Verklempt…. Andrew Sullivan Tears Up Describing President Obama


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10 Responses to Verklempt…. Andrew Sullivan Tears Up Describing President Obama

  1. howie says:

    No comment.


  2. jodark says:

    Is it hilarious to anyone else that these gays define themselves by what others think of them?

    “I am so glad someone else approves of me, because the approval of others is so important that it can move me to tears.”


  3. maria says:

    Wow, Sully’s gotten fat. Those steroids he is (was?) taken haven’t done anything for his looks. I haven’t watched the video yet; I am steeling myself. It’s difficult to watch males behaving like little old ladies. Gay men must have a proclivity to low serotonin levels.


  4. maria says:

    “His equal”? Since when is marriage a marker for “equality”?

    Does this mean that if all the states lowered the age of consent for marriage to, say 12, that all 12 year olds could now say, “I am equal to all of you who are older than I”?


  5. CRussell says:

    White House Dinner? I can just hear them being announced… the Queen and Queen of Left-o-Land.
    remembering the Fall of Rome.
    Is the path of history linear or circular?
    I believe it is circular.


  6. John Galt says:

    Some black ministers are upset about Obama’s gay marriage endorsement.

    If you vote for a candidate that advocates mortal sin, do you get excommunicated? If so, does that prevent you from getting Saint Skittles communion? (Arizona tea and Skittles per youtube video)


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