#2 From The Tip Line – Research Request

Trying to hammer down several angles.   Need information on the following:

#1.   London Connection between Trayvon Martin Family, NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson etc.  Already have the previous ones connecting Sharpton.

#2   Any other connections to reporters / Newsrooms etc.  Specifically related to Ryan Julison, current or past cases involving Julison and media plated stories.

#3.  Maybe the most important.   I can show that Zimmerman was specifically known to interested parties a high level involvement to the Sherman Ware case.    But I need proof of knowlege by Natalie Jackson and/or Ryan Julison prior to Jacksons claim that she did not know George Zimmerman.    I know she’s lying, but without being able to access the Word Press Blog entry where she denies knowlege I am stumped.   Need to be able to prove this. because this could blow the entire credibility of the Scheme Team wide open.

#4.   Quick action.   –  I can tell through tracers and software specifically constructed for me that allows me to flag and record incoming site views ip’s that associations representing the interests of  Julison, Jackson, Crump etc etc. are following this blog.     When you drop a link, they immediately take action to eliminate visibility to anything of risk.   So when possible capture screen shots of the info you identify.    Their scrubbing is reflective of their fear.   Good work.

There are more of us than them.

Wolverines !!

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  1. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    Ask and you shall receive. Feast your eyes on this:


    And here is some stuff, beginning my search for traces/evidence to how far back the relationship of Jackson/Julison goes:


    And yes, as I have taught lawyers and students how to utilize programs to capture and preserve what I call “Net evidence.”

    And hey Crump and crew, if you think I post on a “public server” the really good stuff, you are mistaken. 🙂 That is all encrypted and stored in a number of places.

    I’m taking an Ambien and hitting the hay. it is 01:45 here.


    • Michael, Thanks. However, I do have the same pdf copy of the Natalie Jackson letter, what I am in need of is the almost same worded letter she posted to her blog, however she added “she had never heard of or met George Zimmerman” in relation to the Sherman Ware Case. It is that statement which on it face is blatently false. While she may never have “met” Zimmerman, it would be virtually impossible to state she was unaware of his actions on behalf of Ware because it was GZ’s spreading of the U-Tube video which eventually gave the final ammunition to her and Ryan Julison.

      There is no reasonable person who could conclude that both Natalie Jackson and Ryan Julison DID NOT know of George Zimmerman and his advocacy “actions” in relation to supporting Sherman Ware vs. Justin Collinson.

      This further impunes the credibility of both Jackson and Julison, and speaks volumes to the dark heart of self-serving “intent” regarding the entire framing of the Trayvon shooting.


    • ItsMichaelNotMike says:

      Late Night Final Musings

      In terms of further investigation, has anyone or this Site commented on how Tracy Martin’s story keeps changing about his conduct that night, and his statements about what he thought his son was doing.

      And I am curious about Brandy Green’s kid, “Chad.” Where was he during all this. Just as Crump used dated parlor tricks when discussing DeeDee, it appears Crump, Julison and Martin resorted to smoke and mirrors when dealing with Brandy Green and her son Chad like enigmas.

      It is almost like Brandy, and especially Chad, don’t exist and never have. I submit that for nefarious ulterior motive (as part of the conspiracy to defraud insurance companies and taxpayers), that Crump, Julison, et al. (with Martin’s blessing) have “scrubbed” Brandy and Chad from their false narrative.

      Does anyone know anything about Chad? (Is that even his name?)

      I want to know where he is and where he fits into the situation.

      And I would like to know what Brandy Green was up to that night. (Remember, it was Green’s home. Martin and Green came home to find Trayvon gone. Was Chad there? If not, did anyone wonder where HE was?

      Wasn’t Green concerned where her 14-year-old son was? Does anyone find it odd that BOTH Martin and Green simply went to bed, apparently unconcerned that their children were gone. (Or were there three people who went to sleep that night, Tracy, Brandy, and Chad? Only Trayvon was out for the night?)

      Was Chad at home when Tracy and Brandy arrived that night? He possibly was not according to what Tracy Martin said in interviews. (See below links, about Tracy saying to the Orlando Sentinel in a May 3 interview:

      “The elder Martin said he called his son’s cellphone, but it went to voice mail. He remembered Trayvon had made plans to see a movie WITH A FAMILY MEMBER (Chad?) and thought, “Maybe they are in the movie, and they turned their phones off.”
      He went to sleep that night, he said, trusting his son would return.”

      (Note: This account sure is different from Brandy Green’s February 27 TV interview when she said Trayvon was sitting at home, was bored so he went to the store, and was sitting on the porch when he was gunned down.)

      Back to Chad:

      What I recall about Chad from here and elsewhere on the Net is only bits and pieces. For example:

      Brandy Green has a son named “Chad.”

      He is about 14.

      He was living with his mom at Retreat .

      He was supposedly at the condo with Trayvon Martin the night of the shooting.

      They were together watching sports on TV.

      Trayvon Martin went to the store to buy Chad some candy.

      Anyway, as this Site aptly described as a “changing narrative” here’s where I am getting confused about Brandy and Chad:

      — The only time I have heard from Brandy Green was the afternoon of the day after the shooting. It was in a brief February 27 Fox news interview, the local Fox affiliate on scene covering the story.


      Brandy and Tracy, who saw the TV cameras, meandered into the broadcast (actually they intentionally walked toward the camera, hoping to get asked who they were.)

      — Here is what Tracy said that afternoon, where a few hours ago the police and a chaplain (?) told him Trayvon was killed. (Keep in mind that what was broadcast is an edited video. I would sure like to see the complete interview of Martin and Brandy.)

      Fox News Guy to Tracy: “Was that a friend of yours?”

      Tracy: “He was my son… He walked out of the house to go to the store. He was going to the store.”

      Brandy: “He don’t know anybody here. (I think she was referring to the complex).

      He just came out here (looking at the lawn and sidewalk where the shooting occurred.) He was bored so he walked to the store.

      He was on his way back home. I’m living down here (gesturing to her condo).

      He was sitting on the porch and this man killed him. Are you serious!”

      – That interview was on February 27.

      – The next day, February 28, attorney Crump conversed with Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. He took the case.

      – In the next few days Crump brought Natalie Jackson into the case.

      – On March 5 Jackson brought in Ryan Julison, a publicist who had worked with her on a number of high-profile cases.

      This means that 9 days after the shooting Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton had a battery of lawyers and PR firm working on the case. And it is after all these people were in place that the false narrative starts to take shape.

      Gone from the picture is Brandy Green . The name “Chad” is not mentioned. And where I am curious, The Scheme Team and media never mention again what Brandy said that afternoon to Fox News:

      “He don’t know anybody here. He just came out here . He was bored so he walked to the store. He was on his way back home. I’m living down here. He was sitting on the porch and this man killed him!”

      Brandy’s statements beg the questions: 1) Who told her all that, the police, Chad, neighbors; 2) Was she being truthful (I suspect so); 3) What did she mean when saying he was bored; 4) When (what times) did she learn all this information; 5) What did she mean when saying Trayvon was sitting on the porch; 6) Where was she when all this went down; and 7) What did the police tell her?

      OK, time to sign off for now. I’ll deal with this later. For now, here’s some other links for you.

      IMO Reuters has been very good on providing UNBIASED coverage of this story. Here’s a very detailed Reuters article, by correspondent Daniel Trotta, it confirms many aspects of what his field notes set forth.


      And then there’s the May 5 BIASED, puff piece we all know about, by Jeff Weiner in the Orlando Sentinel, an article that focuses on a May 3 interview with Tracy Martin.


      Conclusion: As this Site has commented and I agree, there’s something nefarious going on here, with Brandy and Chad (and let’s not forget DeeDee).

      The Reuter’s notes and articles indicate to me that the Reuters correspondents are an excellent source for information, this because they appear unbiased and from what I can determine they have put hundreds of hours into investigating the story. We should be picking their brains, for example Daniel Trotta (notwithstanding the grammatical and spelling errors in his Bio. LOL).

      Bio: “Daniel Trotta joined Reuters as a correspondent in 1993, starting in Nicaragua and later being posted to Mexico City (1996) and Madrid (2000) before moving to New York in 2005. His speciality (sic) is as a lead writer on major breaking news stories, crafting what is called the “trunk” or “wrap.” As a reporter he covers covers (sic) politics, finance, sports, entertainment, company news and energy.

      Good night. I am off to look for Chad.


  2. Aussie says:

    Looking at this from the POV of the cause of the London riots 2011. You might find this news report interesting:


    I wish I could offer something from one of the British papers. What I want to draw to your attention is the circumstances that were the catalyst for the riots.

    I see this as the link between the thug TM, and the reason for the Martin “family” going to London. Their target audience happens to be those who started the riots last year. It is worth noting here that there were several deaths, and that it was Pakistani Muslims who were killed whilst protecting their businesses from the mob.


    • tara says:

      I just submitted a lengthy post with lots of links about Lee Jasper who is directly associated with the riots you mentioned. I think Lee is the key to the Travon-pa-looza in London.


  3. minpin says:

    This may have already been covered here by one of our research journalists. If so I apologize for the duplication. Seems that Ryan Julison has been a sleaze bag for a long time. Ginn Homebuilders and it’s affiliates were sued in a class action law suit by homeowners in at least a dozen developments for inflating home prices, manipulating appraisals, and having staff members act as potential buyers to force people to sign contracts. At the time of this article, back in 2009, some of the properties were worth only 10% of their original appraised value.

    “We will vigorously defend against this litigation and any other false allegation brought against our company Ginn spokesman Ryan Julison said.”

    Julison has had no problem putting out false allegations against George Zimmerman though. Pot meet kettle.


  4. sybilj says:

    Meet the parents …

    [Sorry, no link]

    Grand Forks Herald (ND) – Saturday, April 11, 1998
    Author: Stephen J. Lee, Herald Staff Writer

    A former Grand Forks pastor couple and their son were involved in an Easter egg massacre in Daytona Beach, Fla., last weekend, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal. But calling it a massacre was sensationalism, said Ryan Julison , a former Grand Forks resident who helped plan the event.

    About 5,000 people attended the event, held April 4 by the World Harvest Church, the church started by Ryan’s parents, the Revs. Ed and Renee Julison , formerly of Grand Forks.

    In Riverfront Park in downtown Daytona, the church piled thousands of artificial eggs containing Bible verses and pieces of candy.

    We wanted to create a family day for the entire community, Ryan said this week in a telephone interview from Orlando, Fla., where he works. There were music and games as well as the eggs. The Rev. Ed Julison spoke on the true meaning of Easter and how it is often forgotten in the midst of the modern Easter season.

    But the egg hunt turned into a mad rush, the Daytona newspaper reported, as parents joined in to make sure their children got enough treats, and some kids got trampled. Lizzy Ellenwood, 10, grabbed a few eggs, but told the News Journal that some kid pushed her in the stomach and another ran over her foot with a skate.

    One mother, Deborah Edge, said she was shocked at how some parents behaved. I saw a lady stealing out of a little kid’s basket, she told the local newspaper.

    And in the words that made the egg hunt famous, adult Joe Vetter told the newspaper: This isn’t an Easter egg hunt. It’s an Easter egg massacre.

    Not eggs-zactly, Ryan Julison says. What could happen at an Easter egg hunt, right? Ryan said with a laugh. We did a story with the local paper and, to be totally honest, the whole thing was really sensationalized. There was some pushing and shoving, and some parents got too involved. I heard one mother tell her little girl: `If you don’t get a bag full of eggs, I’ll spank you.’

    But calling it a massacre was way out of line, although the word choice apparently pushed the story into the news media nationwide, Julison said. I got a ton of calls. The story got picked up by National Public Radio. Someone called and asked how many people died.

    The story was blown way out of proportion, he said. One or two parents took an egg or two from someone else’s basket, Ryan Julison said. It’s kind of a shame that people would act that way but, at the same time, I maintain that `massacre’ wasn’t the way to describe it. It was so overstated. There were no arrests, no injuries. It was just a warm day and people were gathered around and tempers were kind of flaring because they wanted to get started.




    The Julisons already had moved to Daytona Beach, where several members of Victory Church have since joined them in the new ministry. Ed Julison remains as pastor of Victory Church in Grand Forks, occasionally returning, while assistant pastor Chris Zygarlicke handles regular pastoral duties. Ryan Julison works for a public relations firm in Orlando and helps his parents at the church in Daytona Beach. Recently, the name was changed from Daytona Beach Faith Center to World Harvest Center, and the congregation of 150 moved into a new building, Ryan said.

    Ed Julison was in Crookston this week, testifying in the trial of Michael Chenarides, one of three men charged with the murder of Kevin Weekley in rural East Grand Forks. Julison was early on the scene of the 1989 murder, helping the victims as a friend and pastor.



    Photobucket …/SD


  5. tara says:

    I think the connection in London might be Lee Jasper, a black British “activist”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Jasper Lee Jasper had called for a boycott of Skittles after the company tried to unlink itself from the Trayvon incident. http://twitter.com/#!/righttoprotest/status/186104083684409346 He was also responsible for organizing the Trayvon rally outside of the US Embassy in London http://blackactivistsrisingagainstcuts.blogspot.com/2012/03/press-release-justice-for-trayvon.html He’s the chairmain of an organization with acronym BARAC (Black Activists Rising Against Cuts). (See prior link.)

    Apparently there was some scandal about Jasper’s position as “Senior Policy Advisor on Equalities to the Mayor of London”, details here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/london/content/articles/2008/03/11/tim_donovan_jasper_feature.shtml Among other unsavory info, “In June 2006 he went on a curious excursion –for which no full explanation has been given. He flew to Chicago, then on to Jamaica and from there to New York, before flying back to Jamaica. Jasper’s Chicago connection is likely with the Pampers. In Dec 2011 he hosted a screening in London of a film documenting the “Angola 3”. One of the three inmates is Robert King (formerly Robert Wilkerson), and he attended the screening hosted by Jasper.

    Here’s some ranting by Jasper regarding riots that occurred last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEsdXO87K7w In Aug 2011 the Tottenham area of London experienced riots by blacks after police shot a black man. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_England_riots

    And here is, apparently, the Trayvon of London: Demetre Frasier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wfQk6f-GGo&list=UUin84G3xEb_TJvy6ITjTKXg&feature=plcp Notice the movement name: Justice4Demtre. http://justice4demetre.blogspot.com/2011_07_01_archive.html Probably trademarked. Here’s an article about Demtre. http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2011/06/14/body-found-after-police-called-to-druids-heath-flat-97319-28871176/ Demetre, like Trayvon, was a troubled kid. He was under house arrest. He was living in “council housing”, i.e., projects.

    I have zero doubt that front and center with Sybrina and Tracy will be Lee Jasper.


  6. sidneytawl says:


    There is a picture of Ryan, Matt Lauer and the family at this link. It appears to be the same day of the photo took with Ryan and Matt together shown on this site. Same clothes.

    Ryan worked with the Sanford Fl man who also became a national story, but this Time on the other side of the fence as the perp not the victim.

    The article’s author is upset about political correctness and that a black man can’t storm a bus to protect his daughter, thats the jist.

    Natalie Jackson and Ryan also worked on a bullying case bout a dad who stormed a school bus.

    James Willie Jones and Deborah McFadden-Jones joined their daughter and attorney Natalie Jackson as they addressed the media Tuesday at their church, Spirit of Truth Ministries in Lake Mary.

    Jackson also had a message for the bullies accused of tormenting Chatari: “Hopefully, the bullies can learn something from this and come forward.”


    Seems from the comments from people in Grand Forks, they think he was only after their money. Is that where you learned the art of a grifter Ryan, lying is legal as long as you get some dough

    Julison, 47, is a former electrician who was ”born again” in the early 1980s and called into the ministry. He said he received ministerial training at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Okla.

    School officials, however, say Julison took a few classes in the early 1980s but never graduated.

    ”He has never held credentials from our training center,” said Larry Johnson, an administrative assistant at the Bible training center. ”He is definitely not associated – nor has he ever been – with any of our ministerial associations.”


    • jimrtex says:

      I was kicked in the back of the head by someone from Rhema in the early 1980s during a basketball game. It was in a scramble for the ball on the floor. I spun around and was ready to fight. The referee didn’t seek the kick and called a technical on me, but a teammate saw it. It may have been more of a shoving motion, and wasn’t injured, but I sure perceived it as an attack.

      I had thought about this when reading about the fight between Martin and Zimmerman. You are likely to perceive any pain or injury to the head as more severe, perhaps because you can’t see it, and maybe this part of the human design. But even a bee or wasp flying at your head, or a mosquito buzzing in your ear is pretty alarming.


      • barnslayer says:

        So how would your perception have changed if you knew your head was being repeatedly slammed onto the sidewalk (this just after getting your nose broken)? Oh yeah, no referees or team mates or coaches around either. What’s your point?


        • jimrtex says:

          “What’s your point?”

          That one’s perception of what is happening to their head may be particularly accentuated. Has Zimmerman said that his skull was slammed into the sidewalk repeatedly? And maybe it was actually the drains that are a couple of feet to the west of the sidewalk.

          A brush with a foot against the back of my head was perceived as a kick. Whether Zimmerman’s injuries were life threatening, doesn’t matter if he he perceived them as such. And what he surely would have perceived as life-threatening was an attempt to grab the gun.

          I didn’t mention coaches. That is your invention.


          • barnslayer says:

            So there may not have been a coach. So what. You make a comparison of being fouled in a sporting event (with referees and other team mates present) to being in a fight one one with nobody else around. It has already been shown Zimmerman had a wound on the back of his head. What type of first aid did you getting fouled require? Was your nose broken first? Did the other player knock you down, get on top of you and your head hit the ground? Your comparison is contrived.


            • barnslayer says:

              I wanted to explain why I took exception to your post and the comparison you made. Aside what I’ve already mentioned my main concern is it makes excuses where none are needed. Even if Zimmerman’s head was being pushed into a down pillow he was still attacked. He was hit in the face, knocked to the ground and his assailant got on top of him. To me that is enough of a reason to fear for your life. No reason or benefit to question what Zimmerman felt vs what he perceived. He was attacked and prevented from escaping or retreating. That’s enough.


              • jimrtex says:

                That was actually my point as well. Anything that is happening to your head, your concern is accentuated.

                You probably missed the connection to Rhema and Julison in my original anecdote as well.


                • Sharon says:

                  Julison’s behavior now has nothing to do with Rhema, with which he had a fleeting relationship. I saw you mentioned Rhema, but didn’t understand why.


                • jimrtex says:

                  Perhaps that is why I mentioned when the basketball game occurred.


  7. tara says:

    As a follow-up to my large Lee Jasper post, here’s a 2010 Al Sharpton visit to London. Notice Lee Jasper is there, as well as the leader of “Operation Black Vote” Simon Woolley. The race-baiters have a tight international connection, it appears.


    Cue angels singing for this picture: http://operationblackvote.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/sharpton-sharpton2.jpg?w=468&h=294

    And cue your eyerolling for this one: http://operationblackvote.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/voicefpsharpton.jpg?w=468&h=604


  8. tara says:

    Oh I see, the New Black Pussies have been setting up shop in the UK: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/3455225.stm

    the organisation will concentrate on implementing community-based programmes to make Africans in the UK able to form a ‘nation with a nation’ and ready to return to Africa at some as yet undetermined time. (laughing)


    • minpin says:

      Tara- Have you ever seen the website Underground Railroad Tribal Alliance? Go to the bottom of the page to see there support of the Dream Defenders. The DD’s were the ones that marched to Sanford, closed the police station, on the same day that a police vehicle was shot up.

      I saw a page of tweets from NatJacESQ (Natalie Jackson) where she tweeted to the Dream Defenders. She was at their rally in Sanford, and she attended the meeting with Bonaparte and the DD which was “facilitated” by the US Dept. of Justice Community Relations Service.

      The DD in Fla. is organized by Vanessa Baden, and Gabriel Pendas. Gabriel Pendas is on the staff of The Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition. When you google his name, the link comes up for this Bronx group, and he is listed as a Community Organizer, and it lists his email and NY phone number.

      Gabriel and Vanessa held sit ins at the then Jeb Bush Gov. mansion, and credit themselves with the closure of Floridas Boot Camp system for juvenile offenders. Wasn’t Benjamin Crump the atty. for the Anderson parents?


  9. Daisy says:

    Hello everyone! Newbie here. Discovered The Conservative Tree House while reading another blog….a very pro-Trayvon blog. So excited to find a place that knows there are two sides to every story and the story the press is putting about about George Zimmerman and Trayvon is not the gospel according to Crump and Company. Just had to comment after reading Tara’s comment “the New Black Pussies have been setting up shot in the UK.” Wanted to say thanks for getting the other side out there and y’all are awesome. Looking forward to reading here for more of what I believe to be the truth of the matter. 🙂


  10. Daisy says:

    Oops, should be……Just had to comment after reading Tara’s comment “the New Back pussies have been setting up SHOP in the UK.” I shall be wearing a grin from ear to ear today. Thank you!


  11. sidneytawl says:

    This link is to a blog talk radio show. It must be a local thing around Sanford.


    There is a show with Natalie Jackson about the Sherman ware case. I can’t download it, From clicking on the highlight link and the itunes link. File not found. I clicked on some others and got the same result.
    The date of the show is Jan 5 2011.
    Their is also an interview with the person that shot the Sherman ware video with his cell phone on a show Jan 6 2011

    I don’t have a twitter account that may be the issue of not having access. These seem to be a twitter account listings.


  12. sidneytawl says:

    I also found she was on the show talking about TM on Real Radio 104.1
    March 21 at 8:03am ·

    This show seems to be a show that is part of the Clear Channel Group, still trying to find archives.



  13. sidneytawl says:

    Found another high profile case Julison was involved in.


    This is the story about a Jacksonville man that was HACKING emails of celebs.

    Christopher Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Fla., was charged Tuesday with one count each of unauthorized access to a computer and aggravated identity theft. He now faces a total of 28 counts and more than 100 years in prison if convicted.

    Chaney previously pleaded not guilty to 26 counts, including wiretapping. An email left Friday for Chaney’s spokesman Ryan Julison was not immediately returned.


  14. recoverydotgod says:

    I apologize in advance for the length of this comment.

    My opinion, he NAACP at local, state, and national level will eventually have to address the WeShallBeHeard, simply because the comments and the flyer reference the uncut video of the beating. It is pretty compelling that an advocate would point to the uncut video each time (comment on Jan 1, flyer, comment on myfoxorlando). It doesn’t address discovery in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, but people will really wonder, as should the city commissioners, state officials and yes, even the national officials about the publicist and lawyer that were involved in the Sherman Ware Case.

    As the flyer the George Zimmerman is said to have distributed….it gives an address to the office of the governor. Not a bad place for Sanford residents to start, as well as their city commission, sharing knowledge of the WeShallBeHeard fact which again links to the uncut video of a the video of the beating and police arrival on the scene. Neither is the stand your ground task force that has been appointed to review the law.

    The investigative report was done of the officers involved in the Sherman Ware/Collison case and can be found on the web.

    The following sequence of events, seem to planned out in advance….on how the sequence would come out. No one in organizations, public or private, like facing public spotlight without already knowing the plan.

    Jan 2, 2011 – Sunday (Turner and 30 other NAACP members plan to meet with Hagrett Monday)


    Members of the NAACP want to know why a police lieutenant’s son who was caught on video sucker-punching a homeless man has not been arrested.

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Seminole County released their plans, saying they will meet Monday with acting Sanford police Chief Jerry Hargrett.

    The group said it believes Justin Collison was not arrested because he is the son of a police officer.

    Collison does face charges of aggravated assault, but the NAACP questioned whether there should be more charges.

    “Why wasn’t this person charged with a hate crime, considering that this was a black male who was attacked, and he called him the ‘N-word’ several times?” said Clayton Turner, Jr., president of the Seminole County chapter of the NAACP.


    Turner and about 30 other members of the NAACP are expected to attend Monday’s meeting, seeking answers.

    Jan 3 – (Monday – Sherman Wares sister and Turner Clayton along with others….was this “Mary Dixon” as reported here


    or “Tonetta”)


    Tooley’s retirement happened after Sanford police met with members of Seminole County’s chapter of the NAACP, who are demanding more oversight of the department.
    “He understands the severity of the issue. There were some missteps by police personnel. He takes full ownership of it,” interim City Manager Tom George said.

    In the emergency meeting Monday, George called for a temporary agreement with Seminole County to bring in Chief Deputy Sheriff Steve Harriett to run the day-to-day operations of the police department, starting immediately.

    “I feel the decision we made today will send a message throughout the community, throughout the state, throughout the country, throughout the world, that we are about the business of doing what’s right,” George said.

    In the public meeting there was a frank admission from Sanford police.
    “Bottom line, we didn’t do our job that night,” said Cpt. Jerry Hargrett of the Sanford Police Department.

    The NAACP asked for the public meeting, and a number of people were in the audience, including Sherman Ware’s sister. She told WFTV her brother doesn’t remember the beating he took on December 4.


    Seminole County NAACP President Clayton Turner said his group will await the results of the internal affairs review, but would like to see the Department of Justice involved in the case.

    Tooley couldn’t be reached for comment, but at the end of an interview with WFTV last Thursday, he joked he could be asked to take retirement sooner than he planned.

    Tooley will still serve as a consultant and collect his $116,000 a year salary until the end of April. His benefits and pension are also intact.

    http://grio2.vip.sta.oomphcloud.com/2012/04/06/purported-zimmerman-family-letter-demands-naacp-call-off-the-dogs/ (According to the June 3 report linked above, Tonetta (Sherman Ware’s sister) and Mr. Clayton met with Acting Chief Hagrett on Monday morning along with the other NAACP members…..could this have been the “meetings for justice” the letter sent by the Zimmerman family member was referencing? With Natalie Jackson per her website being a member of the Sanford chapter of the NAACP…was she one of the 30?)


    On Tuesday, Ware’s attorney Natalie Jackson, announced that Collison has already sent a check to cover the victim’s past and future medical bills and pain and suffering.

    She would not disclose the total.

    Collison also agreed to get counseling for alcohol abuse and to be treated for anger management, said Jackson.

    In addition, Jackson said he’s agreed to make donations of $1,000 each to three non-profit groups: the Seminole branch of the NAACP, Seminole Action Coalition Serving Our Needy and a Sanford drug rehabilitation center.

    The idea for those donations, she said, came from Ware, 47, who is homeless and has substance abuse problems. He is currently in the Seminole County Jail, accused of failing to appear in court on a variety of felony counts.

    Both Collison and Ware have substance abuse problems, Jackson said.

    That made her client more forgiving, she said. Ware has been arrested several times and understands that some people need many, many second chances, she said.

    “Mr. Collison got lucky in getting Mr. Ware as a victim,” she said.

    Fast forward to April 6, 2012 (Turner Clayton …also 1st vice president of Florida Chapter of NAACP as well as Seminole chapter president)


    “Tonetta,” it read, “I am forwarding you a copy of a letter that has been sent to the NAACP. I thought that, since you were at the rally on March 19 against Mr. Zimmerman, you might be interested to know the type of man he is. The four page attachment is a copy of the flyer that George distributed to the local churches in support of your brother.”

    Reached for comment Friday, Clayton said that neither he nor the national office of the NAACP ever received a letter, though he has gotten several calls about it over the last couple of days.

    Clayton said that whether the letter is authentic or not, the allegations in it are not true.

    “We never referred to anybody as a racist,” he said. “All of that is coming from his side,” he added, referring to Zimmerman’s family and supporters.

    As for whether he recalls a January 8, 2011 meeting at city call, or Zimmerman’s presence organizing the black community, Clayton said, “No, and I don’t think anybody else does either.”



    • Ken says:

      Interesting how everyone else got the letter but them. The letter was USPS mailed and emailed. I have the email thread wherein the copy was sent to the Washington Bureau


  15. sidneytawl says:

    Sundance I don’t know if you saw this post about the blog statement you are looking for.

    Dedicated_Dad says:
    May 7, 2012 at 6:33 am

    THIS letter is *SIGNED*!
    The “blog” version of the letter definitely DOES have the “never met him” statement where this one definitely does not.
    *THAT* ought to give *ANYONE* pause!
    My guess? She decided it would be VERY bad for her if pics turned up of them together, so she excised the “never seen him before” language…
    I have the blog-version in a .pdf which I “printed” so it couldn’t go down the memory-hole…
    e-mail if you want it!

    Also the radio show with Natalie about Sherman also is supposed to have the guy from the naacp calling in to talk also.


  16. sybilj says:

    How Trayvon story went viral: old school new media sparked each other
    On March 7 and 8, CBS news and Reuters ran stories on television and print about the shooting. Both were captured by Yahoo News on March 8.
    That’s when the firestorm began. The Yahoo news story prompted Kevin Cunningham, a 31-year-old Howard University student, to create a Change.org petition demanding that George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who claimed he shot Martin in self-defense, be arrested.
    “For some reason the mainstream media is not reporting this story. Shameful, call them, email them, don’t let this go!” Cunni-ngham posted on March 8 when he created the petition.

    How one man helped spark online protest in Trayvon Martin case
    When Kevin Cunningham read about the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin early this month, he turned to a platform he was just starting to experiment with – social media – to add his voice to the few that were expressing outrage about a Florida police department’s handling of the case.
    “I decided to take the skills that I’ve been working on … and apply them to the situation and see how well it would work out, and it just went crazy on me,” said Cunningham, 31, of Washington, D.C., who created the petition on the Change.org website on March 8.
    Cunningham, a red-head who describes himself as the “super Irish” son of activist parents, said he learned about the Martin case when he read a story posted on a listserv for Men of Howard, an informal, secretive fraternity that he joined while attending the historically black Howard University as a law student.



    KGC Development
    May 2002 – Present (10 years 1 month)
    Law Office of Dennis Cunningham
    January 2006 – August 2009 (3 years 8 months)
    Research Assistant
    Howard University School of Law
    Educational Institution; 5001-10,000 employees; Higher Education industry
    December 2007 – May 2008 (6 months)

    Cultivating Equity
    At KGC Development our core mission is to ‘Cultivate Equity.’ This means creating value for our business, our customers, and the community by harnessing the vast potential for humanity to live in harmony and prosperity with the planet and each other.
    The world needs to be employed and sustainably rebuilt. KGC Development’s mission is to connect the workers to the work and enable people to empower themselves. For us the primary means to this end is sustainable real estate development. For more information on some of the ways sustainable development can stimulate economic growth while improving people’s quality of life see:


    Law Offices of Dennis Cunningham & Ben Rosenfeld
    We represent activists, artists, and others who find themselves harassed, persecuted, singled out, marginalized, or brutalized by local, state, or national police or their agents or provocateurs. Ben Rosenfeld also represents bicyclists injured by motorists

    THE FOREST FOR THE TREES is an intimate look at an unlikely team of young activists and old civil rights workers who come together to battle the U.S. government.
    Filmmaker Bernadine Mellis is the daughter of 68-year-old civil rights lawyer Dennis Cunningham. Dennis started out his career representing the Black Panthers and the Weathermen.

    Her mother, Mona Mellis, was a Weatherman. Her father, Dennis Cunningham, is a civil rights lawyer who fought for Fred Hampton and the Attica Brothers. He also represented Judi Bari.

    Dennis Cunningham, who started out his career representing the Black Panthers and the Weathermen, was recently presented with the Spirit of Justice Award by the National Lawyers Guild.

    People in Kevin’s circles
    (Melllis, Cunningham, etc.)


    Cunningham, Kevin Guinane 31
    Cunningham, Robert Maris

    Cunningham, Molly

    (Dennis’) brother, Robert Maris Cunningham, Ill, is named in a Senate Internal Security. Subcommittee report, “The Weather Underground,” published in 1975, as a. WUO member.

    Going underground were Robert Maris Cunningham III, an associate of Jennifer Dohrn; Pamela Sue Fadem resided in a New York Weatherman commune until …

    Molly Cunningham shared a link via Kevin Guinane Cunningham.
    April 15.
    so i guess it’s normal enough to see my brother on MSNBC that I watched him on Al Sharpton three days late.. (minute 7 what!!)


    • sybilj says:

      Cunningham, Robert Maris
      Derwood, MD
      Rockville, MD
      Louisville, KY
      Cunningham, Kevin Guinane
      Cunningham, Elsie
      Cunningham, Kathleen M
      Cunningham, Molly

      Cunningham, Kathleen M
      Possible Aka’s:
      Derwood, MD
      Rockville, MD
      Louisville, KY
      Fisty, KY
      Cunningham, Robert Maris
      Cunningham, Kevin Guinane

      Kathleen Guinane
      attorney/policy analyst
      focus project/omb watch
      Derwood, MD
      $1,900 donation to barack obama


    • tara says:

      Wow, this is very interesting. So Kevin Cunningham, who on the surface appears to be just an average dude, is actually very well connected to militant black activists. Did you see that Dennis set up the “People’s Law Office” in Chicago?

      What’s up with his business? Exactly what does KGC Development do? Allow him to purchase things for himself and write them off on his taxes?

      The WhoIs entry for kgcdevelopment.com shows this mysterious contact info:

      CDG Development LLC
      NA NA
      911 Butternut St. NW
      Washington, AL of Columbia 200 US
      +1.0000 ext —-
      Fax +1.0000

      CDG?? I looked up the address, it’s a single family home in DC owned by Kevin. He bought it in 2007 for $465,000. He’s 31 now, that means he was only 26 when he paid nearly half a million for his home. I hope he doesn’t have any tax-payer subsidized law school debt….


  17. sybilj says:

    Wonder if his parents are still associated with former WUO members; Ayers, Dohrn, etc.?


  18. Xballer52 says:

    Don’t know if this has been posted already, there is so much info on this website regarding this case; however, could this Youtube video have been posted by Zimmerman? At the very least the age of the user (weshallbeheard) matches what would have been Zimmerman’s age at the time; 28.

    Apparently the Fox affiliate in Orlando was at the January 8th meeting and in the report linked below, there is brief video of some of the audience members of the meeting; however, Zimmerman does not appear in the abbreviated video. Presumably, the entire meeting was held and if Zimmerman was there, certainly there would be videotape of him.



    • Xballer52 says:

      I also noticed that he Edmund Burke quote on top of the flier that Zimmerman passed out requesting that people attend the community meeting on Jan. 8th, re: Sherman Ware, was the same quote that appeared at the top of the orginal website that was set up by Zimmerman, therealgeorgezimmerman.com. Coincidence or further circumstancial proof that he created the flyers?


    • justice099 says:

      Oh my… the clip of the video where they show him hitting the homesless person, is NOT even the part where he hit him. That person was someone trying to prevent him from walking away from the scene. Sherman Ware was wearing a grey hoodie. and was puched once and fell. How incompetent the media is. lol


    • Ken says:

      We have searched high and low for video of those meetings and cannot find anything.


      • jimrtex says:

        There was a January 3 special city commission meeting to approved an agreement between the City of Sanford and Seminole County. The agreement provided that someone from the the sheriff’s office would serve as interim police chief.

        The existing police chief was retiring January 31 (after 14 years), but was terminated on January 3. The meeting lasted 7 minutes, and it appears that it was called on short notice – the commissioners didn’t appear familiar with the terms of the agreement.

        Under Sanford’s city manager form of government, the city manager is responsible for day to day operations of the city, and can hire and fire police chiefs and other officials, while the mayor and city commissioners are legally responsible for the city, passing ordinances, signing contracts, and making policy. But it is pretty unlikely that such an important decision would be undertaken without some consultation with the council.

        It is probably not very easy to replace a police chief on a couple of days notice when you don’t want to promote an interim chief from within.

        One issue raised at the January 3 meeting was about what role former chief Tooley would have. He was going to be paid through April, and be a “consultant”. Apparently, this was part of his contract, and he was required to be available to consult during a transition. It didn’t sound there was any sort of obligation for the city or police department to consult with him.

        This issue was raised in a comment on the news report about the January 3 meeting – most likely by George Zimmerman, who also encourage people to show up for the January 8 meeting.

        A new mayor was elected in November 2010, and took office on January 10, 2011, along with a newly elected commissioner and three other holdover commissioners. They were inaugurated at the January 10 commissioners meeting.

        The mayor-elect organized another meeting on January 8. He has described it as a useful format, since it was not as structured as a city commissioners meeting, and they could interact more with the public. It is quite possible that there are legal restrictions on how formal (eg recording) a public meeting can be when it is intended by all members of a governing body are present and public issues are discussed (and the Mayor-elect was not the mayor for two more days).

        The police chief issue was discussed at the meeting on January 8, but only one speaker is mentioned. It appears to have been the most prominent issues.

        The January 8 meeting is mentioned casually in the January 10 meeting, but nothing beyond one commissioner noting that many of the same people (audience?) had been at the January 8 meeting; and the new mayor thanking someone for making the arrangements.


    • Ken says:

      Weshallbeheard is GZ. The comment at the bottom of this article is also GZ:


  19. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    Here is compelling evidence proving that Crump, Parks, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al. have an established routine, an MO, to extort monies. Take at look at this article, what Crump is doing to Zimmerman MIRRORS what he was doing back in 2006:


    As I said before, this is a rather unsophisticated group of people, basically repeatedly using the law, race, their profession, and media pressure as tools to extort money from insurance companies and govt. entities.


  20. sybilj says:


    Mothers of Stephen Lawrence and Trayvon Martin to meet in London
    by Geraint Vincent: ITV News Correspondent – last updated Tue 8 May 2012


  21. sybilj says:

    Raided Pine Hills barbershop to host community day, discuss legal action
    Strictly Skillz barbershop, 400 N. Pine Hills Road, will give away school supplies on Saturday.
    August 18, 2011|By Jeff Weiner, Orlando Sentinel
    Soon after a Sentinel report exposing the raids, Berry his intentions to sue. On Saturday, Berry and attorney Natalie Jackson will address the media, and give details of the barbershop’s next legal move.
    According to spokesman Ryan Julison, Saturday morning event will also feature refreshments and entertainment. School supplies will be distributed on first-come, first-serve basis.


  22. DizzyMissL says:

    When do the Olympics start in London? I bet they figure they will have a huge audience due to the games especially if they draw this out.


  23. ItsMichaelNotMike says:

    OK, here is something I found. It is from Reuters in Europe (a reporter’s internal notes online) and appears a very reliable timeline of events, on how everyone got connected on The Scheme Team’s side. It also goes into some good detail on how the 911 ended up being played in Mayor Triplett’s office. I have the link, but this is the main stuff that provides some launch points for further investigation and analysis (plus the reporter’s English is horrible. 🙂

    “… Crump took the case pro bono. Realizing he needed an attorney who knew Sanford and Seminole County, Crump contacted attorney Natalie Jackson, a former Navy officer who founded the Women’s Trial Group, which specializes in women’s and children’s issues. Her mother lives in Sanford.

    Now Crump and Jackson needed a media strategy. On March 5, 2012, Jackson brought in Ryan Julison, a publicist who had worked with her on a number of high-profile cases.

    After speaking with Tracy Martin, Julison said he took the job for free. He then went about pitching the story to national media.

    Crump knew from his experience on the 2006 boot-camp case that publicity could force officials to act, but it would require persuading Martin and Fulton, two people who had never stood in front of a television camera, to withstand the spotlight.

    Julison said “I got on the phone with Tracy Martin and I told him, ‘It’s never going to be any fun, but this is the only way to find justice. You must bare your soul , express your emotions and your interior woes.'”

    Martin and Fulton agreed. There was only one problem. At first the media weren’t interested despite that Julison had pitched the story to his long list of media contacts. (ItsMichaelNotMike: Remember in my other post – under the Julison article- where I said that it was difficult to get media interested in the story, hence Julison and others, IMO, resorting to making the story more interesting, inter alia, altering the 911 audio.)

    On March 7 Reuters published an article titled “Family of Florida Boy Killed By Neighborhood Watch Seeks Arrest.”


    On March 8 CBS News ran the story on its “This Morning” news show. Natalie Jackson announced a news conference. Reporters gathered at the lawyer’s office, with Ben Crump and Tracy Martin in attendance. The media firestorm had begun.


    The day after the news conference, on March 9, Velma Williams went back to Police Chief Bill Lee, with community activist Kenneth Bentley. They said a train “was coming down the tracks and it was going 50 miles one hour.” Williams reminisced: “I said it’s going 150 miles an hour and it doesn’t have any brakes.”

    Back in New York, civil rights activist Al Sharpton was monitoring the story, his interest piqued by an earlier call from Crump. After the police chief told reporters on March 12 he lacked probable cause to arrest Zimmerman, Sharpton took up Trayvon Martin’s cause on his MSNBC show, fueling cable television competition.

    The twist that catapulted Martin’s shooting into a worldwide media story was the release of recorded 911 calls, including one that captures screams, and in the backdrop a gunshot.

    Chief Lee had resisted Crump’s requests to make the tapes public, but he was overruled onward Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett. On the night of Friday, March 16, Triplett invited Trayvon Martin’s parents and their into his office to listen to each of the calls, which he played on his computer.

    “When we got to the cries for help Sybrina ruptured into tears,” recollected Jackson. “She said, ‘That’s Trayvon. That’s our son.’ She ran out of the office crying.” (Zimmerman’s brother Robert would later claim the voice belonged to George.)

    “The mayor himself started to cry,” Jackson said. “Everybody in the office was in tears.” Mayor Triplett overruled his police chief and dispensed disks of the phone calls to the media that night. They have now been played unceasingly.”


    • minpin says:

      On the day of the City Council meeting, where Patty Mahany went on a rant, she said that it was reprehensible for a city official to order the release of the 911 tapes, when Chief Lee wanted them not released because it was an ongoing investigation. Obviously she was referring to Mayor Triplett. We’ve seen the photo of Triplett with Bonaparte, meeting with Frederica Wilson and the other beeitch, don’t remember her name right now, shortly before the CBC held their show trial to hang GZ in Washington, as someone who hunted Trayvon down like a rabid dog, and then killed him in cold blood. Triplett and Bonaparter were meeting with Erick Holder that day.

      I can only wonder why Triplett went along with the City Council the night they refused to accept Chief Lee’s resignation. Playing both ends of the candle perhaps, which will eventually meet in the middle. Triplett is just another useful tool for the black agenda. He be the wrong color.


  24. Ken says:

    A little of topic here but does anyone remember the re-enactment video by (I think) CBS wherein they depict GZ pummelling TM? I cannot find it anywhere and was trying to get a copy


  25. jimrtex says:

    The letter from the Zimmerman family member to the NAACP may have overstated the role of Zimmerman. This is not to say that he didn’t pamphlet with regard to Sherman Ware – but it may have been a grass roots effort on his part. And the January 8 meeting was real.

    Jeff Triplett was elected in November 2010 defeating the incumbent mayor Linda Kuhn, in an election delayed 1-1/2 years to synchronize with the state election calendar. Triplett appears to have campaigned as a reformer and for more transparent government. But it might also be personality issues. Kuhn was sometimes said to have an abrasive style. But the former editor of the Sanford Herald was supporting Triplett – I don’t whether this colored their coverage. Sanford is not very big, just over 50,000. The city manager does all the day to day management and hiring, while the city commission just sets overall policy (the city council members are called commissioners, but it is not a commission form of government). They only meet every other week.

    Also at the November election, voters approved a charter amendment requiring that the city manager lived in the city. The city manager said he had a very nice log cabin that he had built and planned to live in for many more years, so that he was not going to be moving to Sanford. So Sanford was going to be losing its city manager.

    Sherman Ware was beaten in early December. Meanwhile Police Chief Tooley had announced his retirement after 11 years, effective January 31, 2011. I’m not sure when he announced this, but I’ll track it down. Since Sanford has a city manager form of government, the city manager hires the department heads including the police chief.

    On December 31, an arrest warrant was issued for Justin Collison, son of a Sanford Police Department lieutenant who had been videoed just completely out of control beating people before about 30 persons outside a bar, and not arrested.

    The one flyer from Zimmerman that is dated said that as of today (January 2) Collison had not been arrested. January 2 was a Sunday.

    On January 3 at 8 pm, Justin Collison turned himself in.

    At 1:00 that afternoon, the city commission, including the outgoing mayor, a lame duck commissioner, and the 3 holdovers met to agree to an “intergovernmental agreement between Sanford and Seminole County. The minutes said the meeting lasted 7 minutes. I thought that was nothing, so I simply starting playing the audio in the background. And all of the sudden I noticed that they were talking about the police chief. I thought it must have been some commissioner who couldn’t be bothered to discuss the intricacies of some contract with the county and wanted to go on about the Collison-Ware case.

    But what the intergovernmental agreement was that Sanford would pay Seminole County for one of the sheriff’s department employees to be the interim police chief for the city. Police Chief Tooley was retired immediately. Seminole County did the investigation of the police department. I don’t know whether that was included in the agreement as well. And unlike in the case of Police Chief Bill Lee, you probably would not want to elevate someone within the police department on a interim basis.

    There was some concern by Velma Williams, the only black Sanford commissioner about the contract under which former police chief would be available for consultation through April. That simply required that if the police had something they wanted to ask him about, they could, and he would be formally expected to reasonably participate. He was getting paid regardless.

    So the contract would have been drafted probably over the New Year’s weekend, and Collison’s arrest as well, thought Zimmerman likely would not have known this.

    The new mayor and commissioner were inaugurated at the regular commission meeting on January 10, which was somewhat ceremonial – police color guard presented the colors, and the national anthem was played, and the remarks by the commissioners sounded somewhat more personal.

    But there was a meeting on January 8, a Saturday. The new mayor, who had campaigned on the basis of more transparency had arranged for the meeting (and it indeed did use the term workshop – which is used by the part of the commissioners meetings where they receive in-depth presentations about various issues – and perhaps make suggestions about what official policy actions should be drafted for them to approve.

    In a op-ed a couple of weeks later Jeff Triplett said that he liked such meetings since they were not as structured as regular meetings, and there could be more interaction with the public. It was also somewhat informal, with one commissioner arriving in flip-flops.

    The attendance of around 100 persons was said to be unexpectedly large. Maybe Zimmerman’s leaflets did have an effect. This is a report of the meeting:


    “A large crowd drawn from the critical, the complimentary and the curious filled the city hall chambers Saturday for their initial look at the new city commission, featuring a first-time mayor and commissioner.”

    “As new members are sworn into office this week, foremost on the minds of the city commission—and many in the audience—are the upcoming appointments of a police chief and city manager.”

    “Sanford Police Chief Brian Tooley was slated to retire at the end of January, but was forced into early retirement last week after the department became engulfed in controversy surrounding its investigation into the beating of a homeless man by an officer’s son.”

    “The new chief will immediately be charged with guiding the SPD through a tumultuous time, including an ongoing internal investigation, and restoring the public trust.”

    “The public forum also endeavored to seek input from residents, with several weighing in on this topic. Some said the debate over the actions of the SPD was overblown, while others said they lack confidence in local law enforcement.”

    Only one person is mentioned by name, but several “weighed in”

    While the letter to the NAACP said that Zimmerman had organized the January 8 meeting, the flyer says no such thing, The letter may simply have been carelessly worded. The meeting reportedly had an unexpectedly large attendance. And while the news report in the local newspaper does not speak of fireworks, it is the most prominent issue raised at the article. It is quite possible that Zimmerman’s flyers drew more attendance by persons interested in the issue.

    While it was not an official commissioner’s meeting, all the holdover and incoming commissioners as well as the incoming mayor were there, and it appears that it was organized at the behest of the mayor-elect.

    Presumably Zimmerman attended. He may have spoken. And the mayor-elected may have thanked (commended) him for his efforts. There is no indication that the city commissioners or mayor, outgoing or incoming were involved in a cover up. Though the city manager could fire the police chief, it is doubtful that such major personnel decisions would be made without consulting the commissioners.


  26. Online Forms says:

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