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Benjamin Crump on Bill O’Reilly Show

No comment…. But BOR has a poll up at: http://www.billoreilly.com/poll-center Advertisements

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Magnificent Osprey

Three incredible hi-def, hi-speed sequences: Amazing slo-mo talon shots Scene 1 – 6 fish caught simultaneously Scene 2 – Hi-Speed Bottom retrieval Scene 3 – Massive 6-8lb catch

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Chicago Jesus Rejected Again – ZERO Democrats vote to support his budget, ZERO. – Vote 99-0

The vote would have been 100-0 except Republican Senator Mark Kirk is recovering from a stroke and could not vote. WASHINGTON – President Obama’s budget suffered a second embarrassing defeat Wednesday, when senators voted 99-0 to reject it.  Coupled with … Continue reading

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Palinized To Victory ! WOLVERINES !

I am beyond thrilled to write this post and share some wonderful news.   Deb Fischer has won the primary contest in Nebraska.   “Who”? you say   EXACTLY.   Deb Fischer worked her butt off traveling all over the state of Nebraska to … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Starts Skewering The Institutional Legacy Media In Trayvon Martin v George Zimmerman Coverage…

On the radio today Rush Limbaugh discusses the institutional media and their complicit attachment to the false Trayvon Martin narrative.   It is good to see highly visible people like Limbaugh pushing back against the legacy media and challenging people to recognize … Continue reading

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A Florida Criminal Lawyer Explains “Stand Your Ground” in Action For Zimmerman…

Zimmerman had just called the police.  He expected an officer to arrive at any moment.  The last thing he wanted to do is get into a fight with the very guy he’s called them about. FLORIDA – Under Florida’s “Stand … Continue reading

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Message Of The Day…

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