smart phone and I keep an older vehicle that doesn’t have GPS for this same reason.

    Haven’t figured out yet though how to live without a card as you can’t find a hotel anymore that doesn’t require a card, you can’t rent a car without a card and few businesses take checks anymore and those that do are electronic.

    The terrorists accomplished what they wanted though, 911 pretty much made most people willing to give up their constitutional rights with barely a whimper.


  3. marie says:

    Gotta interrupt : FBI is at Broadwell’s house, has been for an hour, snapping photos and all, newsmen at the scene


  4. Sentenza says:

    If you want to get rid of an electronic chip in anything, you can nuke it in the microwave.


  5. Mikado Cat says:

    Tin foil, its not just for hats anymore. Wrap a credit card or use a metal card holder and the signal is blocked.

    Eventually everybody will have something, and anybody without will be an automatic blip for enhanced scrutiny by security.

    I am not unconcerned, but not afraid of technology and identification. Plenty of systems I work with are adept at managing information anonymously and controlling access to what should be private information.


  6. cajunkelly says:

    DH refuses to buy a vehicle with a black box. The time will come that some of us will never own a new vehicle because of the black box issue and older vehicles will be more valuable to what the filthy progs call radicals.

    Every time I see that commercial by Progressive (*SPIT*) Insurance I think about what fools customers are for using that little plug in device. Of course it comes with a promise of *lower* rates. People are SO STUPID! Sell out your privacy for a few measly dollars a month? IDIOTS.

    In exchange for a few less dollars a month that insurance company knows your driving patterns and habits. I don’t *care* if you feel you have nothing to hide. Why would you give up that privacy?????


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