The “First Gay President”..

If there is any singular faux-reporter best described as the absolute personification of walking progressive bile it would be Andrew Sullivan.   The guy is significantly below pondwater scum on the scale of decency, and has remained in this position since his “Trig Truther” anti-Palin fascination.   This ringing love affair of Obama, by Sullivan, is well deserved and well matched.

YahooNews – It won’t be nearly as controversial as Time magazine’s breastfeeding cover, but Newsweek’s May 21 issue declares Barack Obama the country’s “first gay president.”

The accompanying cover story was written by Andrew Sullivan, the popular–and openly gay–political blogger. The magazine even gives the commander-in-chief a rainbow halo.

Obama, Sullivan writes, “had to discover his black identity and then reconcile it with his white family, just as gays discover their homosexual identity and then have to reconcile it with their heterosexual family.”

The full cover story is not yet online, but in a blog post published earlier this week, Sullivan wrote that Obama’s support of gay marriage brought him to tears:

I do not know how orchestrated this was; and I do not know how calculated it is. What I know is that, absorbing the news, I was uncharacteristically at a loss for words for a while, didn’t know what to write, and, like many Dish readers, there are tears in my eyes.

So let me simply say: I think of all the gay kids out there who now know they have their president on their side. I think of Maurice Sendak, who just died, whose decades-long relationship was never given the respect it deserved. I think of the centuries and decades in which gay people found it impossible to believe that marriage and inclusion in their own families was possible for them, so crushed were they by the weight of social and religious pressure. I think of all those in the plague years shut out of hospital rooms, thrown out of apartments, written out of wills, treated like human garbage because they loved another human being. I think of Frank Kameny. I think of the gay parents who now feel their president is behind their sacrifices and their love for their children.

The interview changes no laws; it has no tangible effect. But it reaffirms for me the integrity of this man we are immensely lucky to have in the White House. Obama’s journey on this has been like that of many other Americans, when faced with the actual reality of gay lives and gay relationships. Yes, there was politics in a lot of it. But not all of it. I was in the room long before the 2008 primaries when Obama spoke to the mother of a gay son about marriage equality. He said he was for equality, but not marriage. Five years later, he sees–as we all see–that you cannot have one without the other. But even then, you knew he saw that woman’s son as his equal as a citizen. It was a moment–way off the record at the time–that clinched my support for him.

Today Obama did more than make a logical step. He let go of fear. He is clearly prepared to let the political chips fall as they may. That’s why we elected him.  (read more)

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35 Responses to The “First Gay President”..

  1. stellap says:

    My opinion is that Obama made a political calculation, and said what he did because of supporters and donations. He had two years of complete majority in Washington, and did nothing – including equality for gay government contractors which he could have achieved via executive order, and had been asked to do so by lgbt leaders. What he truly believes doesn’t enter into the calculation, in my view.


  2. ZurichMike says:

    For two years Obama’s Marxo-fascist thugs held sway in the House and the Senate. And he did *nothing* for gay marriage. In fact, he has been against it all along. Now, when he knows that gay marriage is dead in the water with a House controlled by the GOP and a Senate that is thinking of the elections in 177 days, he can pretend to be bold and say that he is “personally” for it. What does that mean? Oh, that’s right. He thinks it should be a state issue.

    What a craven political whore. He is stupider than Carter, and next to the Clinton Grift Machine, he is just a petty thug from a Chicago ‘hood. Election Day cannot come soon enough to rid the country of this vapid, prissy, closet Muslim.


  3. g8rmom7 says:

    I’m really tired of hearing about this…the media is making it seem like the majority of Americans really care one way or another about this issue when they really don’t. They have to find something that show Obama in a positive light since most of the things we really DO care about, his record profoundly exposes his failures…the economy, gas prices, the economy, the health care law, and did I mention the economy?

    Smoke and mirrors and I’m sad to say many are falling for it once again! So annoying.


  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    Well ck out larry Sinclair ….Obama seemed to have fun with him back in Illinois


  5. knowthyenemy says:

    Obama tasting the RAINBOW of fruit flavors again #teamskittles


  6. rjp says:

    This is about the destruction of the Church, not Obama’s church. If Gay Marriage becomes law of the land, Churches will have to decide whether to not perform the Rite at all, or to marry homosexuals. Do not look to the Church for guidance, look to thy government. Marriage is a Sacrament of the Church that was stolen by the states under the premise of providing. The state never “just provides”, it takes for the purpose of generating revenue streams.


    • In any left revolution, be it progressive, bolshevik, socialist, fascist, maoist, or bolivaran, it is necessary to knock down organized religion. The Catholic Church competes for the hearts and minds of people and does so effectively, as do the evangelical Protestant churches, etc. Further, the Church is organized and so can put out a message of opposition.

      So at some point the revolution has to take the Church on, or lose. Socialists today understand the power the Church had in Poland in the 1970s, in Nicaragua and El Salvador in the 1980s, and in Venezuela today. The current revolution will not make the mistake of allowing the Church to survive long-term.

      If the revolution is strong enough to take out the Church directly, it does so. But if not, it has to take on the Church in ways that compromise the Church’s moral authority and organization.

      It’s rather, well, Alinsky-like, eh?


      • kittymyers says:

        Michael Voris, at, talks about this in the latest video “Obama Comes Out”:

        About 3:40 into the video, Voris sais: “Homosexuality will become enshrined in law — {snip} — and then the full force of the state will be brought to bear on anyone who resists this.”

        Voris has been very critical of Obama in his Vortex videos (especially Oct. 2011) as well as the hierarchy in the Church.


      • This is just another “progressive” move toward the “progress” of SATAN and his plans! Like it or not good and evil (or light and darkness {however you choose to see it}) cannot co-exist. Never could and never will. The darkness must overcome the light in order to deal with the Truth of the Light. Oh there is the “truth” or the darkness as well, no doubt about that, one is….well, rather dark where there is no HOPE. None! Never will be! That is the “truth” of the darkness!!


  7. cookbook says:

    Obama was on the cover of Ms magazine with “this is what a feminist looks like”. The proglodytes put his mug on every zine with a hackneyed phrase they can come up with. I’d like to see him on the cover of Field and Stream with “this is what a squirrel looks like”.


  8. Race, gender, who ya knock boot’s with…..How drool!

    I was just thinkin, that all these silly pictures of him with a halo which is “angelic” in the classical sense, always make me think of one specific angel or possibly two. Lucifer & Gabriel…… The first fallen angel and the bringer of death, note how idiot boy is always shown riding a white horse in those various propaganda paintings, just like Gabriel. Way more creepy to look at now huh?

    Beyond the very disturbing cult like worship of this fool, it’s always some “agenda” he is trying to fulfill, some “group” he is either insulting or pandering to. Quite often I’m also reminded of the Shania Twain song, ‘That don’t impress me much’…. No mater what the dumb commie says to pit one group against another. A great salesman can make you beg him to take your money, this fool is always on his knees prostrating the customer to buy his foul smelling garbage, nothing like any real grifter worth his salt. Yeah, I can spot a confidence man a mile away…..

    Honestly, I really wouldn’t care if a million hours of hot man on man action suddenly appeared with him as the well hung star getting freaky was on the news. Gay… Sooo… Welcome to the club….Ya got anything else??

    Can you add, subtract, MAKE A DECISION…. Make the right choice….. Not rip me off intentionally or waste my time and money?? THAT is what I look for in a leader, a president, a commander or even a friend. It sure as sin isn’t what may or may not be going on in your knickers or or which part of the red light district you prefer.

    For the commies like Sullivan, the saint skittles crew, and the feminazi’s too, it all about division by what color your panties are, who you slept with last, and where you got yo grill. Next week it will be something new, some new gutsy call, some fantastic revelation from team distraction while the bringer of death rides through town burning it to the ground and drinking blood from their skulls!


    • stellap says:

      Wow, Michelle. Compliments on your eloquence today!


      • Thank’s Stella…. Gawd I love your name…. So 50’s hipster.

        I’m a former writer, and used to be syndicated… very industry specific… But my fights with depression are so bad and with all the other things, I couldn’t keep up with the deadlines.


    • zmalfoy says:

      . . . *points*. . . what you said. . . all of it. . .except to keep in mind that Gabriel was possibly one of the earliest victims of Identity Theft, so can’t be blamed for all the bad press s/he gets from time to time. . .


  9. kittymyers says:

    I can’t imagine that Obama and his handlers actually appreciate that cover, especially being labeled gay.


    • If that lying commie though for one second it would get him votes he would be thrilled to be seen ripping babies out of the womb, dressed as Lucifer, or sorounded by a drug cartel


      • And you’re truly not exaggerating! I think he’s saving those images for the 2nd term.


        • That sure wouldn’t suprise me one bit if he did……Granted we might get lucky and he ends up where he really belongs first


        • Oh yeah! Only thing about the Deviel is he hates to be exposed. Unless there is nothing left to hide then he shows himself for what he really is. The one way to catch him everytime is through his “pride”, the same thing that got him kicked out of Heaven in the first place. Think about it!


      • John Galt says:

        +1 They are attempting to target every niche demographic where they think they can get votes. Just look at Obama’s campaign store. They have Obama gear specifically directed at Women, African Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, Environmentalists, Nurses, Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, LGBT. The only issue oriented gear is for ObamaCare. In spite of all of this, “It’s the economy stupid” still applies. He needs to add some “Still Broke & Unemployed” gear to the store.


    • txwolf says:

      Actually, headline “The First Gay President” are the only truthful words the MSM has produced in recent memory.


    • tnwahm says:

      This was no accident. Newsweek is part of the reelection campaign. This was planned.


  10. kinthenorthwest says:

    Obama Offered Former Pastor $150,000 To Stay Quiet During 2008 Campaign


  11. tnwahm says:

    Newsweek finally has an honest cover. How much do you bet that BO/BS is trying to get ahead of a scandal that is about to break?


    • tnwahm says:

      Remember the romantic pic of Slick Willie with PantSuits on a beach a couple of weeks before the Monica Lewinsky story broke? There’s a reason that Newsweek has this cover. This is not an accident. Newsweek is part of the reelection campaign. They may have lost the magic of 2008, but they don’t know it.


  12. James Crawford says:

    You may recall that Obama mentions that he hung out a lot, drinking booze and smoking pot with a guy named “Frank” in one of his narcicisticly redundant autobiographies. “Frank” has been tentatively identified by conservative commentators as Frank Marshal Davis who along with being an avowed Communist was a published pornographer and notorious, homosexual pedophile with an affinity for teenaged boys as well as girls. It has been speculated that Frank might have sired Barak Obama during an illicit, pedophiliac romp with our President’s mother and that Obama Senior was willing to enter into a marriage of convience so that her son wouldn’t be a bastard and he wouldn’t be deported. If this is the case, then Obama is a natural born citizen. Alternatively; Frank was incurring the legal and criminal liabilities of plying the young HS student with drugs and alcohol for other reasons.

    This would certainly explain why President Obama’s foreign policy strategy is to get down on his knees to appease America’s enemies.


  13. maria says:

    Black folks will, of course, vote for Barry, (hey, it’s racism when 95% of blacks reject a white candidate in favor of the black, but no one calls them out for it), but they ain’t a goin’ to like that pic of a black “First Gay President” staring them in the face at the grocery check out stand.

    I’d like to hear the Romeny camp repeat the figure in the news stories– 1 out of every 6 big donors to Barry is gay.


  14. Dan says:

    Obama had to be the first gay president because he couldn’t be the first black president. That was Bill Clinton.


  15. Dan says:

    Funny how we keep electing democratic presidents that come from broken family backgrounds.


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