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The Treehouse is under attack. Quick summary… Network connections and files of moderators have been hacked into today, including Twitter accounts, laptops, etc. Sequential virus attacks have hindered communication from moderators to the extent of having problems posting comments and … Continue reading

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CYA : Legacy Media Legal Depts. Continue Preparing their Deniability and Risk Management

Via Treeper Tip Line – Another example of the media being caught in the web of their deceptive practices.   Another NBC correspondent fired in their efforts to avoid responsibility for any civil actions.   Covering their A$$. (Via Media Bistro) Lilia … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

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Good Time To Revisit This one…

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Update #14 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – The Local Plot Thickens….. Et Tu Brute’

<— Continued from Update #13 This is officially ridiculous.   Unbelievable and Ridiculous.   The skullduggery we have uncovered for this update is beyond despicable, and might even be unlawful. We have spent much of our time analyzing, researching, seeking truth and deconstructing the … Continue reading

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Paging Team Romney…. Please report to the testicular fortitude room

Don’t be a doofus, hit back…. And edit this to run against Axelrod ASAP…. Thanks.

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Forewarned – Listen Closely….. Michelle and President Obama Still Think We Suck

The natural follow up to President Obama’s new campaign logo is “to  where“? I would submit that both President Obama and Michelle Obama are telling everyone the intent, but few are listening, really listening.   Remember, if you really want to … Continue reading

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