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Interesting Development – Trayvon Martin Quid Pro Quo at the 7-11? Update – Confirmed

UPDATE:  CONFIRMED ! Treeper Diwataman, has done an amazing job deconstructing the video evidence and now uncovered a considerably interesting aspect of Trayvon Martin’s visit to the 7-11 by using the raw feed video from the evidence release, not the media edited … Continue reading

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Thanking The Truthseekers…

Y’all know we have been researching in-depth the entire Trayvon Martin VS. George Zimmerman, Julison-created and Media-Hyped, narrative for over two months.   The initial and subsequent research we engaged in was an effort to untangle the various web of lies and misinformation and now … Continue reading

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Scheme Team Takes TrayMom™ Fundraising and Exploitation Tour To East St. Louis

Following the essential advice of professional money hustlers, TrayMom™ toned down the bling for this visit and sported a more subtle and subdued pin striped suit befitting the financially distressed East St. Louis community church.  However, that didn’t stop TrayMom™ from continuing to pass the plate.   Once again … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Bad News, Worse News, OMG Horrid News….

Talk about having a bad day.  True Story.   Neighbors gathered around community campfire.  Neighborhood cat strolls up to the peeps.   Guy shoos away cat.   Cat bites man.  Bad News:  It wasn’t a cat.  Worse News:  It was a grey fox.   … Continue reading

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Not Surprising: Al Sharptongue and Wyclef Jean Money Laundering ? P. Diddy Questioned As Witness..

(Daily Mail) Police suspected singer Wyclef Jean and activist and TV host Reverend Al Sharpton of being involved in laundering drug money, Brooklyn federal court has heard. Mr Jean allegedly received a $60,000 loan from hip hop manager James Rosamond, … Continue reading

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Daryl Parks and Team Trayvon™ – Finding The Dots

HatTip Sibilj – The NAACP is hosting it’s annual leadership conference this weekend in Destin Florida.   Today (Saturday) TrayMom™ will be joining Daryl Parks, from the Trayvon family law firm of Parks and Crump, at a panel discussion (details below).  … Continue reading

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