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Update #22 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – Hold Them All Accountable

Sybrina ‘MsCandy’ Fulton  aka TrayMom™ The media positioning in the Trayvon™ Martin v. George Zimmerman case is in full skulk-like retreat mode.   They are quietly trying to distance themselves from the original narrative they sold to the consuming public. Readers, and … Continue reading

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The Ryan Julison Pigmentation Media Scale

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The Outcome Of Failed Leadership – Obama’s REAL Foreign Policy Ineptitude…. Massive Bombs In Damascus

It’s been several weeks since we focused on foreign events, and no singular event is more reflective of the total failure of this administration regarding foreign policy, than current day Syria. Despite the media selling “Foreign Policy” as President Obama’s strength, … Continue reading

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Verklempt…. Andrew Sullivan Tears Up Describing President Obama


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Institutional Propaganda Machine – Media – The “Why” Behind The “Big Lie”…

You can tell when President Obama is polling poorly because the headlines swoon him. Weary warriors favor Obama – According to article the military support Obama over Romney…. Or, at least that’s what Reuters wants to convince you. There is a … Continue reading

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The “First Gay President”..

If there is any singular faux-reporter best described as the absolute personification of walking progressive bile it would be Andrew Sullivan.   The guy is significantly below pondwater scum on the scale of decency, and has remained in this position since his … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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