Cultural Marxism – (ie. being politically correct) Insufferably On Display

If you want to understand how insufferably stupid (culturally marxist) we are becoming you only need watch this video.

A white 2nd grader is ordered to depict Martin Luther King for a school project. Then he is kicked out of school for taking the assignment seriously:

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14 Responses to Cultural Marxism – (ie. being politically correct) Insufferably On Display

  1. chopp says:

    “a safe educational environment”

    Oh, those poor little darlings being exposed to this horrible thing! lol!


  2. barnslayer says:

    But is’s okay when Hollywood does it for a laugh. At least he didn’t sing “Mammy”.


  3. tara says:

    He looks like black Hitler.


  4. Jello333 says:

    This is just sad. This little kid is trying to do something good, and someone does this? But if the report is accurate, it was really just one idiotic person who was “offended”. That’s one too many, but I’m so glad everyone else is standing up for the little dude.


  5. Sandusky says:

    More details at From a comment by a poster who claims they have a child in the same class, it appears that the children weren’t just assigned a character but rather they were given a list of 100 historical characters and were invited to choose their top 3, and they were guaranteed 1 of their choices. We don’t know whether MLK was Sean’s first choice or his third, of course, but in any case he seemed a polite and articulate young man who was genuinely trying to fulfill his assignment the best way he knew how. And yeah, I get that “blackface” was degrading to AA’s, but that was, what, back in the 30s? The kid is only 8, for crying out loud! And I seriously doubt that the complainant is old enough to have been traumatized by “blackface” minstrels etc.

    Hey, I hear that on March 17th next year, no one of English extraction is allowed to mention potatoes, depict them in any way, or eat them, b/c this would surely be offensive to anyone of Irish extraction whose ancestors might have suffered the Potato Famine./sarc

    Incidentally, since I am (I hope temporarily!) unable to play sound on this site, I googled this incident. The first 2 hits were a discussion forum at the Denver Post (no help since I was trying to find out what actually happened, not what people felt about it); the third hit was where the “story” begins: “We don’t know what’s more alarming: that an 8-year-old’s parents thought it was a good idea for their son to dress up as Martin Luther King Jr. in blackface, or that they were shocked that anyone would find the racial caricature offensive.” Nice bit of coverage, msn. I’ll bet those Pulitzer people are just knocking your door down trying to find the “journalists” who produce this crap so that they can give them an award. Oops, I seem to have slipped into /sarc/ mode again.

    Incidentally, the fourth hit for the story was the treehouse, so here’s a shout out to any visitors – hope you feel at home here.


    • jimrtex says:

      Maybe he liked playing someone with the same name. I think we should be offended that King County, Washington pretends that it was named after Martin Luther King.


  6. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on oyiabrown.


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