Benghazi – The President, The Secretary, The Director(s), The “Advisors”……

Sorry it’s quiet…..  I’m digging through thousands of pages of prior research, trying to find the most digestible way to pull it all together in advance of the upcoming hearings surrounding The Benghazi Massacre.  Not an easy task.   All the info is there, but the volume is such that sorting the “most important” bits is still a massive pile.

Here is some preliminary, and necessary reading if you want to join the Understanding.   Review these in the order presented here (make sure to watch videos too):

First – Know the spirit and intention of Obama’s Middle East objectives by knowing the words and thoughts of the person(s) influencing the steps.   CLICK HERE

SecondPerhaps the most important review – – Knowing NOW (Benghazi, the rebels, the CIA, State Dept etc ) what you did not know then, re-read this information from March 2011 – CLICK HERE

Third –  You gotta know what they were doing, and not doing, when the fuse of this insanity was lit.  CLICK HERE.

Fourth – Understand the psyche of how they view their outlook and objectives.   They see themselves as wildly successful; and when you understand the “actual intent” they are indeed successful.   To Understand – You must drop your internal definitions of “What America Stands For”…  CLICK HERE

This forms the basis for what will follow in the next couple of days….. 

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25 Responses to Benghazi – The President, The Secretary, The Director(s), The “Advisors”……

  1. Sharon says:

    The picture is perfect (the mushroom cloud)….guess it wasn’t Barry Goldwater we had to worry about after all.


  2. BigMamaTEA says:

    O/T but related: & Subject: EVIDENCE OF FRAUD HUGE IN FLORIDA! Check this out :
    001 Lakewood Pk Vil Hall – County
    006 Orange Blossom Business Center
    007 Havert L. Fenn Ctr – City of FP D2
    008 Midway Rd Church of Christ
    009 National SEAL Museum – County
    010 River Walk Center – City of FP D2
    011 Walton Rd Baptist Church
    012 Ft. Pierce Masonic Lodge
    013 Havert L Fenn Center
    014 Mirc Pray Temp Inc.
    015 Holiday Out Rec Hall – County
    016 Chap by the Sea
    017 St. Paul A.M.E Ch – City of FP D1
    018 Lincoln Park Rec Ctr – City of FP D1
    019 Havert L. Fenn Ctr – City of FP D1
    020 Spanish Lakes River Front – County
    021 Spanish Lakes – County
    022 PSL Council on Aging
    023 St. Andrews Luthern Church – City of PSL
    024 Mirc Pray Temp Inc. – County
    025 Days Inn
    026 PSL Community Center – City of PSL
    028 Orange Blossom Business Center – County
    029 Orange Ave Baptist Church – County
    031 Spanish Lakes Fairways – County
    033 Gold Pond Rec Ctr – County
    035 FUMC Outreach Ctr – City of PSL
    036 First Presb CH – City of PSL
    037 Parks Edge POA Inc. – City of PSL
    038 Spanish Lakes Golf Village – City of PSL
    039 Spanish Lakes CC – County
    040 Church of God
    041 Knights of Columbus – City of PSL
    042 First Cong Church
    043 The Island Club at PGA
    045 PSL Christ Church – City of PSL
    046 SL Presb – City of PSL
    047 Windmill Pt Club – City of PSL
    049 Sons of Italy – City of PSL
    050 Robert E Minski Gym – City of PSL
    051 Disabled American Veterans Hall – City of PSL
    052 Lakewood Pk UTD Meth
    053 PSL Police Ath Leag
    056 FUMC Outreach Center – County
    060 SL School
    063 SL School
    065 Harb Ridg Clubhouse – County
    066 Fire Station 13 – City of PSL
    067 Grace Luthern Church – City of PSL SD1
    068 The Lighthouse Chap – City of PSL
    071 Treasure Coast Baptist Church – City of PSL
    073 Harbour Place
    074 Savanna Club – County
    075 St. Andrews Luth Chr – City of PSL
    082 Riv Pl on the SL
    083 Faith Cong Church – City of PSL
    084 Robert E Minsky Gym – City of PSL
    Reg. Voters Cards Cast %
    4815 6550 136.03%
    1849 2352 127.20%
    1996 2566 128.56%
    2694 3929 145.84%
    2756 4378 158.85%
    590 719 121.86%
    2000 2804 140.20%
    4460 6215 139.35%
    2871 3663 127.59%
    2948 4081 138.43%
    3665 5609 153.04%
    3181 4670 146.81%
    3202 4119 128.64%
    1835 2219 120.93%
    2556 2909 113.81%
    1024 1443 140.92%
    2737 3631 132.66%
    3840 5395 140.49%
    3447 4475 129.82%
    1832 2513 137.17%
    3555 4847 136.34%
    4122 5557 134.81%
    1796 2568 142.98%
    561 785 139.93%
    1704 2748 161.27%
    379 557 146.97%
    1757 2313 131.64%
    1720 2301 133.78%
    4290 5542 129.18%
    1396 1908 136.68%
    1793 2612 145.68%
    1871 2170 115.98%
    3875 5536 142.86%
    4701 7409 157.60%
    2653 4406 166.08%
    2450 3511 143.31%
    3340 4501 134.76%
    3020 4132 136.82%
    4269 6121 143.38%
    6328 8644 136.60%
    3488 4697 134.66%
    1916 2650 138.31%
    3651 4815 131.88%
    2838 3825 134.78%
    528 788 149.24%
    154 107 69.48%
    850 1550 182.35%
    1162 1793 154.30%
    2690 4158 154.57%
    3358 4684 139.49%
    5067 6840 134.99%
    5601 7395 132.03%
    2378 3947 165.98%
    2030 2856 140.69


    • I know people want to cling to these examples as evidence. But in actuality the ballot count VS registered voter rolls is a flawed metric. Sorry 😦

      The # of ballots per voter is not static

      With a multiple ballot (pages) election some people will not complete them all, and others will complete it in full. The system that tracks the ballots considers “each page” a ballot. If there are two pages the recording system measures that as two ballots, it’s not.


  3. ctdar says:

    Just saw Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer interview on Huckabee…Wow does his story of valor that earned him the Medal of Honor sound exactly like the Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.
    Meyer defied orders to stand down as he said “Strongest order of the brotherhood is never leave a man behind”


    • Josh says:

      Gee, a beer with THIS president. What an honor – NOT! Poor guy (Meyer) probably had to [force himself to] share a brew with the idiot that cares not one iota about all military personnel.


      • ctdar says:

        Yeah i’m sure the beer was sprung on him the last moment and purely just a photo op for Obama…look at the body language. My point of comparison to the Seals that they have been trashed in media for disobeying orders while Meyers did the same thing yet is given Medal of Honor. Doherty & Woods should be given the Medal posthumously for their undeniable selfless efforts.


  4. BertDilbert says:

    As you are digging, i keep going back to the rescue of the consulate where approx 30 people were rescued according to the sources. But the consulate was only a large residence with a guest house on the property, not a military barracks. They called the guest house the cafeteria. It was late and no reason 30 people were there. I am starting to wonder if the whole rescue thing was a made up diversion to make good story. I keep going back to the hero story of Jessica Lynch during the Iraq war.that turned out to be totally manufactured. Since 30 people rescued is not plausible, stuff is being made up regarding the rescue.


  5. BigMamaTEA says:

    Remember This: “Abu Sufian bin Qumu”, led the attack in Benghazi on the U.S. Consulate building on 9/11.

    “Abu Sufian bin Qumu” was captured and detained at Gitmo, but was later released to Libya in 2007. So, I naturally started digging to find out why he was released and found that the, Radical left-wing law firm “Center for Constitutional Rights” and “Covington and Burling”, represented him under pressure from a handful of U.S. Senators. The leader of that Law firm in 2007 was none other than Eric Holder, himself and the name of the main Senator that help lead the way was Senator Barack Obama.”


    • thefirstab says:

      Holy C***
      This is huge, IMO. This sounds like some connect-the-dot glue. Good work!
      Also sounds like something the general public needs to hear. I don’t care if it’s coincidence or not, and it most likely is not.


  6. waltherppk says:

    All In – A Soldiers guide to mil-spec fornication? The lamestream media ordinarily should be expected to be having a field day with this prurient opportunity scandal…..promising a nude photo spread from penthouse or something similar as the media try to make a bimbogate scandal out of this incident as a lame smokescreen to obscure Benghazi ….but the media are eerily quiet huh.
    Nothing to see here ….these are not the droids you are looking for …move along. Reminds me of that “Bewitched” video by Bill Whitte.


  7. ctdar says:

    What a hypocritcal pos Powell is…from October 25, a month and a half after Ambassador Stevens and the others were murdered as a result by Obama gun running in Libya…..nope no war here.

    “….. Mr. Powell also said he preferred Mr. Obama on foreign policy.
    “I also saw the president get us out of one war; start to get us out of a second war; and did not get us into any new wars,” Mr. Powell said. He said that Mr. Romney’s views on foreign policy keep changing.
    “It’s a moving target,” Mr. Powell said. “Sometimes I don’t sense that he has thought through these issues as thoroughly as he should have.”


    • marie says:

      I started hating the guy way back when he tried to slither out of any responsibility for going in to Iraq, and even more when he endorsed Obama, a man who knew nothing about anything. I call him a racist. That’s what he is. He chose the man because of his race; in fact, he admitted that when he endorsed him, saying, “One reason is that his candidacy is historic and transformative.” Oh, yeah, “transformative’ in that simply being black would mean he’d be a good POTUS?????? Or “transformative” simply because Barack said he was “transformative” the damn narcissist.

      If Powell had doubts about McCain as Commander-in-Chief (and there were many on Capital Hill who were not at all comfortable with McCain’s “temperament”, then fine, he should have refused to endorse either candidate and remained neutral. He didn’t have the damn courage to do that.

      Then, after seeing how bad this guy has been, this “moderate Republican” as he always called himself, again endorsed the LEFTIE and dissed the white guy with the moderate Republican resume. Racist pig.


      • Ad rem says:

        He was a rat for letting Scooter Libby take the fall for something Powell’s Deputy, Richard Armitage, first told Robert Novac….”Plamegate”


        • ctdar says:

          Powell, Obama, Axelrod, Jarrett, Clinton and the others are all birds of a feather.


        • Sam says:

          Yep, Powell’s a rat all right. He and Armitage knew what happened and kept quiet to give Fitzpatrick enough room to get Dick Cheney’s chief of staff Scooter Libby. They wanted LIbby out and they wanted to get back at Cheney for policy disagreements.


        • I second, third, fourth and eleventy fifth, all these comments about Powell.

          I used to really, admire that guy….. about 10 years ago. But when he spent 4 days in briefings, took 3 more days at the CIA, told George W Bush his opinion, formulated his own independent opinion and stood at the United Nations and delivered the message of why we were going to act in Iraq,….. then subsequently a year later THROW Bush, Cheney, Condi Rice et al under the bus just because it was difficult – I viewed him as the swarmy political backstabbing rat bastard that he was.

          Now when I see or hear him, it creeps me out…..


          • Ad rem says:

            Exactly…..what kind of soldier would willingly undermine his Comander in Chief merely to assuage his own huge ego? He threw the country into an uproar, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, and ruined the career of a perfectly innocent man…a man with a wife and 2 young children. The man’s an exemplar of moral cowardice….a monument to conniving ambition.


  8. marie says:

    Oh, boy. I often watch Fox, but rarely watch the Judge Jeannie show that follows Huckabee’s show, but she had two retired military analysts on tonight. One guy they use frequently as their analsyst; I’d seen the other only twice, either on Fox or elsewhere but they came right out and said that since several departments were in the Situation Room watching the attack in real time–Defense, State, National Security, CIA etc. that the fact that they delivered varying timelines of events in hearings absolutely mean “one of ’em is lying” and the Judge played a clip of the POTUS speaking of what he did. It was clear he stayed far away from saying he issued an order to try to save those men and these analysts said, “President Obama obviously DID NOT GIVE THE ORDER.” One said, “This was the 3 o’clock phone call—and he didn’t answer it.”

    Man, is this Benghazi thing going to explode eventually; yes, it is.

    BTW, a nominee for POTUS of the other party starts getting national security briefings at some point. Who would have been the person responsible for giving him daily briefings once they began?


  9. Sam says:

    I sure hope the Benghazi story is too big to keep swept under the rug.

    Great organization of the back story, Sundance. I look forward to more reports.


  10. marie says:

    Did I already post this clip of Larry Kudlow interviewing John Batchelor or not?
    Interesting. Batchelor’s sources are usually good :


  11. lovemygirl says:

    CNN’s latest cover story! OMG.

    The Obama administration first learned of the affair in a phone call from the FBI to Director of National Security James Clapper at 5 p.m. on election night, according to a senior U.S. intelligence official.

    (CNN) — The affair that brought an end to David Petraeus’ tenure as CIA director came to light during an FBI investigation into a complaint that his biographer Paula Broadwell was sending harassing e-mails to another woman close to him, a U.S. official said Saturday.


  12. Benghazi…Honor Them…Demand The Truth… …Non Profit …
    Stickers $2.99 … plus more … Do it for them and your country.


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