BREAKING NEWS: Zimmerman Wants Lester Replaced … Claims Bias

If anyone thinks this was a motion defense *cough* attorney Mark O’Mara wanted to file, well, I’ve got a bunch of beautiful land in south Florida to sell ya.   This motion was filed with strong hostile objection and forced client representation.   – /SD

H/T…hdfboo7…Verified Motion to Disqualify Trial Judge

(USAToday)…George Zimmerman wants a new judge to preside over his murder trial for shooting Trayvon Martin, arguing the current judge is biased against him.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, filed a motion to disqualify Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Lester, who revoked Zimmerman’s bond and then set a new, substantially higher bond.

“Mr. Zimmerman has a reasonable fear that he cannot get a fair trial or a fair stand your ground hearing by this court,” O’Mara wrote. “The court makes gratuitous, disparaging remarks about Mr. Zimmerman’s character; advocates for Mr. Zimmerman to be prosecuted for additional crimes; offers a personal opinion about the evidence for said prosecution; and continues to hold over Mr. Zimmerman’s head the threat of future contempt proceedings.” 

Lester’s actions have led Zimmerman to believe that the judge is bias against him and that he will not receive a fair trial, O’Mara wrote.

Lester revoked 6 month loans bad credit direct lenders last month after the state prosecutor accused Zimmerman and his wife of lying to the court about their financial assets during his initial bond hearing to obtain a lower bond.

A few weeks later during a second bond hearing, Lester set Zimmerman’s bail at $1 million but wrote a strongly worded order in which he said Zimmerman lied and may have been preparing to flee the country once out on bail. He rejected the notion put forth by O’Mara, that Zimmerman lied about his finances because he didn’t trust the system.

“The defendant tried to manipulate the system when he has been presented the opportunity to do so,” Lester wrote in his ruling. “This increased bail is not a punishment. It is meant to allay this court’s concern that the defendant intended to flee the jurisdiction and a lesser amount would not ensure his presence in court.”

Zimmerman has since posted bail and is living at a safe house in Seminole County.

It’s not the first time Zimmerman’s lawyers have asked for a new judge. In April, Zimmerman’s lawyers filed a motion asking Judge Jessica Recksiedler, who was initially assigned to the case, to remove herself because of an alleged conflict of interest.

Zimmerman’s family had first approached Recksiedler’s husband, attorney Mark NeJame, about representing Zimmerman. He declined and referred them to O’


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337 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: Zimmerman Wants Lester Replaced … Claims Bias

  1. skeptiktank says:

    GZ should also consider requesting a change of venue for the following reason. Sanford is not a very large city, and has a very cohesive black community. That is why they were able to mobilize their street demonstrators so readily. There will almost certainly be a couple jurors from that community. While I believe the jurors will want to take their responsibilities seriously, to examine the evidence and make the right decision, it will be much more difficult to ignore the pressure from their community which they have to return to, than it would be for someone from a large city where with larger neighborhoods where not everyone knows everyone else. Pinellas would be my choice, but even Dade would be better than Seminole.


  2. ejarra says:

    I apologize for the multiple long posts. It wasn’t my fault, it was G.W.Bush’s fault.


  3. kathyca says:

    yeah! I think the motion is excellent. Now I’m really, really curious about SDC’s knowledge of what’s going on behind the scenes.


  4. mooserator says:

    That letter from Mr. Trebach was awesome – and overdue.

    A Home Run.



  5. myopiafree says:

    Hi eJarra – I am pleased we on TreeHouse have a competent lawyer reviewing George Zimmerman’s case – of being innocent because he was having his head being beaten into the cement by TM. GZ had no choice but to shoot to save his own life. English law recognized that a person has that right.

    eJarra> ….That has led me to conclude that George Zimmerman is innocent, which is an extraordinary public statement for an old lawyer and legal scholar to make — since the case has not yet been tried.

    Otis> I agree! But because this is a rare, “Political Trial” – it will take a long time for your truth to come out. I also thank “TreeHouse” for hosting those of us who simply seek the truth and freedom for George Zimmerman. Thanks!


  6. hdfb007 says:

    While I do think the motion to get rid of Lester is a good thing. I am still sceptical because this seems way out of character for O’mara based on his past performance , which makes me wonder , now what? While on the surface the motion seems scathing…, but in reality is it?
    Add to that Nejame’s lackluster comments on Outfront makes me wonder even more, what does this really mean and what’s going on?


    • ftsk420 says:

      The way I read it was MOM had to do it now. Like he said it’s now or never. I also came to the conclusion that they are all butt buddies who probably meet for drinks on Fri and golf on Sunday. I’m pretty sure to Zimm it’s personal


  7. michellc says:

    Okay the best I can piece together is Najame owns clubs/bars, Lester frequents those clubs. Najame, Lester and O’Mara are all good buddies along with others. Good buddies often know things on other good buddies and you never want a good buddy to turn into the enemy, so good buddies have to stick together.
    Najame was approached by GZ, probably due to his coverage of the Anthony trial or possibly GZ was approached by Najame. Either way, Najame sent GZ to O’Mara. Lester, a judge who needs a lot of backscratching from Najame because of his frequent bar visits and what goes on in the bars owned by Najame and likewise Najame needs the same backscratching from Lester because he knows what Lester does in these bars. O’Mara probably needs some backscratching of his own. 3 amigos need to stick together sort of thing and I’m sure there is some backscratching that needs to be done in other camps as well.
    Poor George is the pawn in all of this political and probably shady stuff.

    I don’t know all the specifics, but it makes for a nice little gig, Najame gets to play the media card of how good the judge and O’mara are, how fair and committed to the job they are. O’Mara gets to play the good defense attorney who tried to get his client a fair trial and Najame gets to play the Lester is a fair and partial judge card as well. Others get what they want and a lot of people get to make some money and nobody really gives a crap about the life they’re ruining in the process.

    What a corrupt screwed up country we live in.


    • deblyn27 says:

      “Poor George” is right…, this is worse than a soap opera!


      • michellc says:

        It’s like my Mom always said, “birds of a feather flock together.”

        I think I get even more now why my retired judge friend went out of his way to not be socially involved or friendly with attorneys.


  8. maggiemoowho says:

    Who was the first bondsman, he had a white BMW, Pgh Steelers plate cover and GZ must have been wearing that bondsman’s jacket because it was a brown leather Steelers jacket. Is he using the same bondsman this time? Anyone know or do they keep that under wraps. Just curious.


  9. Mike Mueller says:
    Please share this page on as many pro gz places as you can. I had 85 members and had to start all over because trayvon supporters are pathetic liars who false report.

    Ive never been able to keep my pages, the lib cowards always get my pages shut down. They did it to every page pro sb1070 I made, and every anti-Obama page I made. …


    • Ad rem says:

      Hey….glad you made it in! 😀


      • jordan2222 says:

        Ad rem
        I was finally able to register again at worldpress so I am now jordan2222 instead of jordan2. You can ignore my last email. Glad to be back.


        • Ad rem says:

          And…..we are glad to have you back my friend. 😀 (Wow….how many Jordans are there out there? They got you up to 2222??? 😉 )


          • jordan2222 says:

            Glad to be back. My real name is Wayne and Jordan is my second daughter; hence, jordan2. We all have to cross the River Jordan and that is what prompted me to give her that name.

            All of my posts are late today but at least I made the effort to participate.


  10. jordan2222 says:

    another test. I WAS jordan2. What a mess this has been. The site seems to be getting a lot more traffic.


  11. spectator1 says:

    testing 123… OjO


  12. knuckledragingwino says:

    It Lives!

    Finally got this to work.

    Guess who?

    How do you like my gravatar?

    Perhaps I am beating my own drum here, but I think I might be partially responsible for this sudden surge in testicular fortitude.

    You will notice that on page 9 of the affadavit, it is mentioned that Trayvon Martin was shot “at close range” to substantiate George Zimmerman’s account of events? This statement refutes the conclusion in the autopsy report that TM was shot at “Intermediate Range.”. The idea that TM was shot at Intermediate range contradicts GZ’s description of the altercation. It is possible that this contradiction influenced not just Judge Lester the Molester but GZ’s own lawyers including Sooner, Ulrig, O’Mara and West. Since I took the liberty of contacting West’s office to point out that the ME’s observation of SOOT around the entrance wound conclusively proves that TM was shot at Close Range, it is possible that I actually enlightened them on subject on which they were innocent and restored their faith in their client’s innocence. Hence the more aggressive defense.

    I would eagerly presume that MOM and West were enlightened by the results from the most excellent forensic evaluation done by the FDLE crime lab. However; the experts at the FDLE reached a determination that reveals that I was wrong! Trayvon Martin was shot at CONTACT RANGE!!! The severe scorching of the fabric of his teeshirt and hoodie are dramatic evidence of this as is the STELLITE TEARING of the fabric from the overpressure of the propellent gases!! I am now dying to see autopsy photos of the entrance wound. Unfortunately; such photos might not exist because the same intentional effort to not collect evidence that would exonerate GZ that motivated the ME to not collect tissue samples from the wound or gunshot residue from the surrounding tissue might also have motivated the ME to take photos that would reveal his conclusion that TM was shot at Intermediate Range was an intentional falsehood.


  13. archer52 says:

    The defense is setting up an appeal, and giving the judge an opportunity to get out before this it gets worse.

    Remember this is all about Obama and Holder looking for their election year “Stacey Koon” prosecution to fire up the black voters. Zimmerman look good for it until the fact started to come out and the wheels came off.

    I’m tickled former detective Serino is now PATROLMAN midnight shift Serino. As a veteran detective with a generation in law enforcement I believe bad acts like his cannot be tolerated. Now, according to one report, there are three others (two are black) who were leaking info to the Martin family.

    Sadly, in the Obama-world they won’t face the same fate as Serino. Race is like Kryptonite to justice in this backassed world we live in. Sanford PD won’t dare open that can of worms for fear of lawsuits and DOJ investigations. They know that being a bad actor and black, as we have seen in the New Black Panther situation, seem to cancel each other out in Holder’s eyes. In a time where Obama claimed to be the first post racial President, we are he is acting quite the opposite and I would say shame on him, if I thought he was capable of feeling shame.

    But he isn’t as most narcissist cannot feel shame because they cannot recognize guilt or responsibility in themselves.

    Here is my post. I also believe that Zimmerman is a victim of the entitlement mentality. Everybody involved in this think they have a right to act a certain way- from Martin to Serino to Gov Scott and including the judge. After his comments, the judge should get out, but arrogance and pride may stop him. Lawyers, even black robed lawyers, are often not the brightest bulb on the tree.


    • minpin06 says:

      Read your article archer, great job. Of course we are on the same page with Obama’s America, that has turned into a get out of jail free card if you have the right color skin, and the rest of who you are as a person be damned.

      The sad part is that even if Obama and Holder are sent packing in Nov., the race mongrels will still be here. It is something that is passed down from generation to generation with these people. It is my belief that Benjamin Crump is auditioning to be the next King Al Sharpton.


      • doodahdaze says:

        Only Obama can forge a Peace Pact between the Crips and Bloods. He may even have the leaders up to Camp David. The Peace Process is a difficult road.


    • jordan2222 says:

      Thanks for sharing the great link to some common sense reasoning.


    • doodahdaze says:

      I hope Bonaparte ends up working at the landfill. Or filling it.


  14. 2ntense says:

    Remember the article about Lester’s son going to school with Shellie? People were asking if Lester shouldn’t recuse himself and then the second bond hearing happened? Are we so sure that Lester didn’t do this knowing this would happen?


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