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New Attorney, Don West, Joins Zimmerman Defense Team…. Apparently this guy is dangerously good, and highly respected.

(Via Weinerboy at the Orlando Sentinel) George Zimmerman, the defendant in one of the most-watched murder cases in the country, on Thursday added a new lawyer to his defense team: veteran Orlando attorney Donald R. West, who specializes in murders. … Continue reading

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Yikes ! The French Canadian Cannibal is On The Loose and Vows To Eat Again….

This French Canadian whacko is completly deranged.  Gateway Pundit is staying on top of this story and they have posted more than a couple of really creepy updates.  Including: There are reports Luka fled Canada to France. Interpol has added him … Continue reading

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President Bush Returns To The White House….

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I Don’t Want To Be Alone Atop The Wall….

….. nor do I want to be alone when the plan is hatched to break free from the joining chains along the march to “Camp Comfort.” Liberals, Progressives, and like-minded left-wing Fabians and Marxists try to control the world and … Continue reading

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Provide NO Quarter…..

Lay with dogs and you are going to get fleas.   Hang around a one legged friends long enough and you are going to start limpin’. This election cycle, perhaps unlike many that preceeded it, the professional politicial class need to be held accountable … Continue reading

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The Entire Life-Story Is Just a Convoluted Mess Of Lies, Misstruths and Manipulations

The dismissive and abject refusal of the Main Stream Media to vett President Obama allows these obvious lies to go unchallenged.   How anyone could possibly consider President Obama to be “real” is beyond my comprehension to understand. The latest visible example to reflect how … Continue reading

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Prog Logic – In one Quote from Bloomberg

Earlier today ZMalfoy shared a link to an article about New York Mayor Bloomberg seeking to ban drink choices in the city.   New York mayor seeks ban on sale of big sugary drinks. When Bloomberg was challenged today about his … Continue reading

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