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When You Professionally Lie…. You end up with a professional problem….. And Alan Dershowitz Describes How

Oh what a tangled web is weaved…….  Some inside Treeper scoop.   Both Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump are, well, lets just say in deep doo-doo.   Unfortunately at this moment I cannot go into details but suffice to say the contradictory evidence … Continue reading

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A Visible Precursor To Zimmerman Acquittal in Trayvon™ Shooting….

Tomorrow at 6:00am Yatz/Teufelshunde begin to expand the Trayvon™ discussion and share insight.   A well honed plan is in place by the race-baiting industy to exploit anxiety based on a historically effective road map and strategy.   (KTRH) — The day … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly Interviews Alan Dershowitz & Bernie Goldberg. Is There Such A Thing As The “But-If” Clause? – (Video)

This morning, Megyn Kelly conducted an excellent interview with both Alan Dershowitz and Bernie Goldberg regarding George Zimmerman and the issues that will define a successful claim of self-defense.  Kelly did a marvelous job of handling the give and take … Continue reading

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Reconciling Liberal Logic

BigFurHat@iOTW has a gift for drawing out the insanity of Left-Logic

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Trayvon Martin 7-11 Video: Tea and Skittles

HatTip DiwataMan and Puddy 7-11 Time Stamp 6:24pm Shooting 7:17pm Long Version Another angle

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#5 Tip Line – Research Request – Natalie Jackson

Jumpin’ Judas Bat Man……  Wow, to say you guys have unearthed some incredible contradictory information on #4 Tip Line is a MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT.    How anyone could look at that list of factual and cited information about Benjamin Crump and the … Continue reading

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