Death and Deceit in Benghazi – The Bret Baier Special (Video)

This is a very well organized, informative and well presented in depth report on the Benghazi attack in Libya.

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33 Responses to Death and Deceit in Benghazi – The Bret Baier Special (Video)

  1. jordan2222 says:

    I am anxious to see the inevitable heated exchange between Obama and Mitt on Monday.


    • apachetears says:

      You know as well as I do that will not happen. The moderator will shut down any discussion of Benghazi and focus on Bin Laden being dead. We will hear about Big Bird and GM Romney and Bain, etc. Every mention of Stevens, Libya or Benghazi will be interrupted by the moderator.


  2. 22tula says:

    “Ambassador Stevens Speaks About Islamist Violence in Final Interview (VIDEO”
    by Daniel Greenfield – October 19, 2012

    Events Which Led to Ambassador’s Death, Benghazi Libya
    by ConservARTive – October 18, 2012


    • 22tula says:

      I think Assad/Putin’s men infiltrated into Libya to take out the head dealer of arms, and to send a message – stop – IMO. Also Turkey is not our ally. Israel Is.

      “Putin To Harper: Embassy Attacks To Be Expected
      by David Akin – September 13, 2012
      “But none of this will surprise Russian President Vladimir Putin who as much warned Prime Minister Stephen Harper during their one-on-one meeting in Vladivostok on the weekend that the West should expect this kind of thing for “instigating” mobs in Egypt and Libya. According to officials in the room with the two men, Putin said Harper and other Western leaders are acting like “Trotskyites” – that was Putin’s line — for exporting revolution and promoting instability.” – David Akin

      Putin said the western leaders are acting like “Trotskyites.” Well they do love their revolutions. But Putin loves Stalin. That the problem.
      Proxy war. Stalin/Shia/Putin vs. Trotsky/Sunni/Obama

      “Putin and Stalin”
      by Steve Chapman – September 5,2007

      “What Ahmadinejad Said at the U.N.”
      By JR.Nyquist – October 1, 2012

      “Ahmadinejad ended his speech with the following refrain: “Long live this spring, long live this spring and long live this spring.”
      Was he – perhaps? – referring to the Arab Spring?” – JR Nyquist


  3. BertDilbert says:

    After watching the program, aside from the security shortcomings, I am getting the impression that the anti Muslim video was an excuse put forth by Obama so that he could go on his scheduled reelection stops uninterrupted. Had they designated it a terrorist event rather than an “accident”, then Obama would have to assume the duties of president and it would appear improper for him to continue his campaign in wake of the deaths of Americans.. In addition, the resurgence of terrorism goes against his finishing the job with the assassination of Osama.

    Apparently everyone agreed to lie because it ensures them of another 4 years of employment verses having to put an all stop to campaigning due to an untimely act of terrorism..


    • sybiljx1 says:

      “They had two reasons to lie,” Krauthammer said. “The first reason was the fact that the Sept. 11 attack occurred a week after they just spent four days in Charlotte dancing on the grave of bin Laden. Remember, this is their single foreign policy achievement. There is none other. Look at Iran Look at Russia. Look at Israel. Look at Syria. Look at the Arab spring. It’s all in collapse. They got one thing to argue, and they sure argued it, where they made the point again and again and again with that ridiculous slogan from Vice President [Biden], ‘bin laden dead, GM alive,’ because what Libya said, what it was proclaiming to the world and the reason the attack was launched in the first place was to say, ‘bin Laden dead, al-Qaida alive.’ That is what has happened as a result of leading from behind in Libya.”

      “The second thing is, and I heard from this from liberal colleagues on some of the other shows I’ve done, is, ‘Well, how could they have done this? Why would they be lying? Wouldn’t they know it would come out?’” Krauthammer said. “And the answer is no. They saw what the mainstream media did right after the attack. And you know what they did — they spent three days attacking Mitt Romney for a statement he issued the next day, in which he denounced what the Cairo embassy released, the apologetic statement that was made.”

      “So the media went ahead and spent three days ignoring the attack, ignoring the implications and concentrating always on that,” he continued. “So they think they got the media in their pocket. The election is coming up. They simply have to run out the clock, and they’ll be scot-free. They’ll be home free. And that is what they thought. However, it was you and others and Bret Baier and Fox which kept the story alive, because we kept finding out what really happened. And now the mainstream media had been shamed to covering it themselves.”


    • ctdar says:

      Or was there someone so important in Vegas reason why Obama decided to keep his travel plans


    • Josh says:

      Plus they didn’t want to let a tragedy go to waste. They tried to use it to put a stake into the heart of our First Amendment.


  4. Mike says:

    Ambassador Stevens was an instrumental part of the overthow of Gaddafi. The irony is that the same people he helped put into power turned on him.


  5. arbuck says:

    The story about the video was not only a deliberate lie on the part of the Obama administration but was also an attempt to indict the American people and our way of life (free speech) for what occurred in Libya. It is an outrage and a disgrace. If Obama is re-elected (which I pray that he is not), then impeachment hearings against him should be initiated immediately.


  6. Colleen Goldacker says:

    Why isn’t this all over the f’ront page of ALL newspapers, websites, etc.!! This is an outrage and heartbreaking! If this was the Bush administration we would be screaming IMPEACHMENT! As a mother of a soldier that spent time in Iraq and now suffers from PTSD, I have heard time and time again things like ” Bush sent your son to hell” and with having 5 boys they have gone on to say ” Go ahead elect Romney and send the rest of them to hell, you have plenty of them “! I have to remind them that my son wanted to go while still in highschool right after 9/11, there is no draft! We must have a strong military and I am extremely proud of our brave warriors. I am sick to my stomach hearing Obama say HE got Bin Laden, HE has AlQueda on the run. He has to save face so he lies and tells the American people it’s a damn video? I pray the American people wake up before election day. Another four years of this man and his posie will bring America to it’s knees. I can not help but think that is EXACTLY what Obama wants. I am scared and heartbroken with these events. I beg that God will be with us and continue to Bless America! Thank you for this special report and I am putting it all over facebook, emailing it and getting it out any way I can!


    • Sharon says:

      What you share makes me sick and really angry. Your perceptions, about your own sons’ ambitions and the price he has paid as well as the big picture, are right on. It makes me angry that, it seems, every time the progs and libs are in charge of foreign policy and international decisions, they pose with “love ‘n peace” and as a result, weaken our nation and our nation’s interests so terribly that the very next administration elected to correct their consequences has little room to do anything except start a pushback. And then, as soon as they do, they’re accused of being warmongers.

      I truly hope that the scales are tipping….because of our own ability to communicate with one another now, no longer dependent on the lib media, more and more are learning details or finding the foundations for what they already knew to be true–and it just isn’t going to fly any more. If a President Romney must go to war and some lib progs start squealing like the stuck pigs they are, this time the conversation will be quite different.

      We’ll chase ’em down, call ’em liars to their face, and expose them.

      You don’t have to tell your son it’s from me, but next time you get a chance, give him a little hug that is from Sharon– one son served in the Marines (under Reagan, thank God) and the other in the Air Force. I honor your son, and honor you. Just keep loving on him, Mom. It will make all the difference in the world for him, and already has.


  7. sybiljx1 says:

    (Sorry if this was already posted)


  8. sybiljx1 says:

    Latest WH spin.

    Much of that Republican criticism has focused on U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan E. Rice, who appeared on television talk shows days after the attack and attributed it to violent protesters angered by an anti-Muslim YouTube video. The latest assessment indicates that the timing of the attack in Benghazi was triggered by protests, but also supports subsequent accounts by Obama administration officials describing the siege as a terrorist assault.


  9. retire2005 says:

    It would be wonderful it the Treehouse could build a time line on what the Administration is really trying to hide: that we, the U.S., armed the Libyan rebels, not knowing, or accepting, that many of those rebels were al Qaeda or al Qaeda sympathizers.

    For me, it begins with the report in the UK Independent where the March 7, 2011 headline read:

    Americas Secret Plan to Arm Libyan Rebels

    The U.S. was trying to get the Sauds to provide cover for Obama as we paid for an supplied the arms to the Sauds, who in turn, gave them to the Libyan rebels. That created a wall of “plausible deniability” for the Administration.

    Now we learn that the Sauds are actually helping provide arms to the Syrian rebels to oust Assad. Once again, even the NY Times realizes that this is so blatant they cannot ignore it any longer.
    And we learn that Stevens was helping funnel arms, and fighters, into Syria, to help bring down Assad.

    I have said, and will continue to say, that Benghazi was Fast and Furious, Libyan Style. We armed the bad guys in a clandestine operation created to give plausible deniabilty to Obama. He could say “Well, gee, we sold those arms to [the Sauds, or others] but we didn’t know they gave them to the Libyan rebels who are actually al Qaeda. Obama, like Carter, wanted to depose the leaders of Islamic nations, both using the excuse of “humanitarianism.” We see how well that foreign policy has worked with Iran, who now poses a grave threat to the entire Middle East region.

    Obama’s policy of placating wasn’t working in the Middle East. Those nations were not jumping up and down, singing his praises due to his awesomeness,and his Muslim 1/2 sister, but the riots in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, et al, allowed him to show those “freedom loving” rebels just how he had their back. In his malignant narcisissm, it never dawned on Obama that they hated him just as much as they have hated any American, only they didn’t fear him like they feared George Bush.

    Obama opened up his White House to the Muslim Brotherhood as Americans gasped at that move. He was going to bring “democracy” to the Middle East. That would be his legacy. Now his legacy is hundreds of dead Mexicans and is reaching the number of dozens of dead Americans; Jaime Zapata, Brian Terry, 13 soldiers at Fort Hood, and now four dead FSO personnel which included Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The lapdog press managed to bury Fast and Furious as much as they could, covering Obama’s rear end in hopes of keeping him in office to continue the furthering of their socialist views, but the death of Stevens opened new wounds felt in the Carter administration with the murder of our Ambassador to Iran. This one ain’t going away, no matter how hard the LA Times, with their recent headline, and the Washington Post try to spin it.

    It’s all there if you just want to look: Stevens facilitating arms to the Libyan (AQ) rebels, facilitating arms and man power for the Syrian unrisings, and God only knows what else. We have been, at least for the last two years, arming the bad guys who, when they got tired of fighting each other, turned, and continue to turn on us.

    Sundancecracker, do the time line. Expose this administration for what it is, an enemy of our state. It’s all there, and no one is better at this than you. You owe it to your nation and we are obligated to help you do that task anyway we can.

    God help America.


    • boricuafudd says:

      Retire, I agree I think the key is that we were trying to arm the Syrians rebels covertly with arms and fighters, so as to not upset the Russian. Obama wants to sign a nuclear treaty with Russia, going against them publicly would not do

      Someone in high authority had to stand down the response, air support could have been there in less than 1 hour from bases in Italy, Marines were less than three hours away from their base in Spain. We now have reports that these assets were called but did not intercede, who told them to stand down.

      Why was the annex, even though it was not penetrated, abandoned, and the Consulate was left and abandoned as well, when we could have gone back and retrieved evidence or any important information. Who made that determination? This are important questions that nobody is really asking, and no answers have been forthcoming.


  10. GracieD says:

    The more I find out about this, the more ticked off I get. I plan to put a bug in David Vitter’s ear about this at the end of the week when I visit his office to offer assistance in the last two weeks leading up to election day. This is definitely something that he would be interested in.


  11. margegunderson says:

    CBS News now reporting that a report from the Pentagon says that American aircrafts were on theiur way to Benghazi on 9/11 but didn’t get there in time? Huh?

    “A team of “special operators” was moved from central Europe to a US naval base in Sigonella, Italy, an hour’s flight from Libya, CBS said, citing Pentagon sources.

    Fighter jets and Specter AC-130 gunships were also available at nearby bases, military sources told CBS.

    Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought clearances from Libya to fly in their airspace, CBS reports. But the Obama administration won’t reveal further details on that front.”


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  14. Mikado Cat says:

    Cairo was without question a protest demanding the release of the blind sheik, CNN Canada coverage leaves no doubt in my mind.

    I have yet to see an 9 foot walls near the consulate, except as part of the gate structure.

    Where are the casualties among the attackers?

    If the attack wasn’t political in nature, Alkada, why was it done on 9/11?

    Its beyond disgusting, but still credible, Obama pushed the cover up to keep from interfering with his campaign schedule as it would have if it was called a terrorist attack.


    • ctdar says:

      Wonder if there are no injuries to the terrorists because the US and Libyan guards were told “not to shoot”; also wonder if we were only armef with bean bags?


  15. Josh says:

    Where is Agent David Uban? (He’s the gentleman that ended up on the roof of the consulate). It would be interesting to hear what he has, and the others who were there have, to say.

    G-d bless Lt. Col. Andrew Wood. He may be going against his training but he is doing what is right.

    The “fog of war” is a phrase that only those who have been in the “fog of war” have the right to use. Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and their ilk have NEVER endured the “fog of war”. Their use of that phrase is very disrespectful.


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