Facing Ridicule and Backlash, Fearing Electoral Losses, Democrats quickly try to recover from removal of God and Jerusalem from platform

Update 10:00pm –DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC mouthpiece Patrick Gasparad cancel all media appearances while they engage in damage control and coordinate a recovery message.  Reports DNC backroom leaders spinning wildly out of control and off message. 


Update 8:00pm – In typical Democrat manner, the decision to change the platform back was “baked into the cake”.  Regardless of the delegates  votes, the party leadership had decided the risk of exposing their TRUE beliefs was too great.   Here is the proof:  The picture was taken at 6:14 and 09 seconds at the exact moment after the Yea – Nay votes were requested, showing what Villaraigosa was to say next.   There was simply NO OPTION for mayor Villaraigosa to tell the truth or let the delegates actual voice be recorded.  “The cake was baked”. 

Update 6:40pm.  AP reports, CBS confirms, the White House says President Obama made the decision to request change.  Obama personally asked for change:

Update 6:30pm.  Robert Gibbs tells Fox News on floor of convention the platform committee makes all these decisions.  The “campaign is not involved”.  Neither he, nor Barack Obama had anything to do with the “change vote” that just took place.

Skip to “6:25” in the tape for Gibb’s comments:

Original Article – In what can only be described as a last ditch effort to avoid their ideology being exposed to the National Electorate, the Democrat Party Leadership quickly moved to put God back into their platform, and replace Jerusalem into the platform.   Both “God”, and Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, were removed last week from the party platform:

To give you an idea how the Democrats realized what a mistake they were exposing themselves to:  Watch Senator Dick Durbin respond to questioning from Brett Baier yesterday about why they choose to specifically remove “God” and “Jerusalem”.

So facing the embarassment of ridicule, and the REAL POSSIBILITY of their severe left-wing Godless platform being exposed to a newly awakened electorate, the Leadership moved on the floor of the convention hours ago to replace both items.

However, the result was a MASSIVE optical fail. The DNC delegates DID NOT support God and Jerusalem being reinstated. The approval of platform change requires two-thirds of the delegates to affirm. Watch and listen to what happened

Antonio Villaraigosa (Mayor of Los Angeles) didn’t know what to do. He was stuck. He called three times for a voice vote and yet it is obvious the delegates did not approve of God or Jerusalem. But the risk was too great in allowing the absence of God to be witnessed by the electorate.

He should have put the decision to a computer floor vote to see if two-thirds was possible, which obviously it was not, but he cannot run the risk of exposure. So on his own he approved/changed the platform to the Boos of the crowd.

Unreal. It will be interesting to see how the media portrays this…..

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52 Responses to Facing Ridicule and Backlash, Fearing Electoral Losses, Democrats quickly try to recover from removal of God and Jerusalem from platform

  1. AP now reporting that President Obama “personally” got involved to add God back into the platform, and affirm that Jerusalem will be maintained as the Capital of Israel. Yeah, right…….

    Which begs the question…… then how did it get taken out in the first place.

    Also, then how do you reconcile the obvious failure at the floor vote?


  2. Sharon says:

    Mark Levin just played the cut of Schumer, this morning on alphabet TV, saying that he actually did not know what President Chair’s position was on the matter. Apparently it got cleared up during the day? *facepalm*


  3. g8rmom7 says:

    It seems to me that Christian and Jewish Democrats have a choice to make if they want to remain part of the Democratic Party…it’s either God or Government…which one do you belong to?


  4. This is really getting good. Robert Gibbs just said to FOX TV that the platform committee was the group involved in this and he and Obama don’t know anything about this vote, nor do they involve themselves in such platform issues and discussions.

    Gibbs said this simultaneously to the White House releasing the statement that President Obama was the one who demanded the change to the party platform and called for the vote himself.



    They’d better get their “stories” straight. 😉


  5. johnnotjohnny says:

    Isn’t there a song from Cyndi Lauper about this called True Color’s LOL!


  6. czarowniczy says:

    Whoops! A mere misunderstanding – Obama’s platform involved the Jews being removed from Jerusalem. An apparent disconnect in communications most likely caused by the Democrats having to use NEA-trained labor – damn you, outcome-based education! As for removing God – who needs him when we already have the black Jesus.


  7. aknakon says:

    Make careful NOTE of the woman behind and to the right of Chairman Villaragosia (sic?) She seems clear that the vote FAILED. She clearly says “You gotta let them do what there going to do”.

    This party JUST went anti-democratic quick.


  8. Sharon says:

    Wow. That’s uncomfortable to watch. Can you say “deer in the headlights”……by the third time, it was all meaningless. Wow.


  9. Sharon says:

    Psalm 25:12 “Redeem Israel, O God, out of all their troubles!” Genesis 12:2, 3 (God, YHWH speaking to Abram) “I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great; and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

    Unfortunately for the Democrat party, God sees into the heart and reads the thoughts….so their scrambling to cover their political butts will absolutely not pass for “blessing Israel” in His sight. God will not be mocked. There will always be those who mock Him, of course, but it won’t end well for them.

    Once again…they don’t have the courage of their convictions: they DON’T want anything to do with God, but they get forced into acting like they do. Tough way to live.


  10. czarowniczy says:

    What confuses me is that with the Democrats actively shanghaiing every black, Latino/a and Muslim voter they can one would assume that they’d pay a little closer attention to the role that God plays in their lives. The voice vote of the delegates was way too lopsided for the party’s demographics, makes me wonder how the attending nomenklatura were chosen.


  11. lovemygirl says:

    It seems to me that SD has uncovered so much information that can be posted into Youtube type 15-60 second infommercials that folks could post the endlessly from now to election day. Maybe things like Michelle saying how poor they were followed but the facts. KISS ads spread quickly and cheaply and some may catch fire. Any thoughts on an approach or if it would be worthwhile?


    • stellap says:

      Puddy is our video specialist!


      • lovemygirl says:

        You folks may already have it under control but I know team zer0 will be tweeting etc. I worked a few floors from their HQ and think a grassroots effort would work. Spread through email, facebook etc. Something creative will go viral.


  12. Sharon says:


    Here are some twitters…………apparently it was a little weird on the floor…………..even the reporters “got it”

    “It seemed pretty clear to me that the ‘No’s’ had it.” – CNN’s Dana Bash

    wow RT @ByronTau: Talk about bad optics. RT @Timodc: Widespread boos for Jerusalem and God in the convention hall

    “That’s the second time in 24 hours that Obama’s been forced to disclaim responsibility for some terribly counterproductive messaging at the convention. Weird how the rank-and-file have these crazy ideas that he in no way shares, isn’t it?”

    Update: Noah Pollak asks a good question:

    Noah Pollak@NoahPollak

    How can Obama have “intervened” to recognize Jerusalem in DNC platform when policy of his administration is against recognition?


  13. sybiljx1 says:

    ‘Divine’ intervention. :/


    A Democratic official says the president was unhappy about the platform changes when he heard about them.

    He told his staff to convey his opposition right away, which set the wheels in motion to reinstate.

    On the “God” part, the official said, his response to hearing it was, “Why was it changed in the first place?”



  14. Sol Horowitz says:

    Perhaps Obama is dyslexic and he thought “DOG” was being removed from the platform to repress voter memories of his canine gastronomical feasts back in the day?


  15. michellc says:

    This is hilarious, first they show a “You Belong to the Government” video and then the DNC and Obama say we had nothing to do with it. Like the DNC through the Obama campaign doesn’t plan all videos and speakers and even music.
    Then removing God, which imo was insignificant in their minds and they didn’t expect anyone to notice, so I could buy the DNC and Obama’s people seeing it as something not to run by their god Obama, but nobody is stupid enough to believe that the campaign and the DNC didn’t know it was going up for a vote.
    Jerusalem was not a minor thing and everybody knows that was told to Obama that it was up for a vote. He approved allowing it go through.

    They just see things through their own minds and believe in belonging to the Government, they try to remove God from everything so of course that didn’t give them pause either, Obama wants to make Israel pay for greeting Romney with open arms along with the majority of the party hates Israel. So all of this seemed like a good thing until they realized Americans are calling this radical.

    Their base was furious that they changed it, I would find that funny except for we have to walk the streets with these people.


  16. Sol Horowitz says:

    The Jackass Party is all tangled up on messaging. That fat union thug, Dicky Trumka, bellowed earlier this evening that “You did build that!”. Apparently, he didn’t read the Obama/Princess Shemp Haircut memo?


  17. czarowniczy says:

    I think the DNC should have Maxine Waters explain the disconnect


  18. sybiljx1 says:


    KRAUTHAMMER: Well, if he intervened to how it reinstated, how did he allow his platform to omit it? And I would add, all that was reinstated is the language on Jerusalem. They did not restate language isolating Hamas, about no return to the ’67 lines. And the Right of Return. All of that is left out of the platform. Quite troubling for pro-Israel community.


  19. landaumurphyfan says:

    ‘Update 6:30pm. Robert Gibbs tells Fox News on floor of convention the platform committee makes all these decisions. The campaign is not involved. Neither he, nor Barack Obama had anything to do with the “change vote” that just took place.’

    ‘Robert Gibbs just said to FOX TV that the platform committee was the group involved in this and he and Obama don’t know anything about this vote, nor do they involve themselves in such platform issues and discussions.’

    Does anybody have audio or video confirmation of the above? Not that I doubt for a minute what sundance wrote, but it would be fun to have it posted on the site, right smack dab in the face of the opposition and their spies.

    I gotta give major props to Brett Baier for hammering away politely but persistently while Durbin squealed and snapped and squirmed, twisting in the wind while he tried to talk about anything but the answer to a perfectly straightforward question. Honestly, can anyone watch that and not realize that the guy is a weasel? (Rhetorical question, of course. Many watchers will indeed remain willfully blind and deaf rather than deal with cognitive dissonance.)

    As for Villaraigosa, that was a pretty stunning example of how UNdemocratic the so-called Democrats are. He had clearly been given orders about what the result of the vote should be and it was almost funny to watch him growing increasingly desperate, striving to point out to the delegates by sheer tone of voice the way he needed them to vote, and then publicly selling his soul by declaring that he was hearing what he was so evidently not hearing. So…if the party won’t even recognise the message that their own delegates are clearly sending them when they’re face to face, why would anyone imagine that they’re going to listen to the wishes of the faceless general electorate if (God forbid!) they should be returned to power?

    If it weren’t so sad and so scary, it would be funny.


  20. My mom and I were discussing the first platform change this morning, and agreed that this would NOT play well back at home for Congressman Joe Schmoe. Dem Reps who have God fearing, blue collar districts were probably ready to drop their teeth once word got out.

    Dem leadership has become so radical, and the craziest part is they honestly believe they’re in touch with what most Americans think and feel.

    Seriously, this is priceless. Pass the popcorn.


    • boricuafudd says:

      But the Republican party is the party of extremist! If this does not wake up the people on those blue collar districts, I don’t know what will. The is no place for God in these intellectuals, they make it clear more and more each day.


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  22. stellap says:

    Politico says:

    Obama had seen the language prior to the convention, a campaign source said, but did not seek to change it until after Republicans jumped on the omissions of God and Jerusalem late Wednesday. And even then, it had to be forced through a convention hall full of delegates who nearly shouted down the change.



  23. ED357 says:

    How in the hell are you counting a live vote from the floor……….

    when you’re reading off a teleprompter?


    and the “democratic overseers” were going to add God and Jerusalem back into the platform…….come hell or high water.


  24. Sharon says:

    For about five seconds, I was going to try to imagine the content and tone of those backroom conversations–where they’re trying to “focus their message”….figuring out who’s going to kill who and where the bodies should be buried….and all of this while the supposedly “high point” of the evening, Billy Clinton, is getting ready to do his grand show….and then I realized there was no point.

    And how odd–that apparently President Chair is going to be in the arena for BC’s speech? How very odd–but consistent with the narcissist, I guess….”Hey, he’s going to be talking about me (he has to) and saying nice things (he has to)…I must be there to receive the adulation that will surely flow towards me.” Really. Really. Odd. Scary odd. He’s not normal.


  25. ctdar says:

    Yesterday’s dem platform vote on the reinstatement of God & Jerusalem on the DNC floor was typical and shows pattern of behavior. When Dems don’t get their way just RAM it thru like Obamacare “need to pass before you can read it” or via Executive Order. They dont listen to their constituents…sure sounded to me yesterday that the Nays had more than required 2/3’s vote than the Yeas.
    Look at the sign the girl is carrying that’s seated next to the booing delegate
    “Arab American”….so sick of the hyphens, you are either American or not. If they lived in the Arab world would they call themselves American Arab? I think not.


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