Husband Of The Year Question: Wife Being Eaten By Cheetah – Do you? a) Help her, or, b) Quickly Adjust The Shutter Speed On The New Nikon To Catch All The Action

Um, this is perhaps one of the strangest examples of what NOT to do when your spouse is getting eaten by a cheetah, yeah, you read that right A CHEETAH.  Again, I hate to be all captain obvious and stuff but when faced with the option to a) help your wife or b) take pictures of her being eaten alive, perhaps continuing to photograph the event would not be the best decision….. just sayin’.  But that’s just me. 

Methinks, as soon as my wife got finished with the stiches and left the hospital, she would have kicked my A__ all the way to the car;  and EVERY single member of the Thanksgiving – Christmas – Easter – Birthday – Anniversary guest list of family and friends would have brought this up at every single gathering.   F.O.R.E.V.E.R !

SOUTH AFRICA – Violet and Archibald D’Mello were posing with two cheetahs at the Kragga Kamma reserve in South Africa when one of the animals began attacking the woman, leaving her husband to photograph the event.

The British couple was on vacation in Port Elizabeth when they decided to stop at the reserve on April 28. Little did they know the seemingly innocent visit would consist of a life or death ordeal for Violet, the Herald reports.

Violet, Archibald and a family with children entered a petting area with two “completely tame” male cheetahs.

The attention seemed to excite the cats, and one began attacking a young girl.

When Violet tried to intervene, one of the cheetahs jumped on her from behind, the Sun reports. And when a worker fended off the animal, the other cheetah pinned down the tourist, who eventually played dead to avoid further injury.

Armed only with his camera, Archibald managed to capture a series of terrifying photos of his wife’s attack.

Violet received stitches on her leg and head and sustained injuries around her eye, according to the Sun.

Although Violet calls the experience a “nightmare,” she acknowledges the animals may have not had malicious intentions.

“They weren’t being vicious. You could tell they [the cheetahs] were just excited, but it became serious very quickly,” she told the Herald. (read more)

Way more pictures HERE

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35 Responses to Husband Of The Year Question: Wife Being Eaten By Cheetah – Do you? a) Help her, or, b) Quickly Adjust The Shutter Speed On The New Nikon To Catch All The Action

  1. Sentenza says:

    How about shoot the beastie and not with a camera?


  2. Enough says:

    Why kill the cat? How about stay out of the cage that contains deadly animals.


  3. Sentenza says:

    That should go without saying. But I guess that it doesn’t.


  4. CTDAR says:

    The cats didn’t care for her shirt?


  5. mkm19602000 says:

    The Stupid is strong with this couple.


  6. solaratov says:




  7. Bijou says:

    And yet…she never dropped her cell phone.
    Just sayin’…


    • solaratov says:




    • dudesavatar says:

      If you’re so concerned about not letting go of what is in your hand to defend yourself, then how can you expect the person that you chose to spend the rest of your life with to do anything different? She can probably be classified as mentally handicapped.


  8. barnslayer says:

    When Lyle Alzado knocked down a little 90


  9. zmalfoy says:

    This post and comments about sums up why I have missed this place the past month . . . *sigh* . . .good to be back. . .


  10. Clarence in Baltimore says:

    I guess you must have missed where the news article in the Sun said the husband was outside the cage.
    Also this being Australia or New Zealand one can be reasonably sure no one had a gun.
    Lastly, if you don’t have a gun AND it seems as if the animals might be in a playful mood, AND your wife seems to be getting help, I’m not sure going in there trying to kill them (which might make them mad) is a wise thing to do.


    • barnslayer says:

      I would figure I would try to get between the animal and my wife. It might not be the smartest thing to do but my instincts would be to try and protect her. I certainly wouldn’t continue to watch through the viewfinder.


    • Firstly the article was presented as “tongue in cheek”, alas humor sometimes lost…. I digress. Secondly this was in South Africa, not Australia or New Zealand Thirdly, hubby was inside the cage, not outside as you can clearly see from the absence of cage in the foreground of the picture. Lastly, lighten up.


  11. texan59 says:

    Well…………that went well didn’t it! 😯


  12. ZurichMike says:

    I used to love being around animals — all the Disney anthropomorphic animation had me thinking all animals are just sooooooooo cute. And the TV shows: Lassie, Mr. Ed, Flipper, Tarzan — all showed how gosh-darn cute animals are.

    I love dogs, but now unless I am “introduced” to the dog by the dog’s owner, I avoid them. They’re animals, and some of them haven’t quite been domesticated for all that long . . . .


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