Snubbed Again…. Putin Dismisses Obama as Irrelevant

President Barack Obama talks on the phone with President-elect Vladimir Putin of Russia while aboard Air Force One en route to Richmond, Va., March 9, 2012. Alice Wells, Senior Director for Russian Affairs, is seated at right.

MOSCOW (AFP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this month rejected an offer from United States (US) President Barack Obama for landmark bilateral talks at the White House, the Kremlin revealed on Tuesday.

Less than a week before Mr Putin’s May 7 inauguration, he received a missive from Mr Obama touching upon bilateral and international issues and inviting him to discuss them in a bilateral summit on the sidelines of the May 18 to 19 G8 summit, Mr Putin’s foreign policy aide Yury Ushakov said. 

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9 Responses to Snubbed Again…. Putin Dismisses Obama as Irrelevant

  1. zauber says:

    Well DUH, what do you expect? Putin knows he has the Imam by the short hairs and knows that the POtuS doesn’t have the cojones to make a threat or the military backing to follow through even if his non-Y-chromosome throwers were in full working order. Putin’s boys are running rampant in Syria helping al-Assad maintain his power and Russia her last naval seaport in the Med. NATO’s powerless (read scared sh*tless) to confront the Russians over Syria – the Brits just caved last week. Obama has just about let the EU know that he’s letting Putin absorb the homeland of The Blue Eyed Devils into the Russian near-abroad, just as he’s leaning towards letting the Chinese have the China Sea as their personal swimming pool – though the Japanese may have something to say about that. Obama’s creating a 3-power system, whether his little mind thought it up or not – to where Russia will be the main power in Europe, China will have Asia and the US will maintain its hold on the banana and cocain farms to our south. Africa’s another question – no one seems to want it, just its resources. As theUS is the only country with a military force designed to ‘work’ in Africa we may just get its problems while others get its goodies.


  2. Rum says:

    More than any other politician in recent memory, V. Putin is a student of the art and science of body language. This is bad news because that path often leads to bluffing; and bluffs are often called. Someone must then back down or its August 1914.


  3. Sentenza says:

    I’m surprised that AFP is regarded as a reliable news source.


  4. A request for information/opinion from any knowledgable Treeper.

    I will readily admit my weakness on Soviet/Russian political nuance and strategy. However, those of you who have read here for a bit might note that a resurgence of Soviet Style Russian “patriotism”, for lack of a better word, appears to have been slowly raising itself on the looming international horizon. Not like another Iorn Curtain per se, but more of a strategic and global influence, engaging in countries that posess far less than positive perspectives toward the United States.

    That said, is anyone familiar with, or have any connection to, the “sense” within Russia herself.? It is difficult to identify the “sense of the average person” in Russia through the slanted lenses of the media.

    What do they think of Putin and what do they think about the direction their nation is going?

    Anyone have any idea?


    • Sharon says:

      First of all, I don’t know. I hope someone here does–maybe Yatz will have something. It occurs to me that the generation who survived the 70s years of disaster and lived to see the Soviet Union fall apart in ’89 are mostly dead or in their 90s now. The generation in their 30s and 40s now probably had never completely bought into the old style “Mother Russia” thing. The economic developments after the Soviet Union fell apart went Chicago thug-style rather quickly (with the oligarchs) while some form of genuine capitalism actually did become part of the scene. And then–here comes Putin: old style, iron-fisted, with a “plan.” Who is his “constituency” any more, if he has one? Or does he just have his fingers into “raw power” and has enough people in the ruling class terrified of him? The last 20 years has been a wild ride for them. It seems like Putin is, in some way, trying to have an “as I was saying” moment, harking back to the immediate post-Yeltsin period?? Has too much happened, both politically and nationally, for that to work?

      Wasn’t the old style nationalism tied directly to the autocratic government? Putin may want to return to that–but can he? The Olympics are going to be interesting to watch for those who know what to look for and how to read it. (winter olympics 2014–sorry) Random thoughts.


  5. zauber says:

    Many years ago a Russophile in a beltway agency described Russia to me as a nation of serfs. They’d been serfs and property of an oligarchic state since time immemorial – 1917 was just a change of management. They lost over 20-million citizens in WW II and never really recovered – much of their ‘Russian’ military (not the Bloc) were non-white who didn’t speak Russian led by Russians who didn’t speak their ethnic dialects. For decades Russia has been in a racial decline, birth rates plummeting and their population aging and shot through with health problems and alcoholism.While oil prices were up prior to the worldwide meltdown the Russian government was using revenues to subsidize the birth of their European population, trying to halt the steep decilne. There’s a surge in Russian nationalism but the State is at a loss to project power outside of their immediate borders (Hey Vlad, how’s Chechnya goin’?) – they are a shadow of their Soviet Empire days. It will be interesting to see how many ‘Euiropean’ Russians are vassals of the state vice their more ethnic Russians over the next 50 years and what shape Russia will be in. Personally I’d like to see them alll drop 9 miles into hell – as my grandfather would tell me:”The best thing about Atilla invading Europe was that to do it he had to pass through Russia – twice.” If Russia didn’t have nukes no one would take it seriously.


  6. DA says:

    I am ethnically Russian and have communicated with a pen pal there. Putin is very popular with the people as he is seen as a hero who is saving the country. The recent elections were heavily monitored and he brags that they were more fair and free than the US version (the whole world knows about the diebold machines and all the subversion in US voting)


    • zauber says:

      Yeah, I have old editions of Pravda from the 60s that say the same thing. I have friends and family in the old Bloc countries that, given the opportunity and armament, would like to return centuries of Russian favors.


  7. Please do not give in to anything Obama wants Please wait for him to get thrown out of office. Much of America do not want obama and he is evil. Wish you were here . But please do not talk with Obama about anything Please Sir Putin.


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