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  1. myopiafree says:

    You are correct. I am reasonable, but when I attempt to object to a person like Bill Maher, and his “Media Attack” on George Zimmerman’s honest, non-racial character, I get this response:

    Crump’s fibs are bad enough, but for Maher to absolutely CONDEMN AND INNOCENT ZIMMERMAN is almost criminal. I hope there is some legal action GZ could take against Maher. I used to believe in free AND BALANCED REPORTING IN THE MEDIA. But for all practical purposes this is medial lynching of GZ with no trial. GZ is lucky no one executed him based on this type of invective by Bill Maher. He claims to be “fair minded and liberal” – standing up for the rights of the innocent – a person who can not defend himself? NOT A CHANCE!!


  2. DiwataMan says:

    Okay, I have something here you may want to apply your noggins to but first allow me to give the credit for this to a fellow YouTuber MrFilexican http://www.youtube.com/user/MrFilexican he is the one that found this. It may have a very simple explanation, it may not.

    On May 1st, 2012 at 3:00 AM a Facebook user named Julie Grace Grey posted this on the George Zimmerman Legal Case Facebook page;

    “Zimmerman’s MySpace page is not fraudulent and you get a good idea who therealgeorgezimmerman is. http://www.myspace.com/onlytobekingagain

    This post is located on the April 29th posting the reads;

    “This page on Facebook, the Twitter account @GZlegalcase, and the websites http://www.gzlegalcase.com and http://www.gzdefensefund.com are the only official online properties maintained by The O’Mara Law Group for the purpose of George Zimmerman’s defense. Any other social media profile or website claiming to represent Mr. Zimmerman’s defense are not legitimate. If you find a fraudulent website or social media profile, please report it in this thread.”

    The questions are; how did Julie Grace Grey know about George’s old MySpace and who is she?

    The first article I am aware of regarding this is the Miami Herald article posted on May 1, 2012 by Frances Robles. Looking at her tweets, the first time she mentions the article is at 4:44 PM May 1st.

    There are other tweets but the one at 6:36 PM she replies to someone with “Yep. See the story I just posted.”

    The Miami Herald article does not state a post time. The first comment listed is at 7:58 PM May 1st. All of this then gives me the impression that article was posted in the afternoon of May 1st. Yet somehow Julie Grace Grey is posting the link to his MySpace at 3:00 AM.

    I looked around and she looks like a legit person who has no connection to this case or the paper.

    The simple answer to this would be some other article that was posted about this before the Miami Herald article but I can’t find one.

    Here are some links on Julie Grace Grey;

    Her Facebook

    She Links to


    Her twitter

    Oregon Program Evaluators Network (Facebook Group)

    That is all for now and please give your thanks to the Filexican!


    • Sharon says:

      I understand, generally, the reason people are chasing the “Is George Zimmerman’s myspace page an indication he doesn’t like Mexicans”….but I’m going to ask, “Does it matter? Really?” Under the law, even prostitutes can be a victim of rape, and if they find the guy who raped her, he will be arrested. So even if he did say those things…..the point is?? It would be different if the evidence overall was leaning heavy against him, and we sort of had the feeling in the pit of our stomachs that, “As, George….ain’t lookin’ good, George.” But that is not what’s going on.

      Even if he said something nasty about Danes and I could find it, I would never tell any of you. What would be my motive for doing putting that out???


  3. Sharon says:

    OH, Oh, OH! It’s time for Hillary’s rant about, “WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEBATE AND DISAGREE!!@!!!!”


  4. chopp says:

    What’s wrong about not liking Mexicans who pull knives on you? All the Mexicans and Latinos I know also don’t like Mexicans who pull knives on them.


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