“V” Day —- “V” for Voting and “V” for VICTORY!!!

Tuesday the Sixth of November ,  2012, anno Domini.

Today is the Day.

Today is the Day that YOU – each of you – have the opportunity to secure Victory and to restore America’s greatness.

Do not go to bed tonight wondering if you could have done “more”.

Vote – and vote for Victory.         🙂


About YTZ4mee

Libertarian, Freedom Fighter, Erstwhile Pilot, Polyglot, Multinational Rabble Rouser, Contrarian "Just Because", Hew to the philosophy of "Drink the Good Wine First".
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124 Responses to “V” Day —- “V” for Voting and “V” for VICTORY!!!

  1. ytz4mee says:

    Freedom is in Peril – Defend it with all your might – VOTE !!!


    • jordan2222 says:

      Do you mind my asking questions about any of this? I have been reluctant to do it in the past because I did not want to offend you.

      About ytz4mee
      Libertarian, Freedom Fighter, Erstwhile Pilot, Polyglot, Multinational Rabble Rouser, Contrarian “Just Because”, Hew to the philosophy of “Drink the Good Wine First”.

      I find that background mix intriguing so if you do not mind sharing, how old are you, where were you born and what “kind of Libertarian” are you?

      I consider myself to have Libertarian leanings, and have studied Ron Paul for many years. That began with my studies of the FED in the late sixties while earning my BA Degree in Finance. I am also an originalist much like Scalia.

      You will not offend me if you say it’s none of my business.


      • ytz4mee says:

        Age – perpetually 29.
        Place of Birth – Toronto, Canada, but have traveled/lived around the world.
        When people ask me where “home” is, I reply, wherever my husband and children are. 🙂
        YTZ – Toronto Island (now Billy Bishop) Airport where I earned my pilot’s wings
        Libertarian – of the Mises persuasion. Not so much the Paulbot part of the spectrum.


  2. rumpole2 says:

    Good luck USA peeps… I am rooting for you 😀

    I can’t vote (of course) but I have convinced a DEM in Florida to vote ROMNEY.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Yay! I can’t vote either – completely disenfranchised! – but do what I can to support the cause!


    • Sharon says:

      …………and we love you “disenfranchised patriots“…………you are absolutely amazing. You provide some of the most powerful support and challenge and calls-to-courage. We should be able make you honorary citizens or something.

      God bless you both, and all your tribe. Your presence with us impacts how well we fight. Thank you. To put it mildly. Thank you for loving the eagles, the stars, the stripes and strengthening us in the fight for our nation.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Good job.


    • lovemygirl says:

      I often forget you are a Kiwi. Same blood, same spirit! God Bless.


    • cajunkelly says:

      AWESOME! America needs more friends like ya. 🙂

      Thanks for makin me smile. (((hug)))


  3. LandauMurphyFan says:

    Even as a Canadian, I’ll be following the election with bated breath. I love your country and pray that I will see it pulled back from the brink.

    I see “my guy” Landau is encouraging everyone to vote, too.

    He’s a West Virginian from coal-mining country who’s also a devout Christian, so I think we can guess where his heart lies. 🙂


    • ytz4mee says:

      “Why a Romney Win is Important for Canada”
      Brian Lilley Video Op-Ed from the Toronto Sun.
      “Americans need to ignore worldwide opinion and do the right thing.
      They need to elect Mitt Romney”.


    • canadacan says:

      I am so happy to see another Canadian who thinks like I do


      • ytz4mee says:

        You are not alone!! Most Canadian ex-pats in the US, outside of Hollyweird, are conservative.


      • LandauMurphyFan says:

        I also have a personal motive for wanting Romney to win. I work part-time for an American medical transcription company. They pay me in USD. When I got the job, **all** Canadian transcriptionists wanted to work for US companies (online) because the USD was worth more than the CAD so it was like getting a bonus in every pay cheque. When Obama was running for Pres in 2008, the USD was doing so well that the differential paid for my vacation that year. Nowadays, I **lose** part of my USD paycheque every month, due to the differential.

        If Romney gets back in, I confidently expect my earnings to go back to their previous level – not immediately, but soon enough.

        Meanwhile, I’m grateful that I also work part-time for a Canadian company.


        • ytz4mee says:

          Canada is still an export-driven economy, so a growing and thriving US economy hungry for raw materials, including oil and gas, will also help grow the Canadian economy. Both Harper and Romney “get” that.

          “Social issues” don’t pay the bills. They’re a luxury only decadent societies can afford.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Thanks, LoveMyGirl !
      The only difference is, in 1945, sadly, Churchill was forced to turn his country over to Socialists who prevailed at the ballot box.

      In 2012, we are wrestling our country BACK from the Socialists!


  4. dmoseylou says:

    Well, we are ready, set, and waiting on GO! at 5:00 am. Polls open at 6:00. My neighborhood is so awesome. The retirees and stay-at-homes will begin arriving at neighbors’ houses to get the kids up and off to school or daycare, so the parents can get to the polls when they open, and head to work from there, or pop back in at home if time enough. I got the creme de la creme—3 mo. old twin girls! Right next-door!

    About mid-morning we’ll head to the school to stand in line to vote, but we will be well-prepared.
    A cooler with soft drinks iced down, sandwiches and snicky-snacks in the back of a pick-up truck.
    Many of us are die-hard LSU fans—tailgate parties our specialty.

    Hold my place! Need a coke! BRB!


  5. ytz4mee says:

    This is for our Treepers in Oiho: (Bring it home, Oiho!)


  6. ytz4mee says:

    And don’t forget to WEAR RED when you line up at the polls!


  7. cajunkelly says:

    It must be the late hours makin my eyes all watery. Can’t be that I sat here thinkin’ I’m all alone, the forum is quiet (except for SD…loyally creating the threads for the day) and suddenly there’s a gathering of Patriot Treepers here…posting profusely. Seriously, it looks all quiet here, then POW!

    It’s a gathering of the guard….we’re here, we’re praying….we are vigilant!


  8. Mikado Cat says:

    I am going to vote, eat a sensible meal, buy a whole pumpkin pie, and avoid the election news as long as possible. I know I can stand any result, but the indecision could make me crazy and I only have one pie to keep me sane.


  9. cajunkelly says:

    I’m gonna vote like my body parts depend on it. 🙂 And they *will* if obamacare isn’t squashed like a bug.


  10. 22tula says:

    America is Calling

    The Lord’s Prayer – 7 year old – Rhema Marvanne


  11. michellc says:

    My polls open in one hour. This is the first year in all of my years I can honestly say I’ve done everything in my power to help secure a victory. After a few last day phone calls, I’ll have done everything I could do and then it will be just sit back and worry if this country is still the country I want and hope it to be.
    If not plan B is all ready to be put in place.


  12. allhail2 says:

    Just drove by my poll at 7:15. Line is out the door, approx 75 people just to get to the sign in table, all stations full. Fairly mixed area in Sanford, FL neighborhood that tilts conservative. Very encouraging. Bumper stickers on cars in parking lot were Romney 6-1 over Obama. Will be back after taking kiddos to school for a 9AM update, and to take my turn at playing punch the clown out the door.


  13. dawndoe says:

    Voted last week!


  14. TandCrumpettes says:

    Fox showing video of Panther at a poll in PA this morning. As if we didn’t expect more of the same.


  15. howie says:

    Rain in Tampa. Front coming. Will pass over state today.


  16. Sal Paradise says:

    Will be voting later this afternoon. I’ll grab my kids, age 7 and 5, to go along with me (again). Trying to instill in them the importance of exercising the right to vote. Go Mitt!!


  17. In case you guys haven’t seen this yet. Great informative and inspiration video (once the mods get the link active):


  18. hoffstyle71 says:

    Did my part. Got exit polled as well. Florida Voters: Read Amendment 5 carefully. I don’t want the State Legislature to have more power in the Judicial Process. That’s just me.


    • allhail2 says:

      Oh no, it’s more than just you. That one is dangerous. The same goes for all the new classes of property tax breaks. Those three create 3 more special classes or people that the rest of us will have to cover the bill for. They look good and feel good, but they are problems in the making.


      • hoffstyle71 says:

        Those were just as bad indeed. Florida has enough special classes as it is. Strange note: I was given a “3rd Attempt” sleeve..I refused to take it until they gave me a regular sleeve..it was probably meaningless but you never know what those Jacksonville pollsters are thinking.


    • Ms.Tee says:

      I felt the same about Amendment 8.


  19. Sal Paradise says:

    My boss just called. Said there were Mitt chants while waiting in line to vote in Bucks County, PA.


  20. This person just posted this on my facebook, “VOTED!!! Where can I get free food!!” can anyone guess who they voted for?> lol


  21. allhail2 says:

    It felt really good to land an haymaker to Obama, and stick a 13 steel toed shoe in ValJarr’s teeth.


  22. gretchenone says:

    Just voted. Live in a solidly blue state, but in a conservative enclave. Went to my ward’s line, but was told I was in a different ward. Went there, was told my name wasn’t on the list. Went back to the other line and was told my address is in the other ward. I said I have my voter card, did they want to see it. No, I could just vote with an affidavit they said. I showed my voter card anyway, which had the ward I was in (the one I am always in, the one I have always voted in), and all of a sudden it was all apologies, and yes, I was in the right line and so forth. I suppose it was all an innocent mistake.


  23. stellap says:

    1-1/2 hrs in line to vote; good turnout, but slow because of HUGE ballot! Late to work, but I feel good after voting. Now we just wait. So good to see all of you patriots who worked the phones and knocked on doors and VOTED!


  24. allhail2 says:

    Boortz announced this morning first thing that if Obama wins, it will be one of the worst attacks in American history.

    1. Dec 7, 1941
    2. Sept 11, 2001
    3. Nov 6, 2012

    These are dates that the Japanese attacked, the Islamists attacked, and the retards attacked. Only he could pull that off that early in the morning. Laughed my butt off.


  25. ctdar says:

    Yeah!!!!! waited 4 years to vote this travesty out….DH & I just cast 2 more votes for Romney & Ryan

    Noticed at our polling place lots of republican candidate signs and only 1 for O/B


  26. Patriot Dreamer says:


  27. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    Check out this abomination.


  28. kathyca says:

    I’m in a red state, and there was a big turn out at some polling places based on the reports from friends (I early-voted). I wanted to mention, though, that I know of two registered dem friends who voted for Romney/Ryan this time around. One didn’t need any persuading. The other texted me this morning to let me know that my comment to him that you can’t fix anything else until the economy is fixed convinced him to change his vote. I also had told him that if he voted for Obama again I was going to have to live rent-free in his guest room for the next four years. He swears that wasn’t what changed his mind, though 😛


  29. rumpole2 says:

    Tuesday Afternoon… all’s well so far……


  30. mung says:

    Why were the predictions of a very low turn out so wrong? Everyone in every place is saying very high turn out. Don’t know if that helps Romney or not. In the past they have always said high turn out helps the Dems but I think in this case a high turn out means people want to fix the mistake of last election. I am actually registered a Dem but am voting almost strictly Republican. I just didn’t change my party so that I could throw the poll numbers off.


    • ytz4mee says:

      That seems to be the mood from the on the ground reports. People determined to “undo” an error. Obama and his entourage are not your Grandma’s democrats.


      • John Galt says:

        Romney is your Grandma’s democrat and Obama & entourage are your Grandma’s Communist Party.


        • ytz4mee says:

          True dat.
          Maybe in the aftermath and ashes of all of this, we can work to build a true Conservative party that respects the ideals the Founding Fathers envisioned. Report for duty Jan 21st, JG. 🙂


  31. ctdar says:

    My daughters middle school had election day….
    Romney 60%
    Obama. 39%

    To God’s ears, to God’s ears


  32. ytz4mee says:

    Cleveland, OH: Interview outside a polling station by Anita Moncrief.
    A black activist explains why she is a Registered Republican and why she is voting for Mitt Romney.
    The idea that the ideals of fiscal conservativism is monochromatic is not true.


  33. Ms.Tee says:

    I have to log on to the TH in order to stay sane today! Can I just say that I can’t wait until I get home? All the kool-aide drinkers in my office and–there are a bunch of them–voted and are gloating about it. So aggravating and scary. These aren’t the people we want to determine the future of the country!


  34. ytz4mee says:

    This was posted at the side on the Rush Fan FB Page (not the official Rush Limbaugh FB page)

    “….while voting today, the most amazing experience , man in line by me with his military wife or girlfriend( she was in uniform)… goes up to the table.. when asked if he was registered.. blank look… no. have you ever voted before.. ah.. yea 5 years ago… .. poll workers..got a bit nervous… to tell him that he could NOT vote since he was not registered.. just shocking that in our culture he did not even bother to think he should register…. pretty sure he was there to vote for O… and surprise.. guess who was exit polled.. HIM and girl friend or wife…. i had to ask to be polled… oh yea… here in el paso.. TX.. they did not want the grey haired white ladies… comments…”

    Somehow, I feel, this will be spun as a sterling example of “Voter Suppression”. /sarc/

    Also, I have had multiple reports that the exit poll workers are NOT approaching and asking anyone who looks like they may be a Romney supporter …. the questioning is NOT “random” … they are in the process of shaping the narrative early in the game…. “Exit polls show an overwhelming advantage for Obama….”


    • Menagerie says:

      This was exactly what happened (exit polling) when I voted. Reporter from the newspaper was very selective about who he approached. They skew the numbers before they ever ask the first question.


  35. Patriot Dreamer says:

    Keep an eye out for this:

    Chicago Source Tells Author Brad Thor: Obama Campaign Planning to Proclaim Early Victory to ‘Demoralize Romney Supporters’



  36. rumpole2 says:

    Sing along… “First we take Ohio… then we take the White House” 😀


  37. ytz4mee says:

    Don’t despair. Canada survived the Trudeau years. He was a “social justice” Catholic French Canadian who despised the Anglo WASP establishment and vowed to destroy it. His tendencies trended towards Marxist sympathising (he normalized relations with Cuba and authorized investment in Cuba) but was definitely a full-on socialist. Nationalised the energy sector (“Petro-Canada”), high taxes, redistributionist policies, very restrictive gun control, opened the floodgates to third world immigration to deliberately destroy the cohesiveness of the Canadian politic. He also imposed martial law during the October Crisis, but that was okay with the press, because he was a leftie.

    It has taken Canada decades to undo the damage and the work isn’t done, but they are headed in the right direction. Immigration reforms are taking form – ending chain migration and birthright citizenship. My daughter, born in the US, is a Canadian citizen as my child, but unless she gives birth on Canadian soil, her children will not have claim to Canadian citizenship. That was not so before. Also, immigration is based on investment and education, and it is difficult to immigrate unless you can prove that you can support yourself AND have a sponsor who is financially responsible for you. There is movement towards privatizing health care again, because the national system is not sustainable, and there was a significant brain drain of talent of MD’s and Nurses. They are working to entice them back.

    I could go on and on, but there is a trend towards conservatism. People have no desire to go back to the economic nightmare of socialism.


    • rumpole2 says:

      Thanks for the encouragement.
      NZ did wake up (sort of) in 2008. As far as who they elected. But the problem as I see it is in the “mindset” that still prevails.
      I often “jokingly” say “I blame Socialism” for almost everything that happens, 🙂
      But there is some truth to that “joke”. Personal responsibly is absent. Even within private companies the prevailing attitude is complete lack of responsibility. Government benefits of one type or another as income are a life style choice that many opt for.
      My parents emigrated to NZ from UK seeking a better life. My son has emigrated back to UK where he has a much more successful career than he would have had in NZ.


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