Video Of Trayvon Martin Fight Club – Trayvon Referees…

Below is a U-Tube video of Trayvon Martin refereeing a street style fight.  Fight club?   The video comes directly from Trayvon Martin’s U-tube channel.

Trayvon is the one with the white ballcap turned backwards, silver/black striped shirt, black jeans, and black “Cons” (sneakers).  He is called by name by the camera operator, and while the video is grainy at the :47 mark you can identify his right bicep tattoo.

Apparently he was quite familiar, and comfy with “fighting” and physical confrontation.   Another Legacy Media narrative destroyed.


HatTip Wagist

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14 Responses to Video Of Trayvon Martin Fight Club – Trayvon Referees…

  1. James says:

    OH! The black community won’t like this. Trayvon seems to congratulate the white kid for getting a solid knee on that little black kid’s forehead. Jessie and Al will be beside themselves…….


  2. Better get this copied to various formats before the St. Trayvon supporters swarm and delete the account. Screen shots of u-tube account not a bad idea either. Trayvon’s picture is the “wallpaper”.

    They filed an injunction to seal his school records.
    They filed an injunction to seal any criminal records, or prior police reports.
    They scrubbed and deleted his Twitter accounts.
    They scrubbed and deleted his Facebook accounts.
    And they may have filed an injunction to seal the toxicology reports from the coroners (still checking that one).

    Why the effort to hide?

    Mom (Sybrina Fuller) and attorney’s wasted no time in Trademarking his name 3/16. Could it be a diminished brand image is financially less valuable? You decide.


  3. zauber says:

    Back to the Federal Rules of Evidence:

    Rule 401. Test for Relevant Evidence

    Evidence is relevant if:
    (a) it has any tendency to make a fact more or less probable than it would be without the evidence; and
    (b) the fact is of consequence in determining the action.

    Dis all be irrevelent, Tyrone is a he-ro, he a martier. (Rules of Evidence, Federal; eye dialect, mine).


  4. ZurichMike says:

    I just love the ongoing deconstruction of the Trayvon Martin myth. Well done!


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  6. zauber says:

    Hey FDR, I’m betting Goebbels is having such a celebration in hell over the application of his principles by the the press apologists and the PC whoremongers he soiled his Trachten. There Goebbels was, so afraid he and his family would be held up to ridicule and perhaps even jailed by the Allies that he killed his kids, then he and Magda committed suicide. Too bad he didn’t realize that just as von Braun went from making missiles to blow up England to fathering our space program, he could have gone from writing Hitler’s justification speeches to spinning the news for the Usual Apologists. It’s all about timing.


  7. The Martin Family’s Atty goes on record stating he doesn’t believe they can prove a “hate crime” or bring charges against the police department for misconduct.


  8. myopiafree says:

    TM had “anger issues” with authority. He was an accomplished “fighter”. You wonder how a person like TM developed — and what happened. TM was skilled in the use of his fists as this video shows. So when TM had “flash anger” at GZ, they did not “push each other” after an argument. No, GZ said he did not have a “problem”, then, TM said, “…you do now”, and punched him hard in the face. GZ went down and TM jumped on top. You know the rest of it.
    [ Hope you have a home copy — video deleted by YouTube in last hour. ]


  9. myopiafree says:

    It seems that TM had a “violent anger” about van drivers. On Feb 21 TM punches out a “van bus driver”, which both his cousin and brother acknowledge in print. Then five days later TM again encounters another “van driver”, who pisses him off, so he decides to “punch out” this van driver. I wonder if his father talked with him about getting kicked out of school three times, and about violence against people who were not harming him.


  10. myopiafree says:

    Hypothesis 2> By Henreitta Wilson. GZ was a rabid racist. He was waiting for an excuse to “gun down” 110 pound TM. So when he saw TM turn around the corner, just managed to catch up with him and punch TM hard in the face. GZ then jumped on top of TM, and punched the living shit out of TM, with TM yelling, “help, help”. When GZ got tired of that, he pulled out his gun and shot TM, “…down like a dog” – as claimed by H. Wilson (FL Rep’s) exact words. I presume this with be the “State’s Case” for 2nd degree murder.


  11. myopiafree says:

    There is now no question but that TM was a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde person. To his folks he was sweet as all get-out. But he lied to them. When he said he was “expelled” because he was in the “wrong area” — they did NOT ASK HIM ANY QUESTIONS. Expelled one time – well OK. But three times, and the LAST for “punching out” a bus driver because he pissed TM off? (Schools NEVER BRING CHARGES). Yes, TM has a violent streak, and was teaching fist-fighting. He was good at it.
    Yes, it is hard to explain why TM was pissed off — at the school for kicking him out — three times — and them disrupting his emerging “stolen property” business. But now, it was raining, and he was being “watched”. He knew this — in a gated community. When he went around the corner — he was “home” in 50 seconds. But he was “pissed” so he came back and “encountered” GZ waking home to car. He asked GZ a question. (Do you have a problem?) Then TM said, “… you do know”, and TM PUNCHED GZ AS HARD AS HE COULD IN THE FACE — AND GZ WENT DOWN AND TM JUMPED ON TOP OF HIM.


  12. myopiafree says:

    A picture is worth 1,000 words. The “Mr. Hyde” part of T. Martin.

    I think that YouTube has taken the bare-nuckle fight down. But it shows by video that “Mr. Hyde” had no problem using his fists — against innocent people that pissed TM off — like the bus driver. He should have been taught that you don’t have any right to attack a person with you fists if they look at you, “wrong”.


  13. myopiafree says:



  14. Siseanne says:

    Here it is June 2013 and the video is REMOVED…God forbid we hear BOTH SIDES!!


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