Trayvon Martin 7-11 Video: Tea and Skittles

HatTip DiwataMan and Puddy

7-11 Time Stamp 6:24pm

Shooting 7:17pm

Long Version

Another angle

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260 Responses to Trayvon Martin 7-11 Video: Tea and Skittles

  1. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    Here is the 7-Eleven Camera 2 video, with voice, on YouTube


    • jimrtex says:

      The only words that I can understand are by the clerk when he asks, “Do you want a bag for that” and “ok” when he gets the bag.

      That version only starts when Martin is finishing paying.


  2. Midnight Runner says:

    Something is going on here. We know that TM bought Watermelon Iced Tea and Skittles which when mixed together with cough medicine makes a drug called “purple lean” We know that the autopsy report showed damage to TV’s liver consistent with what purple lean would do to a body. We know he was using Marijuanna and acting all paranoid and gittery in the 7-11 store. We know that TM went back to the path which the 7-11 clerk walked a few times back by the cooler and TM picks up something that perhaps the clerk left for him. Why the big button on his shirt? Random. Perhaps a marker so the 7-11 clerk would know it is Trayvon? Messed up that the defense can’t get this in and why not? This happened all just preceding the self-defense shooting.


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