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Because This Is What The Latest Version Of Idolatry Reminds Me Of….

So I guess you know what that makes us…. Advertisements

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Liawatha Struggles/Squints Her Way Through First Sunlight…..

BOSTON – A jittery U.S. senator-elect Elizabeth Warren gave one-sentence answers, ducked questions and even passed one on to Gov. Deval Patrick in an awkward first press conference since the election. Warren spoke for a total of less than four … Continue reading

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UPDATE: CIA Director General David Petreaus Resigns…. Claims Affair With Biographer Paula Broadwell

HOLY COW –  MUST WATCH TV – Piers Morgan works his butt off trying desperately to protect the White House and President Obama’s Administration over what they knew of this intelligence compromise.   THE CNN deflector, Susan Kelly, jumps into the … Continue reading

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The Communist Party Celebrates Obama’s Victory… Damnit Man – Romney Did Not Even Win The Communist Vote ? Sheeeeesh….

Odd how only a few years ago some people were talking about tearing down walls or something….  my, how things have changed…    Come to think of it, that means Romney did not get enough of the Communist vote to … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m just SLOW to accepting the New America… but this seems creepy. Go to this website and slowly enter in your address.  SLOWLY.  Meaning enter a digit wait two Seconds, enter next digit, wait two seconds, then enter the next … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Sssshhhhhhh, don’t tell the media…… It’s all Coinky Dink N’ Stuff….. Dontchaknow !

CBS hid the fact that Dear Leader denied Terrorists attacked the compound in Benghazi….  The media hid the fact that our nation was dropped from the Global Prosperity rankings.….  The Administration also hid the fact that a U.S. Drone came under attack from … Continue reading

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