REPORT: White House Leaker = National Security Advisor Tom Donilon

Breitbart is reporting:   Pat Caddell joined Stephen K. Bannon on the “Victory Sessions” and told him that National Security Advisor Tom Donilon is likely the source of recent intelligence leaks that have prompted calls for an investigation by Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein.  Caddell explains that he is certain Donilon is the source of the leaks because of his background as a political operative and a known “leaker”.

President Obama With National Security Advisor Tom Donilon

If this is indeed true, well, you can’t get any more “inside the White House” than NSA Advisor to the President Tom Donilon.

Thomas E. “Tom” Donilon (born May 14, 1955) is the National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration, and has had a career as a U.S. political advisor, government official and lawyer.

The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, commonly referred to as the National Security Advisor, is a senior official in the Executive Office of the President who serves as the chief advisor, stationed in the White House, to the President of the United States on national security issues.

This person also participates in the meetings of the National Security Council. The National Security Advisor’s office is located in the West Wing of the White House. He or she is supported by the National Security Council staff that produces research, briefings, and intelligence for the APNSA to review and present either to the National Security Council or directly to the President.

The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs is appointed by the President without confirmation by the United States Senate.  However, the APNSA is a staff position in the Executive Office of the President and does not have line authority over either the Department of State or the Department of Defense, but is able, as a consequence thereof, to offer advice to the President – unlike the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense who are senate-confirmed officials with line authority over their departments – independently of the vested interests of the large bureaucracies and clientele of those departments. The influence and role of the National Security Advisor varies from administration to administration and depends heavily on the qualities of the person appointed to the position.

In times of crisis, the National Security Advisor operates from the White House Situation Room, updating the President on the latest events of a crisis.

Previously, Donilon served together with diplomat Wendy Sherman as Agency Review Team Lead for the State Department in the Obama transition,  and as Deputy to National Security Advisor James Jones early in the Obama administration. Donilon replaced Jones as National Security Advisor on October 8, 2010

Mr. Donilon began as a young political operative for President Jimmy Carter and later was chief of staff for Secretary of State Warren Christopher in the Clinton administration. He has long operated in the area between politics and national security. He coached Mr. Obama on foreign policy for his debates in the 2008 presidential campaign.

As deputy national security adviser, Mr. Donilon has urged what he calls a “rebalancing” of American foreign policy to rapidly disengage American forces in Iraq and to focus more on China, Iran and other emerging challenges. In the Afghanistan-Pakistan review, he argued that the United States could not engage in what he termed “endless war,” and has strongly defended Mr. Obama’s decision to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan next summer.

Donilon worked as assistant secretary of state for public affairs and has served as the Clinton administration’s Secretary of State chief of staff. Although he has no military experience and worked as a lobbyist, Donilon was “intimately involved in many major foreign policy issues, including negotiating the Bosnian peace agreement and the expansion of NATO”.   Donilon figures prominently during formulation of strategy for Afghanistan and associated discussions in Bob Woodward’s 2010 book, “Obama’s Wars.”

Donilon was ‘criticized’ by General Jones who once disparaged Donilon, for his lack of overseas experience, telling him that as a result: “You have no credibility with the military,” according to Bob Woodward’s “Obama’s Wars.” Jones said that Donilon was not good in his dealings with his staff at the National Security Council, displaying “too little feel for the people who work day and night….”.    Donilon did visit Afghanistan March 2010 during President Obama’s six-hour late-night visit to the country.

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13 Responses to REPORT: White House Leaker = National Security Advisor Tom Donilon

  1. howie says:

    With Obama as President this is almost a non-issue. The White House itself is like the old Soviet Embassy.


    • Sharon says:

      So as part of the transition–while the new President Romney and his party are still out on Pennsylvania Avenue watching the parade, somebodies from the CIA will have to be sweeping the offices and living quarters of the White House and removing all the listening devices left behind. That will probably be a new line item in the transition budget.


      • howie says:

        There have been renovations going on too. Who knows what is inside the walls. Like the old American Embassy in Moscow.


  2. labrat says:

    I vote for John Lithgow to play him in the movie.


  3. sybilj says:
    April 16, 2005
    …From 2000 to 2003, Donilon received more than $7 million in compensation in the form of cash payments and restricted stock awards. Last year, he was paid his salary — $644,000 — but no bonus.
    …Obama’s close hometown crony, campaign finance chief and senior adviser Penny Pritzker was head of Superior Bank of Chicago, a subprime specialist that went bust in 2001, leaving more than 1,400 people stripped of their savings after bank officials falsified profit reports. Pritzker’s lawyer at O’Melveny and Myers, Tom Donilon, is now Obama’s deputy national security adviser. He earned just shy of $4 million representing her and other high-profile meltdown clients including Goldman Sachs.
    …Thomas Donilon is really Biden’s man. He’s worked for Biden in the past. His brother works for him. His wife is Biden’s Chief of Staff. If Donilon was any deeper in with Biden, he’d be married to him. Which means it’s good odds that Biden helped push out Jones. Biden’s supposed reason for being in his present job is his foreign policy expertise. Putting in Donilon let him have an oar in the water, now his oar just got a little bigger.


  4. zmalfoy says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m still kinda stuck at the part about the National Security Advisor being the likely leak. . . Can we at this point assume that the head of the CIA is a FGB agent and that the head of the USDA hates farms? Criminy . . .


    • solaratov says:

      Donilon is – first, foremost and always – a political creature. The country, its well-being and safety and the freedom of the American people will always take a back seat.


  5. ZurichMike says:

    I used to roll my eyes at the pointed-heady tin-foil hat brigade’s sometimes convoluted panic attacks about how the Obama administration’s single goal is to destroy the US completely. With stories like this, the brigade’s members have all become visionary in my eyes.

    Hurry, Election Day. Hurry, Inauguration Day. Keep praying.


  6. mwsomerset says:

    “Caddell explains that he is certain Donilon is the source of the leaks because of his background as a political operative and a known “leaker”. So this is the evidence that Donilon is the leaker….really?


    • solaratov says:

      Once burned … twice shy.



    • Aussie says:

      Caddell probably knows something that we do not know…. It seems to me that Donilon is a very likely candidate to be the leaker, or at least the fall guy…. I think that the leaker is higher up in the chain…. as in he gave permission for the information to be leaked. Not hard to figure it out.


  7. DizzyMissL says:

    Does it strike anyone else as odd that you would hire a “known leaker” to be your National Security Advisor?


  8. ctdar says:

    Hahaha you think WhiteHouse will accept a case of depends addressed to Donilon


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