UPDATE: CIA Director General David Petreaus Resigns…. Claims Affair With Biographer Paula Broadwell

HOLY COW –  MUST WATCH TV – Piers Morgan works his butt off trying desperately to protect the White House and President Obama’s Administration over what they knew of this intelligence compromise.   THE CNN deflector, Susan Kelly, jumps into the mix to defend Obama at all costs saying… “the woman still is not identified”.  This is getting ridiculous….  

According to Reporter/Biographer Ronald Kessler of Newsweek, with inside information from the FBI, the White House was notified of the compromise in the Spring and specifically said to wait to deal with it until after the election.   According to sources, the FBI investigators were highly upset at the decision NOT TO ADDRESS and have spoken to Kessler at length.

Here is the second segment. We have documented the specific purpose of Susan Kelly – Watch what she does in this segment. WATCH:

UPDATE:  Brett Baier reports his source, who spoke to the General within an hour of the official public notifcation,  says Petreaus WANTS to testify at the “under oath” Senate Hearings on Benghazi next week.   Yet, the White House states Petreaus will not?

UPDATE:   The Petreaus Resignation is effective *IMMEDIATELY* – No transition time?

On Thursday (yesterday) President Obama called CIA Director David Petreaus to the White House for a personal coversation and meeting.  Petreaus did not initiate the meeting – He (the Gen) was previously scheduled to attend an intelligence meeting at the same time and instead had to make arrangements for a Senior Staff to fill his stead.  Then today General Petreaus has offically resigned…..   This is breaking…… more will follow soon……

Petraeus is now claiming that he had an extra-marital affair with a staffer, and is resigning for *cough* personal reasons…   Un huh…  (not buying it)

“Yesterday afternoon, I went to the White House and asked the President to be allowed, for personal reasons, to resign from my position,” Petraeus said in his resignation letter. “After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours.”

“This afternoon, the President graciously accepted my resignation,” Petraeus said in the letter.  (article)

Yeah, so what reason is there for going “public” with the “affair”, if, if, that is indeed the true motivation for the resignation – why make it public?   You want to tell people publicly you f**ked around on Holly?   ((((BUZZER))))   wrong answer.  No way.  Not buying it.

This is not something that would be put into the public consumption model – unless there was an alternate reasoning.

And the Media gets the Official Letter of resignation broadcasted SIMULTANEOUS to the actual public notice of resignation.  Within moments….   c’mon – seriously?

Remember this prior statement (below) from Petreaus regarding Benghazi.   Also, remember the Benghazi hearings in the Senate are next week…..  Gee, ya think he’ll still be required to testify?   and Also, remember On Monday Rep. Peter King (R-NY) called on President Obama to identify the White House staff members who may have unlawfully disclosed intelligence on the Benghazi attack to journalist Leslie Gelb from the “Council On Foreign Relations…….

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186 Responses to UPDATE: CIA Director General David Petreaus Resigns…. Claims Affair With Biographer Paula Broadwell

  1. Mikado Cat says:

    So it only took the Obama administration a couple months to locate someone to fall on their sword for Obama? Fishy, very fishy.


  2. We need video from the first, and 2nd segment of AC360 and From first segment of Piers Morgan show from CNN tonight. There is one more shot at the overnight re-run of both shows…

    Can anyone assist. I have no recording capability…. I cannot explain why – too lenghty – but I promise you there is a STUPENOUS reason.

    The first segment of Piers and the first two of AC 360 – urgently needed.

    Just like the damaging Trayvon interview with Pam Bondi – CNN will not post it….. they will censor what just took place on live TV – they will also delete from their Transcript page and it is too difficult to get them to admit and correct. Last time it took me 4 months. If anyone can capture the vids let me know asap.

    AGAIN – We only have one more chance. Overnight during the re-run of the 9pm and 10 pm shows that aired live. After tonight they will be dispatched down the rabbit hole forever.

    Can anyone assist.?


  3. stellap says:


    But Broadwell moved here more than three years ago with her husband, Scott, a radiologist, and their two young sons, Landon and Lucien …….

    So, she is married with two young children. I doubt that she would have ever caused a fuss.


  4. Mikado Cat says:

    I think Patraeus would have to turn in his man card if he didn’t have an affair with Broadwell. Pretty, smart, West Pt grad, and apparently a big fan of him. Walking away from something like that on a daily basis is asking an awful lot from somebody serving away from home.

    OTOH at some level you would know that its going to play hell with your life once it becomes known.


  5. gretchenone says:

    Apparently, the husband knew what was happening. Read the second letter: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/15/magazine/a-message-from-beyond.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0


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