Thanking The Truthseekers…

Y’all know we have been researching in-depth the entire Trayvon Martin VS. George Zimmerman, Julison-created and Media-Hyped, narrative for over two months.   The initial and subsequent research we engaged in was an effort to untangle the various web of lies and misinformation and now includes over 876 cited, and fact based, research links.

The last update(s) divided into two sections Update #26 Part-1, and Update #26 Part-2, essentially present the fact based narrative of Trayvon Martin’s life in the last year leading up to his death.   These updates are generally just reflecting upon and discussing his own words.  Then allowing him to tell his own story, sad though it may be, from the social media networking and conversations he left behind.

It is gutwrenching to fully digest all of the self-destructive flags that were presented by Trayvon for anyone to find, and it is heartbreaking to know that just a few moments of involvement by either of his parents into the direction of his life would, at any moment, have revealed to them where he was headed.   If they would have looked at what “he was into,” and “what he was saying,” and “why he was in trouble” there were numerous opportunities to intervene and stop the downward spiral.

It really is, in the purest of all human considerations, heartbreaking to go back through his history and see, in hindsight, what became the inevitable conclusion to his life.  It was so avoidable, and yet apparently too much trouble for both Sybrina or Tracy to undertake.

This is not said to diminish the responsibility of George Zimmerman for pulling the trigger, and if there was one scintilla of evidence to reflect any culpability on his part I can assure you we would highlight it with the same truthful veracity.

Alas, while Mr. Zimmerman eventually pulled the trigger which ended the physical life of young Trayvon Martin, the bricks upon which Trayvon was building his life’s path were leading to a distant and all to0 familiar destination for young black males without engaged parents holding the strong reins of guidance and support.

Trayvon was a fatherless son, and the most critical time in his life followed the end of his Sophomore year of High School.   In the Summer of 2011, while undergoing rapid physical and psychological change common of a 16-year-old boy, there was no one intercepting the early warning signs of his directional identity.   It was within this summer period, May, June, and July 2011, when he fully immersed himself in the “drug culture” and subsequent lifestyle.   Prior to that, it was all just peer pressure and nibbling around the edges.

But following that Sophomore school year 2010-2011, his life choices took a specifically dangerous turn.   Obviously he was seeking his own identity, his own sense of self, and his own capacity to engage with his friends and social circle in the manner of his choice.

Perhaps Sybrina tried, perhaps Tracy did too, only they know what combination of their current emotion is guilt or grief.   But it does not bode well for either that upon the third suspension from school this year; and following on the heels of a radically altering summer of choices in 2011; and following specifically known drug use (by Trayvon’s school and his parents in February 2012), that Tracy Martin would think it was the best option, or even appropriate, to leave Trayvon alone in an unfamiliar place and head out to dinner with his fourth female companion sold to Trayvon as another mother figure.

Beyond sad.

The deflectors, and those who would desperately need to cling to the precipitous contention that only George Zimmerman was to blame, use the argument of “if only George had stayed in his truck.”   Yet those responsibility-avoidance advocates fail to even consider the simple truth that if a Father had chosen to take his son to dinner with him, instead of leaving him home alone, none of this would have happened; and perhaps, just perhaps, Trayvon would have felt “wanted, cherished, or valued.”

The following sites have linked to the meticulously researched story of the final year of Trayvon Martin, much of it in his own words, and I would like to thank them for attempting to spread the truth:

Big fur Hat @ iOwnTheWorld

Big Fur Hat @

The Peoples Cube

The Free Republic

Ann Barnhardt






…..and many, many, more, including thousands of individual people who dropped the link to this information on many other venues within the comments sections of various forums and sites.   It is good to see the “truth” still holds significant value amid the furor of spontaneous judgement.

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34 Responses to Thanking The Truthseekers…

  1. Lulu says:

    Kudos to the bloggers who saw the truth in what you have been doing and gave it additional exposure. Otherwise it would have stayed here. What a shame that would have been.


    • myopiafree says:

      I am certain that O’mara SUSPECTS that a number of these issues are true. But he does not have time to “run down” each and every one of these items. Thanks to Sundance and Dedicated Dad, we have a wealth of information on drugs, TM involvement with them, his probably paranoia from some of the drugs – that led him to take a swing at GZ. A normal person would not do that. A 17 year old, alone and taking drugs for five days – would. Yes, TM was abandoned by both parents – who probably did’nt consult with TM for the reasons WHY he was kicked out. The probably assumed it was a racist school, and there was not help for that. GZ had to defend himself from being beaten by this drug-thug – he had no choice. That is tragic, but letting TM drift into drugs is tragic also – the real reason for TM’s paranoid attack on GZ.


  2. Jasper says:

    It is so nice to be able to come here and get the truth and see such thorough research being done. Will any of this be permissable in court and does it have any ability to help free GZ? It seems there is something not right about this case from the start because GZ had no voice and all the while crump and others have been spewing lies on natl TV- pursued , confronted and shot” over and over until the point where I think a lot of people believe that to be true. As stupid as he sounds if Crump is allowed to repeatedly say these things freely the words will resonate with some folks eventually. Unarmed child: stalked: gunned down: teenager walking with Candy:vigilante: Is this the new justice system in America? This does not seem like justice or a fair trial- wake up America!


    • Jello333 says:

      Nothing anyone has said or done here has any legal standing in and of itself. But what it CAN do is help change the narrative by helping to spread the truth, or at least make people start to question what they’ve been fed so far. And more than that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark O’Mara and his team (he DOES have a “team”, doesn’t he?) are keeping an eye on things here. And IF he finds anything here that can be of help to his case, I can almost guarantee you that he’ll make use of it. And if he does, I also wouldn’t be surprised if he gave credit where credit is due. The people of this site are performing an amazing, important service.


      • Sandusky says:

        Never mind O’Mara giving where credit where credit is due – I think that when the case is thrown out (or won, if he has to take it that far), he ought to send a case or two of Gentleman Jack to the treehouse, and about a hundred pounds of bacon. That should make the campfire burn brighter for a night or two. Just don’t sing too loud, you guys, OK?


      • howie says:

        I think a lot of it will be admissible. It goes to Treyvon’s character. A criminal defendant may put a pertinent trait of the accused or the victim in evidence. FRE 404(a)(1) and (2)


  3. Somuchtolearn says:

    Being an abused and neglected child myself, I strive to be the mother and wife that my mother never was. Like Dedicated Dad, I am very involved in all aspects of their life, not to stunt their journey but to guide their paths. My kids know I love and value them too much to be their buddy. I do not see Trayvon as a saint. I know too much about myself to believe Anyone is ALL good. However, I do not see him as a complete loser. He was a misguided, NO, an UNguided boy that was given up on much to soon. Both his parents and our society were to eager to let him be that great kid who was into aviation. Perhaps, the one good that come from this tragedy, is that thousands of parents, guardians, etc are now doing their due diligence to be aware of both sides of their kids. The side they chose to show us and the side they let their friends see. I pray, with all my heart, that Trayvon is in a better place. A place where his, true Father, shows him the love, nurturing, and attention he so desperately cried out for when he was still here. I hope that, being shown forgiveness, he can forgive everyone that ever let him down or ignored him. Maybe now, we will all start understanding that we all have to make sure NO ONE falls through the cracks, and that not one of us is ever really through “growing up”, Thank you treehousers for giving me a safe and entertaing place to learn and express my opinion. Keep up the great work.
    {Pam, aka Somuchto learn, sits back down beside the fire and hugs her husband and 3 children very tightly, as the guitar keeps strumming.} 😉


    • Jello333 says:

      As an old hippie, let me just say this: Right on!


    • Sharon says:

      So glad you have a fire to sit by and a good man to hug and three children who love their Mom…..let the guitars play on.


    • **…Perhaps, the one good that [COULD(?)] come from this tragedy, is that thousands of parents, guardians, etc are now doing their due diligence to be aware of both sides of their kids. The side they chose to show us and the side they let their friends see…”

      This is what makes my blood absolutely *BOIL*!

      It COULD – perhaps – serve as a valuable lesson for some people, but…

      Ma & Pa Skittles are WAAAAaaaaayy too self-absorbed to ever admit they had *ANY* part in this!

      More importantly – Julison, the legacy/lame-stream media, the Race-Pimps and Hustlers, and Benny “All-About-‘Da-Benjamins” Chump are not only enabling them to avoid facing their rightful responsibilities here (and instead turn the whole thing into a sordid money-grubbing SCAM!) – but THEY ARE:

      WORST OF ALL, by doing what they’re doing they’re wasting an INcREDIBLY valuable opportunity to *REALLY* make the death of their son serve a higher purpose!!

      If they were mature enough to be *HONEST* about his last year, and his final actions, then they could possibly save the lives of COUNTLESS of Trayvon’s demographic peers who will NOW – OTHERWISE – go on and die just exactly as Trayvon did – a life utterly wasted by drugs and random violence.

      Best of all, they’ll also convince MILLIONS -as they already have – to blame “whitey” or “GUNS!” instead of their OWN screwed up *CULTURE* that puts their Children in Cells and Caskets at truly STAGGERING rates!

      It’s a thrice-damned SHAME – and may *ALL* those responsible burn in the hell they setup for so many others!


      • Somuchtolearn says:

        So sorry, hun, I didn’t mean to make your blood boil. it’s hot enough in the south right now that you don’t need my help in boiling anything. Sorry again sweetie. And thank you for checking my grammatical errors, much obliged. And yes I do call everybody sweetie, hon sir or mam. yep back to the telephone microphone, so please fix my errors.


      • John McLachlan says:

        Many years ago, there was a very controversial prosecution of a group of girls who had conducted a very brutal sexual assault upon another girl, at school.
        The nature of the assault was almost unprecedented, but was very similar to an assault depicted in a film shown on television, the previous weekend.
        The lawyers acting on behalf of the defendants claimed that the girls had been incited by the screening of the film on television. The court accepted this argument and, consequently, the perpetrators were able to evade responsibility for their very brutal assault.
        If the actual perpetrators were not considered legally responsible for committing the crime, then it could be argued that those who incited them were actually responsible for the fact that the assault took place.
        Perhaps this is of relevance in the context of the death of Trayvon Martin.
        If evidence, sufficient to convince a jury, exists that substance abuse by Trayvon Martin may have contributed to the circumstances of his death, then any individual or group of individuals who incited him or assisted him to abuse substances, in any way, may be considered jointly responsible for all of the foreseeable consequences of that substance abuse, including propensity to commit violence, if this is verified.
        Trayvon Martin’s social media indicate his tastes in music, which includes hip-hop artists glamourising substance abuse and violent behaviour.
        If the allegation that he indulged in substance abuse, in a manner promoted by the lyrics of certain hip-hop artists and promoted by their recording companies, is true, then could these individuals and corporate entities be considered liable for incitement of substance abuse and consequent anti-social behaviour, by impressionable minors?
        Could they also be considered liable for the consequential damage to other affected parties?
        I believe that cinema, television and popular music do not just reflect the culture, but also shape it.
        I also believe that, if film studios, television companies and recording companies were to risk substantial civil damages being awarded against them, then they would, perhaps, be less inclined to promote anti-social and self-destructive behavior in the material which they publish.
        If the case which I referred to above is as I described, (it was 30 years ago and I may remember incorrectly ), then there is a legal precedent for media to be deemed responsible for the actions of those whom they influence. Otherwise, the defence would have been considered invalid and the defendants found guilty.
        In current circumstances, the willingness of courts to award damages against defendants is strongly influenced by the sympathy which jurors have for the plaintiff.
        If the families of young people, lost to substance abuse, particularly young black people, acknowledged the role of popular culture in shaping the behavior of their deceased children and then sought punitive damages from recording companies, then jurors may be sympathetic.
        Only one successful damages suit, by the family of a young person, who was provably a fan of one of those who promote the drug culture, would open the floodgates to a large number of damages suits, which would cause a rethink in the boardrooms of the entertainment industry.
        The sincere belief held by many blacks, perhaps most, that they are still the victims of a racist conspiracy, by whites and the white-hispanic, is reinforced by their visible relative poverty.
        It is much more likely that their relative poverty is attributable to their greater willingness to accept the nihilistic culture promoted by the entertainment industry.
        Perhaps there are lawyers available, who could assist them in seeking redress from their real oppressors, rather than divert their attention to convenient scapegoats, as the Martin family’s legal team, the professional agitators and the media have done.
        In order to defend against legal liability for the actions of individuals whom they have influenced, defendants would have to endorse and promote the conservative philosophy that an individual is responsible for their actions and the excuse that others incited an individual is invalid and does not absolve that individual from responsibility for their actions.
        As a minor, Trayvon Martin’s parents retained some degree of responsibility for his actions, unless they took reasonable steps to monitor his behavior and correct it when he was acting improperly.
        Never, in any of their public statements have either of his parents suggested that his death may have been avoided, if they had subjected him to a greater degree of supervision, subsequent to when he first displayed signs of being unduly influenced by the gangsta and drug culture. It is difficult to believe that they were unaware of this, since he had been suspended from school, repeatedly.
        Older children, who in previous eras, perhaps, did not require unusual competence or dedication in their parents, now, I think, are much more likely to suffer very badly from any failing in their parents, due to the influence of modern media.
        On the basis of the publicly available evidence, it is impossible to prove that George Zimmerman stalked, hunted down and murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood. Much more likely, Trayvon Martin, who was known to be succumbing to the gangsta culture, promoted so effectively by the entertainment industry, instigated a severe attack upon George Zimmerman, whilst suffering the effects of more than one year of regular substance abuse.
        There was widespread goodwill towards the father and mother of Trayvon Martin, held by a large proportion of the people. There was also a general willingness of most to recognize the cultural pressure upon Trayvon Martin from his peers and the media, without contradicting that George Zimmerman had the right to defend himself, when attacked. This could have permitted a successful attack upon the perpetrators of the culture which ultimately causes needless death and destruction and increases the divisions in society.
        Although it would take many years to change the culture, that change would come eventually. This could have been an opportunity to begin such change.
        Barack Obama’s willingness to interfere in this particular case could also have had a major influence upon its outcome, in a beneficial manner, had he been willing to address the origins of the gangsta and drug culture which afflicts such a large segment of society. However, he seems more interested in promoting division based upon paranoid delusions of continuing persecution, which in its worse form ended more than a generation ago and which is now almost universally condemned.


        • BigZim says:

          Obama’s Re-election Campaign Staff along with help from one Al Sharpton and their mutual Liberal-Media-Cronies decided to use this case so as to rile-up stir-up anger the Black Community! So as to assure the Maximum possible VOTER turn-out amongst Black VOTER’S come this November! They were more than willing to dangerouly increase Racial Tensions across America to do so, more than willing to go as far as to risk an all-out race-war race-riots if that is what it takes! It is very very difficult to motivate Poor Black Voter’s in America’s Ghetto so as to get them to rise up and go to vote on Election Day! One must remember the Obama Campaign NO longer has “ACORN” available any longer to assist in this matter as they did back in 2008. Back then “ACORN” was fundamental in getting million’s of Poor Black’s through out America’s Urban Ghetto’s Registered and helped to arrange provide transportation to the polling place’s make in 2008 this great much needed organization “ACORN” No longer exists today so as to aid in Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign effort! This simply was an Obama/Sharpton/Liberal-Media Political Football cooked up by this here Triad right from the get go nothing more! It was just Mr. George Zimmerman’s misfortune that his story his case was choosen to serve their purpose’s! Remember all they knew at first when they choose latched on to this story was the name “ZIMMERMAN” that just had to be a “WHITE” guy it just had to be NO doubt about it! Then a few days latter once it became clear that George was Hispanic they had to redefine his race his enthicity thus we were introduced to a whole NEW term “WHITE” Hispanic!!!


          • minpin says:

            BigZim- Do not fool yourself for a second that ACORN no longer exists. They broke it up, and just found a few new names for the organization. They are still getting federal government funding.

            Jehmu Green, the very liberal black activist who appears on Fox, and who called Tucker Carlson “the bow tyin’ white boy,” and who never had a day of suspension for that, was a former ACORN leader. Does anyone believe for a minute that she has put away her activist role?


        • Somuchtolearn says:

          yup just like saying that not all black kids can grow up to be lil wayne. I was like seriously that who you want their role models to be??? Of course well he leaves israel in the dust he can go visit with will smith and beyonce a and other rappers. face it we got used so he could meett the elite of hollywood


  4. Jello333 says:

    I want to formally thank the people who run this site, and to the many commenters here who have spent so much time trying to unravel this mystery; a big part of which is, of course, trying to counter all the LIES that have been spread. I’ve mentioned before that my time is ordinarily spent on left-leaning sites, but I was forced to look elsewhere for info re. this case. You all are absolutely correct about how “the left” is generally terrified to speak up when the truth of a situation comes down on the wrong side of the “racial divide”. And yes, a few even intentionally exploit the situation… some reaching the level of criminality in my opinion. So at first I was just happy to hang out here and get some much-needed facts and alternate opinions. I fully expected to have very little interaction with you all, considering our political differences. But I’m happy to say that it’s been much better than I expected. No, you guys aren’t gonna change my views on many other subjects, and I know I won’t change yours. But it’s cool that we at least get along. Even after this case is over, I’ll still check in here and see what’s up. Maybe I’ll poke at you, and you can poke at me…. but at least for my part I promise to keep it friendly. 😉

    Oh, and I have NO idea how I managed to do it, but I completely missed that a “tip” of mine had been posted here a couple weeks ago. It was the ridiculously long post where I tried to show that there might be “proof” that Trayvon did indeed circle George’s truck. Anyway, somehow or other I wasn’t even aware it had ever gotten posted, until I just happened to be digging around in old posts earlier today. So to anyone who commented in there, I just wanted to make sure you all know that I did NOT try to ignore you. I just idiotically missed seeing the post altogether. And by the way, many, many of your comments in there were great, and I really appreciate the compliments. Sooo…. a very belated thanks to everyone who took the time to plow through my mini novel.


    • Sharon says:

      “Maybe I’ll poke at you, and you can poke at me”…I hope you do. 😉 We all need practice that sharpens our sense of what we actually think about things and why we think it–and then expressing it and defending it in a decent way. I’m glad you’re here.


    • Yep, what Sharon said. Plus regardless of our individual perspectives, I think the one thing we can all agree upon is the lying media needs to be called out whenever they do it. Period.


      • ArkansasMimi says:

        I simply adore reading here. Super Sleuths!!!!! Kudos to you all! Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Back to catching up 🙂


    • Aussie says:

      we can have conservative leanings and still disagree on a number of subjects!!!!


  5. minpin says:

    There is another website linked here, that has also been doing a great job of deconstructing the false narrative that has been portrayed by the media. Mike, a former police officer, now teacher, has provided a link back to The Last Refuge in his update 6. Back on a previous update, it appeared that he was attacked by what appears to be JR, about the same time JR was attacking here. He has since removed all reference to this poster. Hopefully he sent off that info to the proper authorities. BTW, is JR still filling the spam folder here?


  6. James Crawford says:

    Keep in mind that while TM’s dad brought a procession of girlfriends into TM’s life, it is likely that TM’s mom also brought a procession of men into TM’s life. It is unlikely that the woman with the tattoo on her tit remained celibate. What was TM’s relationship with these men like? Was he abused, physically or even sexually? If so, that would explain his sudden fixation with drugs and violent behavior, including his reaction to being watched by GZ. I can actually feel sympathy for the little thug, but that doesn’t his assault on GZ. In fact GZ seems to. Be the type of guy who would have helped TM farmore than TM’s sperm donor.


    • Aussie says:

      James, I do believe that it is wrong to claim that people end up on drugs because they have been sexually or physically abused. I believe that this is one of those liberal myths that needs to be busted wide open!! As someone who was abused in my teens, I am here to tell you that I did not turn to drugs. I can point to people that I have known who have ended up on drugs, and at no time in telling their stories did they ever mention being either sexually or physically abused.

      We do not need to try making excuses for Traydemark Martin by imagining that he might have been abused. Instead we need to look at the influences around him – the gangsta culture in Miami, as well as the influence of parents who were caught up in their own selfish pursuits.

      To this I add that Trayvon was very likely following in the footsteps of Cuz and Big Bro in that he was very likely attempting to join the local gang.

      I will give a little bit of credit to Tracy Martin, because he apparently took Traydemark to Sanford to get him away from his local neighbourhood gang. This glossed over point could be something that needs further investigation – what did Tracy Martin know about his son’s gang activities prior to Traydemark’s death?


  7. minpin says:

    Here is a link to another website who has linked back to info at the Treehouse. Bob Owens is another truthseeker, looking to let his readers know that they have been lied to by the complicit media, and the Martin caravan of crooks.


  8. myopiafree says:

    Time-line and “walk though” of GZ’s path. I like to visualize what exactly did happen. Here is a good concept video for your interest.

    As we suspected, TM has an “anger issue” enhanced by his drug use. He went back to ‘argue” with GZ,and then threw that first punch.


  9. Susiejoe says:

    Decent news article including comments from an expert in witness testimonies, memory problems, etc.


  10. hunt says:

    Admiring the persistence you put into your blog and detailed information you offer.

    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of
    date rehashed material. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your
    site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google


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