MSNBC Host “Chris Hayes” Issues Apology for Saying He’s ‘Uncomfortable’ with Calling Fallen Soldiers ‘Heroes’

MSNBC is a faux news propaganda entity selling the far-left talking points from Media Matters et al, 24/7.   Period.   Their entire lineup of pundits, newsies, talking heads and show hosts are specifically and intentionally similar in one key aspect, supporting the far-left in general, and President Obama specifically.

This intellectually honest definition of MSNBC is no longer challenged by any observer of the media or their agenda.   The insufferable lack of objectivity is also why MSNBC lags significantly behind the other news providers;  MSNBC is simply a propaganda machine.

But they carry their echo-chambering message a bit to far at times ergo recently evidenced by host Chris Hayes saying he’s uncomfortable calling fallen soldiers heroes.   He is, for all intents and purposes, a typical far-left prog.   In typical prog elitist fashion his ‘Airs and Graces’ are far superior than all others except those few within his closed circle of like-minded prog elites.

The visible arrogance and pontificating attitude of superiority within such mindsets are the key qualifiers to determine how ideologically entrenched the pundit is on the propaganda channel.   Rachael Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Melissa Harris Perry, Martin Bashir and Chris Hayes are all cut from the exact same cloth.

So reading Chris Hayes’s apology is just another typical example of how a prog talks when their elitist views do not align with the majority of Americans.   They retract, yet they blame the audience while backing away:

On Sunday, in discussing the uses of the word “hero” to describe those members of the armed forces who have given their lives, I don’t think I lived up to the standards of rigor, respect and empathy for those affected by the issues we discuss that I’ve set for myself. I am deeply sorry for that.

As many have rightly pointed out, it’s very easy for me, a TV host, to opine about the people who fight our wars, having never dodged a bullet or guarded a post or walked a mile in their boots. Of course, that is true of the overwhelming majority of our nation’s citizens as a whole. One of the points made during Sunday’s show was just how removed most Americans are from the wars we fight, how small a percentage of our population is asked to shoulder the entire burden and how easy it becomes to never read the names of those who are wounded and fight and die, to not ask questions about the direction of our strategy in Afghanistan, and to assuage our own collective guilt about this disconnect with a pro-forma ritual that we observe briefly before returning to our barbecues.

But in seeking to discuss the civilian-military divide and the social distance between those who fight and those who don’t, I ended up reinforcing it, conforming to a stereotype of a removed pundit whose views are not anchored in the very real and very wrenching experience of this long decade of war. And for that I am truly sorry.

-Chris Hayes

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20 Responses to MSNBC Host “Chris Hayes” Issues Apology for Saying He’s ‘Uncomfortable’ with Calling Fallen Soldiers ‘Heroes’

  1. CRussell says:

    I am very uncomfortable watching or believing anything MSNBC Host “Chris Hayes” might have to say by way of an apology. MSNBC and other television news sources need to realize and understand that they are out-of-touch and out-of-sync with the majority of U.S. news consumers when they put a microphone in front of blabbering idiots eg. “Chris Hayes” and Al Sharpton,the radical racist.
    The majority of news consumers in this country will immediately turn the channel when confronted with watching/listening to nonsensical left-wing blatherings.
    Left-wingers don’t consume news, they are too busy blathering,babbling,creating and crafting News.
    Personally, I left MSNBC behind long ago


  2. Bobby Woods says:

    I agree with Chris Hayes and he is an outstanding reporter. Your entire website is a lovefest for self loathing bigots.



    • Sharon says:

      “…… a removed pundit whose views are not anchored….” Even he knows who he is…in his own words.

      You don’t like us, do ya? Aw, shoot. 😦


    • Sharon says:

      Oh! You didn’t indicate which thing he said that you agree with–was it what he said first or what he said second? Do you agree with what he said before he said he shouldn’t have said it? Or do you agree with what he said later about what he said earlier that he later decided he shouldn’t have said, but that he still thought it or something….but he shouldn’t have said it? Is that the part you agree with?


    • WeeWeed says:

      Say what you MEAN, Bobby…. don’t candy-coat it. We’re not thin-skinned liberal pu$$ies. I’ll betcha we can handle it.


    • barnslayer says:

      “self-loathing”? No need for that when we have so many open-minded liberals to do that for us. Hows that hate thing doing?


      • Sharon says:

        And besides that, barn, we truly do not loathe ourselves! We’re happy with our Tree, happy with our Friday cooler, happy with our ability to work, happy with our friendships with one another, happy that we can choose and express faith in the Sovereign God when we wish to, I’m happy with the new plants in our yard, I’m happy with Sundancecracker’s simple determination to speak true things, . I don’t loathe myself. I don’t think you loathe yourself, barn! There’s no WAY you could, considering your happy surrender to great old cowboy music without a moment’s notice. I don’t believe that Ad Rem loathes herself: have you ever seen a Puddy with so blasted many different outfits? And (obviously professionally done) so many photos of herself? Tilda doesn’t loathe herself, I’m sure: crap, she’s a happy camper with a big family who’s just a busy busy girl. Shoot, we’ve only known PAL a few days–I don’t think she loathes herself, because she’s kicking down the growing edges learning new things about gravatar software. Dedicated Dad? Nope. No way that dude loathes himself: he’s too busy cutting a swath for the people in his life that he’s fighting for. GFC/in that order? Oh, good grief, no! He wouldn’t be helping us with that Hawaii land potential if he loathed himself! He sees the future and intends to make the most of it.

        I absolutely cannot think of a single person on this blessed Tree who loathes themselves. ‘cept the unthinking folks who come in and first thing they do is poop on the carpet and start yelling at everybody. Good grief, what a way to get acquainted. He needs to take some lessons from some of the articulate liberals we’ve been enjoying visiting with recently. I don’t think jello is perfect, but I sure like his conversation. I doubt he thinks I’m perfect either (if he does, he just hasn’t been paying attention) but he’s willing to participate in conversation with me.

        Who ARE the self-loathers?? WHO, I ask you!

        Back to the kitchen—bread rising, gotta get it in the oven. (See. I loathe myself. 😉 )



        (This is why I don’t use adult beverages, folks–life itself puts me in a giddy frame of mind: when I get wound up, over-tired, too many things to do and have a headache at 4:30 in the afternoon, but there’s bread rising and clothes drying and the sun is shining….hey, I REFUSE to loathe myself! Life is good.)


    • Ash says:

      I wear my bigot pin proudly these days because no matter how good I treat others it’s never good enough for the emotional, political and financial vampires that scream racism and bigot to get their way.

      I’m sick of trying to please the PC crowd and refuse to do so another day. You will not back me into a corner of silence with your screams of racism or bigotry any more!

      A quote by Winston Churchill I feel fit this situation Mr. Woods.

      ““You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”


    • howie says:

      Cris Hayes should get a job. As a KuKu in a KuKu Clock.


    • Well, at least his avatar is accurate – a jackass target…

      Listen, Son – the grown-ups are trying to have a conversation, and you’re clearly not up to the maturity level required.

      Nice try though – really… (rolleyes)
      Just for clarity, the only thing I “loathe” are self-important dunderheads like yourself who throw out ad-hominem attacks without even knowing what they mean.

      “Self-loathing” SOUNDS bad, so…

      Weak, Son – VERY weak.


    • CRussell says:

      Bobby Wood, if you would ask him, i would be willing to wager that Chris Hayes would marry you, and plight you his troth, but it would be only a marriage of convenience, At least on his part, because Chris Hayes can only truly troth himself.


    • Mike The Cop says:

      Self loathing? I’m so in love with myself I’m afraid my wife could get in the way. Bigot? To me you are all equally worthless…until of course I can see that you can demonstrate your worth. In my line of work, I’m rarely disappointed in terms of stereotypes. Stereotypes being another word for “truth”.


  3. zauber says:

    Two words: ‘damage’ and ‘control’. Note how he pillories himself, trying to make yoiu feel uncomfortable with his open, direct and seemingly soul-wrenching self-flagellation. Note how he quickly passes the blame on to the majority of readers by bringing up the presses old ‘social class inequity’ whine about those who serve in the military. Look for a future missive on how minority and poor serve and die disproportionately and that’s what he was really trying to say but the rabid rightwing warmongers misrepresented his work. Best military use for reporters is as a bullet sump.


  4. Sharon says:

    So Bobby didn’t wanna play?


    • WeeWeed says:

      Bobby’s thong is in a knot, good Sharon. Do not visualize. His knickers are wadded, he’s got a wedgie, crap! I’ll be back in a minute, we gotta score….


    • Bobby’s a moron.

      The odd smart/know-it-all youngin’/leftard can actually help sharpen debating skills and tighten arguments.

      I don’t mind the occasional idiot – they can actually be somewhat entertaining at times – but morons like “bobby” just annoy without providing ANYTHING of value.

      They’re like flies – pure annoyance, good for nothing but swatting.


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