Picture Of The Day – The Caterer at President Obama’s Iowa Campaign Event…..

(Via – EDHenry) Ruh-roh the caterer at the President’s last event in Iowa — The Village Corner Deli —  clearly snuck thru the vetters pic.twitter.com/VnRobDBF


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15 Responses to Picture Of The Day – The Caterer at President Obama’s Iowa Campaign Event…..

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Gee, if Obama had a pullover shirt it would look just like this one…or maybe not


  2. WeeWeed says:

    Did Obi-wan buy THIS dude a beer, too?


  3. ctdar says:

    Can’t get more in your face than this 🙂


  4. thefirstab says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! Love it…… most popular menu item at Village Corner Deli should be Crow Sandwich, with a side of foot.


  5. drkate says:

    Just a thought, why call him ‘president’ when he is not a legal president? why not putative president,or just Obama? He shows us no respect, why should we show him any?


    • Sharon says:

      If I have actually “shown him respect” at any point in the last 45 months, I can assure you it was completely accidental, unintentional and not based on reality.


  6. caruhsel says:

    i miss having a President i can respect.
    I believe there are many others out there like myself, who haven’t lost HOPE, but we have lost respect, not in the office of POTUS, we’ve lost respect for the person holding that position, Barack Obama.
    Obama has lied to me, stolen from me, stolen from my children and my grandchildren. he has reduced the honorable position he holds – the highest elected position in the U.S. – to nothing more than a Thugocracy He has no merits that qualify for respect, he did not earn the office he now holds, nor is he entitled to that position.

    i see a country my grandfather and uncle died for edging ever closer to the precipice of financial ruin and rot from the internal decay in our government.
    I am saddened and embarrassed when I see a photo of Vladimir Putin sneering with derision at our president. Sad thing about that is that I understand why Putin sneers at Obama – he has no respect for him, either.
    AND I wish, pray, and HOPE for a President I can respect, again.


  7. Sharon says:

    Looking good.


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