Chad Green’s Dad Talks – Then Chad and Brandy Green Talk – AND U-Tube Scrubs video where Tracy Martin says the voice on the 911 call was not his son

HatTip Treeper JamesF – In the first video you hear Chad Green’s Dad discuss the Trayvon shooting. Chad Green is the 14 year old son of Brandy Green (Tracy Martin’s girlfriend). We are also going to add to this post the video interview of Chad/Brandy and Fox’s Craig Rivera.  (update – video added below)

Listen to Chad Green’s Dad describe the events of 2/26, then listen to video #2 where Chad and Brandy describe 2/26, then compare it to what is factually known of 2/26. This entire thing is riddled with lies and make believe. But, decide for yourself.

First Chad’s Dad:

Now listen to Chad himself and Brandy his mom:

Craig Rivera interviews Brandy Green and 14 year old Son Chad Green

Remember the fox Orlando video with Tracy Martin saying the voice on the tape was not Trayvon?   The video from the day after the shooting?    (screen shots below) 

This is what appears now:

 Does anyone have a copy of that video?

Who’s Lying?   And Why?

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414 Responses to Chad Green’s Dad Talks – Then Chad and Brandy Green Talk – AND U-Tube Scrubs video where Tracy Martin says the voice on the 911 call was not his son

  1. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    I truly don’t believe that DeeDee has the intelligence to understand how much trouble she can get in for lying as the star state’s witness. I doubt she can come back and say that someone from the state or even Crump made her do it, if she is proven to have lied.

    Who’s going to charge her?
    She’s the prosecution’s star witness.


  2. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    The first question raised is whether or not TM had been to Brandi Green’s place on previous occasions.

    He had. Watch the 7-11 too. He seemed very familiar with the store.
    I doubt he had any friends in Sanford. He would have been hanging out with them if he did.
    Didn’t he spend 2/25 with his cousin?
    Here’s a question. Do you all think Team Crump knew about LEAN or ROBO?
    Did they read the inaccurate police report and then spread the Ice Tea and Skittles for the little brother story without realizing what TM was actually purchasing? What would be the narrative if they had realized the implications of that purchase?
    That night TM probably was just going to drink the stuff without cough syrup or vodka. I’m sure he would have preferred some Robitussin but it doesn’t look like he got his hands on any..


    • howie says:

      His Cuzz has said on his tweet of March …I think 14th that he has to go to Orlando to “Make some moves for Tvon” I wonder if there was a Crump meeting to get the lies straight?


  3. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    As for the Mother, I doubt she still believes that it is TM screaming on the 911 calls.
    Before the 7-11 tapes no audio or video of Trayvon supposedly existed.
    Charles Blow asked her about it and she said, “Maybe on his VM but I’m not sure.”
    She would have to be a party any plan to bury any recordings of TM if Audio and video of TM(its 2012) existed


  4. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    Is it possible that GZ had seen this person on a previous occasion?

    That’s one reason he called the po pos. He hadn’t seen TM before.


  5. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    They will never admit the true likelihood of an out of control 17 year old assaulting someone for being “dissed”.

    Yup, unfortunately, it was as simple as that.
    I’ve seen the case described elsewhere as “Death by Testosterone.”.
    GZ was not seen has a helpless innocent by person who made that comment though.
    He though it took two to Tango.


  6. Ignatius J Donnelly says:

    I wonder if there was a Crump meeting to get the lies straight?



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